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  1. I should be there..... DIBS on the DRUMS!!!!(for a little while anyhow)
  2. That guitar looks awesome. It could be the perfect Special (IMHO) Love it!!!
  3. Just like MY Highway 1 that I bought off Craigslist a few years back.... I thought I had a good deal at (I think) $600-700. That finish will shine/buff up nicely, but it is THIN. NICE score......if ya wanna trade necks for a maple board - hit me up, lol.
  4. It WILL be fun, really. I call the sparkly, red, thunderous, new-but-used Blitz bass for a few!!!
  5. This one is what I judge all other electric guitars by......
  6. Another EXCELLENT jam on the books........thanks so much to BruceM for putting up with us and those sneaky, creeping volume knobs.
  7. Eric Weston

    Eric Weston

  8. Hi Willie-I like to read your stuff ;)- ericw@natcam.com

  9. I'm gonna do like Duncans........Its the only time of year that my Dad, both brothers and myself all get together. We get up at 5am, dress up in orange costumes, climb trees with loaded guns, then get back to drink cheap beer and blackberry brandy and play poker all nite.....I can't wait.
  10. Just dug this out of storage to load the new wah and compressor...... Top row + wah goes to the front of the Knucklehead or R55. Bottom row is the loop. Crappy pic but you get the idea. I looked forever trying to find a board for a left-footed freak like me but eventually just built this myself. I should probably break out the George L's....hell, I've got a bunch of ends & cable. Just too lazy, I guess. I think 5 of these pedals came from HFC'ers !!!!! WooHOOOO!!!
  11. This was an hour and a half ago when I got home... http://smg.photobucket.com/user/fretwear/media/April19.jpg.html'> edit- Note the ladder, cuz I was already on my roof, cleaning gutters. Note the cute yard wagon all tipped up, cuz I've already raked out my garden, flower beds, and compost. Note the fucking hummingbird feeder, covered with snow in the foreground.... I ain't shovelling this no mo' ........
  12. Hee Heee...so much of the "guitarist's music" is missing the best part about music. Jet fast runs and arpeggio's blew me away for a year or so.....so did guys who could try to "make their guitar talk" (and I don't mean Frampton..he DID IT ) . That new effect box...and a new amp that had even MORE gain.....wait, SEVEN STRINGS, BABY!!!! None of that compares to falling into a deep groove with a really tight drummer and bassist. That's when the real fun begins. I always wanted to be drummer anyways.....
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