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  1. LSD wasn’t afraid to speak the truth! Cool article https://www.loudersound.com/features/flash-metal-suicide-life-sex-death
  2. yes, thanks, I believe it was called an SRO fat. nice and full... slightly fuller than vintage frets as well...
  3. There are some allparts necks that are chunky with a slightly flatter radius but otherwise look kind of vintage. Forget the name but dug em. Reasonably priced too.
  4. Alex’s band Life, Sex and Death was very cool and interesting but sadly caught in that late 80’s early 90’s seismic shift. Bill Aucoin is from next town over to where I grew up and had relatives in my town. one of em brought in all these cool albums to school Piper, Angel I wasn’t really into rock at the time (baseball) but I was like Wow that chick really knows her stuff But couldn’t get into angel at all Still can’t
  5. Cool article about the album. A lot of stuff going on. Seems crazy how such an amazing album (one of slash’s favorite albums I’ve heard). done by guys who wanted to kill each other https://www.loudersound.com/features/ufo-making-of-strangers-in-the-night-live-album
  6. For some reason I did not like that slash book either. Pete Way, is another one where I read his book and was pretty sure I wouldn’t want to trade places with that guy. I think the best parts of biographies are where they talk about Forming the band and creating the stuff that got them to break big. The crue movie went from some divey club to an arena in five minutes
  7. One of the strangest parts of the dirt was some stuff levitating in Nikki’s apartment during a time that Nikki was writing shout at the devil (According to Tom Zutaut, the A and R guy, who told him to knock it off) but Nikki shrugged it off as just a gimmick. sounds like he was really into the satanism thing. Shocked? No... but interesting how the band was more than willing to show how badass they were but left that part out.
  8. Kinda cool, like a heavy heavy metal badfinger... :) thx for posting
  9. Yep. Played on some of my favorite albums. Loved how he could play keys but also grab a guitar and rock out. He played a few shows with ufo the last. week. Dude went out swingin.
  10. cool. Glad they understood the big picture of both sides being happy.
  11. I think those Les Paul special's are cool... would be killer if they could make em like that with the wrap tail in pelham blue gloss... here's my les paul classic player that are on closeout at GC, Musician's friend, I normally don't like les paul's in Ed Roman style tropical colors, but thought this looked pretty cool... top is kind of mild, but has a cool wide pattern and mineral streaks... richlite board, but for the price, it's fine...
  12. Very nice. Like how they mix the retro with modern upgrades. actually their stuff was pretty well designed In the first place so not much they had to do.
  13. I thought it was ok. The kid who played Tommy Lee did a nice job. Strange how they got some of the most minute details downs but didn’t get Nikki sixx’s hair right. Maybe they thought his real hair looked too much like a Halloween fright wig From spencer gifts so they toned it down. They could have spent at least 5 seconds on some kind of remorse for the razzle accident but I guess Nikki heroin scenes more important but not really suprised there.
  14. 2018 Gibson Limited Les Paul Junior. excellent condition, a few light nicks and scratches no fretwear, medium profile neck, a nicer version than some of the non custom shop versions (satins, min e tune etc) in the last few years. 7 lbs 12 oz. Comes with original hard case. $975 pp friends and family or money order... local pickup, north of Boston/Southern NH less ship ok too.
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