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    '96 Studio, '97 Studio, '08 Studio, '89 Californian Elite, '04 Korina Special Jr., '93 Special TV Yellow, '03 Standard Custom, '95 Korina Standard, '95 Korina Vector, '05 Monaco Elite
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    Orange AD30TC, Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb, Fender Rumble 200 bass amp
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    Catalinbread, Eventide, Boss, TC Electrionic, J. Rocket Audio Designs, MXR, Dingotone

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    Live music, guitars (playing, collecting, building), carpentry, spending time in the mountains, collaborating with other like-minded souls, building 1:1 scale models of famous suspension bridges in my backyard.

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  1. Winter

    Is it possible to learn the drums at 48?

    ^^^^ +1 to this ^^^^^ Back when we were kids, my older brother was a drummer so whenever he wasn't around I'd try to teach myself some patterns on his drum kit. FFWD 40 years and my 11-year-old son is now learning how to play the drums. As soon as I brought a drum kit home for him I began tinkering with it myself. All that fun I had when I was a kid came back in a flash and now I find myself spending as much time learning drums as I do playing guitar.
  2. Got my Vector back from my tech this afternoon and took a c/u pic.
  3. Welcome to the group and congratulations on becoming the new custodian of the magnificent Darkangel!
  4. Confirming for all interested that @citrus was indeed the gent who sold me this lovely beast. From my recollection it was built in 2000.
  5. Hopefully this helps... I'll post a better pic once I get it back from my tech.
  6. Not entirely sure if this is “the one” but it mos def has a biscuit in the crotch. Pickups are WB Gregwind's. These are the only pics I have at the moment as the guitar is at my tech’s shop getting a setup done. I’ll post a few more when I get it back.
  7. Kiz, after reading this thread I’m really happy you managed to get it back. I was the guy who put in the “other offer” but I guess I didn’t want it bad enough. Haha. Sure makes a hard pill to swallow a bit easier knowing this one is back where it belongs, brother. Enjoy it, again.
  8. Agreed, bubs. The best strat I’ve ever played or owned is my blonde translucent 2012 EJ Sig. This thing is just perfect.
  9. Winter


    Anybody got an extra set of diplomatic license plates?
  10. Winter


    Please tell me you are ok shipping to Canada.
  11. Bit late to the party on this one, Bubs, but congrats on the sale. Those James Burton teles are the shizz. I couldn't help but notice the interesting B/E string tree placement. Better tuning stability than the traditional way?
  12. I've got a few and might even be tempted to sell one or two.... or three.
  13. Winter


  14. Winter

    #52... ...and #53

    Congrats on the twins, Veatch!