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  1. Hello, I have quite a few guits with kahlers and some Floyd’s. I mean the best tone your going to get is, in my opinion, from a fixed bridge. But kahlers do get a bad rap. I get pretty good sustain from my kahlers and I feel they stay in tune better then a Floyd does. Yet, it all depends upon the set up. If the set up is shit, it will play like shit. So, try one out at a local guitar shop. If it sucks and isn’t for you then it isn’t. You might be surprised at how good they are.
  2. I am pretty sure this is the same Hamer Firebird that was sold out of Washington state last year. Thunder road guitars was the place. The guitar is sweet but pretty beat, no boomers and the back plate is wrong. Meh The HSS is cool though.
  3. Thank you man. If I do get it I would without a doubt not do any repairs myself.
  4. Ay bro it is a legitimate question. Seems to me that the tuner banged something hard, which is why it’s bent inward. The guy has tightened the screw which looks stripped. So, maybe the hole has an issue going on with it. Kind of like yours. Meh.
  5. That top tuner, I’m not an expert but would that be something easy to fix? I worry about that a little.
  6. English me speak. Guy you be I must about talk. Let it go little buddy, it’s a post about a red guitar with LEDs. Just because I haven’t posted on here 55000 times doesn’t mean I don’t love my Hamers live well sir.
  7. I just think it’s funny for people who instead of digging on the item, they bitch about a double post. Like ow my god, the world is coming to an end. Some Hamer fan posted a Hamer for sale on takemymoneyverb more than once. Ow the humanity! Haha. I will tell you this if it’s still up by Monday, ehhhhh, it might not be there Tuesday. At a good price of course.
  8. Hehe. I don’t know. Look it up I guess. The staggered caps is to make fun of the people who get offended by the double posting of an item. Too much foaming at the mouth when seeing something is double posted.
  9. I don’t know, I looked, didn’t see it posted so I’m gonna put it up. If it’s been posted already, sorry. Just incase a HaMeR soyboi gets offended that it was posted twice. God forbid. no affiliation. https://reverb.com/item/38778336-hamer-chaparal-80s?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=38778336
  10. I bought a guitar in 2015 from Japan. It shipped fine. I wasn’t bothered about duties or anything. Came straight to the house. If you contact that seller ask if the price covers all of that. If it doesn’t I would not even bother.
  11. Man, it will be a while before I do that. I gotta put some love on this thing. Put some stank on it. Haha
  12. I’m going to raise my hand slowly on that one. I couldn’t not get it.
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