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  1. Hmm... Still hideous, but now at $450 + $90 shipping... The price is getting more attractive if you are up for a project. The 15lbs is pretty damn ponderous though.
  2. This definitely has the blonde Fender vibe. I'm not the original owner, but I believe that this is the factory finish. I defer to the HFC's collective expertise about what to name this color.
  3. Definitely not the case here. I've had Mike Lull Plek three of my Hamers, all came back very nice. This one is more a case of "I have 19 other guitars that need playing, too". I have actual data about how much I play my guitars, and I've noticed some trends... If a guitar has a really nice woodgrain top, I tend to not play it as much as my painted guitars. I don't know way this is and I haven't started up any hypno-therapy to get to the bottom of it yet. In the mean time I'm selling off the ones I don't play as I'm trying to prove to myself that I'm not a collector.
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