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  1. I have one similar, just no binding. So mine must be worth about $8k!
  2. Anyone here own an Evertune? I love the idea of them, but I'm suspicious of the tone. I've read tons of reviews on-line, but I'm really looking for trusted, expert opinions (I know that the HFC has tone experts for days). Can anyone share their experiences? My apologies if I already missed a thread on this earlier.
  3. What an interesting question! I've recently done a lot of math on this - trying to get my guitars of various scale lengths to feel similar when I switch around. Here is where I landed: 24.75" scale - 9.5s - 14.246 lbs tension (average) 25" scale - 9.5s - 14.536 lbs tension (average) 25.5" scale - 9 - 14.176 lbs tension (average) I tune everything standard, and I'm probably not done fiddling around with this yet.
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