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  1. Seller says it’s all original. Must be🤔 Vintage 1982 Hammer Vector Flying V Made in U.S.A. Old Beater with DiMarzios, Kahler & Crummy Case https://reverb.com/item/26827427-vintage-1982-hammer-vector-flying-v-made-in-u-s-a-old-beater-with-dimarzios-kahler-crummy-case?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share
  2. I saw the serial number cause he sent me a pic and yeah, it’s a refinish.
  3. I’m thinking the Black was the original paint job or one of them. Haha. I’ve been communicating with him, seems like a good guy. He hasn’t told me to fuck off, which is nice. Some sellers don’t want to hear shit as we all know.
  4. i asked him for a pic of the serial number to make sure it’s not a repaint, which I think it is. Where the R in Hamer is, its chopped on the swing
  5. I want to but I started a new job. Also I’m waiting on a yellow tele to be found so I can buy it.
  6. Yeah it’s not crazy with the ribbing but it has like this minimalist thing going on that makes it interesting.
  7. I had one and they play great. The neck is similar to a les Paul. I think anyway.
  8. This thing looks minty as fuck. No affiliation 1997 Hamer Mirage Electric Guitar, Koa Top, Hard Case, USA https://reverb.com/item/26701332-1997-hamer-mirage-electric-guitar-koa-top-hard-case-usa?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share
  9. Seems fair..... Hamer USA Californian ELITE 1990 Aztec Gold Maple https://reverb.com/item/26672218-hamer-usa-californian-elite-1990-aztec-gold-maple?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share
  10. I saw that. Maybe he saw the tread and decided to do what he did. I would buy it but I really need and amp head.
  11. Sorry to punch you in the gut. I just copied and pasted. But it is sweet as fuck.
  12. Hamer Californian 1989 Purple https://reverb.com/item/26263387-hamer-californian-1989-purple?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share no affiliation, but it is sick
  13. Hello I was going to reach out to you after I got out of work in few. But yes I’m interested. I’ll dm here
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