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  1. Having had a little experience with a Borderline (well, we "think" she was borderline, they don't really accept the Doctor's opinion all that well) Good to hear that you were able to move on. yeah, sit tight on moving in for a little bit!
  2. Scores: Healthy, being able to work all year, getting married, gear: my 2019 R8, buddy gave me a deal. used the at home time to learn how to put together partcasters... aging parts, spraying necks, fitting them together... digging it. Fail: USPS missing guitar. (I am the buyer) What appears to be a never ending covid delay. They scan it just enough (every couple of weeks) to avoid considering it lost and paying out.
  3. My only thought... it's a refin already, strip it and have it done pro nitro in a faded burst maybe some light checking... I know there are some good sources in Europe who do vintage style finishing or parts... I think it would be worth more if you kept the original top, but I think you would have to wait until you see it... did you look at the inside of the control cavity? any plugged holes or telegraphing of something going on under the finish? although sometimes it's black for a reason...
  4. Yeah. $5k would be nuts. I would keep an eye on Dave’s site. Seems like they get really clean custom shop stuff. I’m almost wondering if they sometimes sell new guitars that are being sold as used to avoid the minimum advertised sale guidelines.
  5. My buddy has one... cool axe... I like the bevels of the body and pickguard... the bigger neck and the more nicely cut nut and action... I don't like the trem versions... not that they didn't look cool as hell... I just don't like how they anchor the strings, seems like it affects tone...
  6. Shortly after appetite came out, Guns and Roses was playing the Paradise in Boston (club, maybe 500 capacity, but it was owned by Don Law, who was pretty much the Bill Graham of Boston) so they got alot good talent on the way up (Police, Rem, U2, AC-DC). For some reason I hesitated, sold out, might have been a couple months before they exploded... would have been awesome. I did get my face ripped off by Twisted Sister with opener Queensryche there...
  7. I would have to say we built this city. Not only is it horrid. Is starshit trying to say their music is responsible for building an actual city? are people going to take to the streets in the name of this rock and roll song. Pompous. I just can’t believe that Peter wolf, who represents Boston rock and roll as well as anybody had something to do with writing that monstrosity
  8. between the porch pirates, holiday and carrier delays I wouldn't be surprised if people are holding off, I have two $300 plus item sitting in a usps truck god knows where. aint buying shit until those two items are cleared up...
  9. Wow. Never saw those. Like the black pickups and rings
  10. I handle my parents stuff in florida. I've spoken to others about this. There is just a different way of doing business down there, could be the transitory nature of the state. While there are good people down there you really need to put your spidey senses up. I also monitored my parents phone for the last year, you wouldn't believe the scumbags that crawl from under a rock to target retired folks... These are not garden variety telemarketers who go away nicely, these are real hardened assholes who will do background research on their victims.
  11. I'm finding ups is running somewhat close to normal (sent something from NH to PA thursday, got their saturday) usps different story, I normally think they are a very good deal on small things, but the delays and lack of tracking are pretty bad, did the packages just go off the grid (lost) or will they all show up in January? edit: interesting article from the wash post, pretty bad backup. USPS struggles to deliver mail by Christmas - The Washington Post
  12. Dug the Van Halen book (by Noah Monk) really liked his point of view and access... the book on Van Halen the early years is pretty good too... the author is some Brandeis professor who did an insane amount of research on early (pre label deal) VH... like who was asking for this info?? lol but actually a good read. working my way thru the ted Templeman book... (same guy I think) I'm not a huge van halen fan, but I do find them interesting and Iconic, same way with my interest in Kiss books.
  13. Yes. I have a priority mail package that I dropped off Friday. Still does not show a scan. Btw. Had to drop something off at my local ups store, the entire store was full of packages. Drop offs I guess.
  14. MJT relic esquire: MJT lightweight ash body finished in nitro Vintage White SOLD Precision Guitar Kit, Korina V, custom ordered with the following options, ABR-1 post holes, ebony board and peghead, Vintage tuner holes, requested light weight clean grain and a big neck, didn't get as big as I prefer (.86 at first, .96 at 12th) switching to a LP Junior build instead. I'm including a warmoth custom shop 3 ply V guard with wide bevel, matching jack plate and a warmoth string plate (not sure if string plate is an exact fit, but am including it)
  15. The only thing I’ll say. If you buy a $9 truss rod cover. It will be a money loser after packing. Shipping overhead. Etc. maybe they reach out to people who buy small dollar items. In hopes they will buy something else but yeah I’ve gotten those calls. Nice enough but a little overkill.
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