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  1. I’m emailing with the actual store (in the first post). It sound like (based on currypowder’s post) that a sale is pending.
  2. It looks like there are negotiations going on, but it isn’t sold. I’ve exchanged email with the seller and I’m awaiting a reply.
  3. You can still buy these new, right? I think Warmoth has them.
  4. All of these are stunning! What a legendary collection you must have!
  5. Exactly. The guy must be an idiot. Or maybe just a child?
  6. essgee


    I actually had a pair of these for a while... I got some deal through my cell phone carrier so they were only $225. The battery life was incredible, and they were very light and comfortable. I loved everything about them but the sound. It is stunning how obviously unimportant the sound was in the mind of the designers of those headphones. Sometime back in 1982 I had an AM radio with better fidelity.
  7. I have a Cali this color - they would be such good friends!
  8. How did you get to be so cool as to get first dibs? That is pretty gangster.
  9. Your SSI is so tempting - but I'm in the US... In other news - I can't see your photos from my computer at work (but I can see photos in other locations on this site), but I can see all of your photos from my phone (iOS).
  10. essgee

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    DBraz and diablo175 - where did you guys get these things painted? They are both so insanely good that my brain stopped working for awhile when I was gazing upon them...
  11. I've had a few PRS, including my PRS holy-grail - the Custom 24 with ebony fretboard and a Floyd. Strong-memoried HFCers will recall that I sold it earlier this year because I couldn't love it. Something was missing despite the fact that it was gorgeous, played like it was well broken in, and was the envy of anyone who played it. Maybe I'm just in love with the idea of PRS.
  12. I've been wanting to try one of these... Alas, my regional market doesn't have any laying around.
  13. essgee

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    I kind of like the pickup color (and it sounds pretty good) - but I will likely replace it with something black (or white). My major complaint about it is that it isn't F-spaced and the high E string is pretty far away from the pole magnets. I can't tell when I listen to it, but aesthetically it bugs me. I got it for $550. It isn't $350, but it was close enough.
  14. essgee

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    I almost bought one back around 1992, but I bought a Californian instead. A choice I don't regret, but I can't believe it's taken me this long to get around to getting one!
  15. essgee

    NGD 1991 Centaura

    Yes, the fat switch is there - it looks like it has been super-glued into it's location and there is no nut keeping it there. It is also completely disconnected from anything. The only electronics that are actually wired up are the volume pot and the output jack. I'll be looking for those schematics...