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  1. I have one similar, just no binding. So mine must be worth about $8k!
  2. Anyone here own an Evertune? I love the idea of them, but I'm suspicious of the tone. I've read tons of reviews on-line, but I'm really looking for trusted, expert opinions (I know that the HFC has tone experts for days). Can anyone share their experiences? My apologies if I already missed a thread on this earlier.
  3. What an interesting question! I've recently done a lot of math on this - trying to get my guitars of various scale lengths to feel similar when I switch around. Here is where I landed: 24.75" scale - 9.5s - 14.246 lbs tension (average) 25" scale - 9.5s - 14.536 lbs tension (average) 25.5" scale - 9 - 14.176 lbs tension (average) I tune everything standard, and I'm probably not done fiddling around with this yet.
  4. I saw this and had mixed feelings about it. I have two USA Calis, and I like them both more than this one. But - I’ve been keeping an eye on it since Roman guitars don’t hold their value well in the used market, and I wouldn’t mind nabbing this one for a much more reasonable price. Full disclosure: I have a full-blooded Roman Quicksilver and I think it is one of the best guitars I’ve ever played. I think mine was build after the controversial guy’s death, in case that bothers anyone. By all accounts Ed was challenging to get along with, but the current Roman crew and techs are top notch from what I could tell when I visited there a couple of years ago. Also, I have a nearly pristine Diablo... I’d say the difference in price is the three piece tilt-back neck with the extra frets. Lots of extra work going into that over the scalloped headstock, one-piece maple diablo neck. Also, boomerangs.
  5. That was pretty cool! It's nice to hear what people are creating with all of our great guitars!
  6. Do you mean Mr. Rourke as in Fantasy Island.... Ah, just typing it makes so much sense now.
  7. I'm trying to wrap up a Centaura project, and I'm short one cover for the electronics cavity. Truth be told I'm also missing the trem spring cavity cover and the truss rod cover, but I can live without those. Do you have a cavity cover you could part with? Let me know your price. Thanks!
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