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  1. Buying a Tiger cub and letting morons pose their baby next to it is possibly a better deal than this guitar.
  2. This sucks. That Thing You Do wouldn’t have been anywhere the movie without that great title track. Adam also co wrote one of my favorite Bowling For Soup songs. High School Never Ends. Not that I would know cos I went to an all boys high school. But I could imagine it was exactly like this song. Lol. Long running joke that many people thought Staceys Mom was a bowling for soup song so BFS covered it, so they could play it when people yelled for it. Rip Adam and Ill remember the fantastic, music, producing, creating.
  3. Well looky here sheriff starting to poke around the case of carols missing husband. Nice. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1172191
  4. More rock and rollers gone, The band Riot has lost more than their share over the years, (Mark Reale, Guy Speranza, Rhett Forrester) and now Lou one of the guitarists who played on the Rock City album... https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/original-riot-guitarist-lou-l-a-kouvaris-dies-at-66/
  5. I saw it the other night and it blew my mind. you’re gonna think I’m nuts but I thought the dudes Music was not that bad. Maybe a little pitchy In spots but he actually seemed Like he had a decent voice and the songs weren’t too bad But then again Charles Mansons stuff wasn’t that bad either Lol
  6. 2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard withdrawn for now... 2012 Dean USA Micheal Schenker Flying V, this was an adoption from the Guitar Center used gear, Metalhead division. Needed some TLC, the wiring was non standard, had a kill switch and some hideous white non original pickups.... replaced the wiring with CTS and orange drops, Dimarzio super distortions. I put a black mini toggle in the extra hole (not connected but you can always hook it up). It has has finish checks on rear of headstock emanating from the tuner holes... (got it this way from GC, dug the axe so I lived with it), they don't appear to go into wood (see pics)... Otherwise, plays and sounds nice, frets in nice shape, priced accordingly due to the finish checks. well under what they normally go for. ohsc one broken latch, but it's big, you could house a small family in there... Cool as hell, but the shape is just hard to balance for me... D Dean SOLD, thanks https://davejl1984.smugmug.com/Unlisted/2012-Dean-USA-Schenker/n-F2dSjR Gallery link here
  7. I think because they are not able to ship promptly, they just took a lot of the used listings down. My local store had been on limited hours, then open last weekend, now closed...
  8. Cool A lot of instruments there. sounded pretty good. Love the dirty guitars.
  9. Fender American original Telecaster custom, clean, a couple smallnicks on face (can't get them to show up) some light play wear, otherwisewell cared for. plays and sounds nice with excellent fast action. C/D shapedprofile, slightly fuller than the typical slim 60's that you tend to see. all originalHSC with case candy. a hair under 7 lbs 11 oz. will add a couple more pics tonightSOLD
  10. you adjusted it, I would let it roll at that price... although if you wanted, you could kill the reverb ad, then resubmit it as a new ad, and it will remove the old price... also... I think people are a little jittery right now... stock markets are nutty, some hard hit states could be clamping down on non essential travel... I don't think we'll see ups taken off the road, but you never know... At this point I haven't totally ruled out zombies and locust swarms
  11. Brief Hamer moment. So happy the band was able to find the stage
  12. I’ve owned a handful of usa pro mods when they first came out. Back then you could grab them for $500-600 used. Good times. Thought they sounded great although did have a couple problems with control and trem covers stuck to the finish (knocking them out too fast?). I did very much like the rolled fret ends and the direct mount pickups of the MIJ series. Mexico. Had a couple. Did not like the first year or so (just felt cheap) but have noticed a definite uptick in quality in the last year or two. I currently have a white MIM hardtail that a previous owner tricked out with a dimarzio X2N and sperzels. Dig it. Good bang for the buck.
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