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  1. well, It could be a spouse's account or a something but that said... I once sold something on eBay. It showed delivered and the buyer was freaking out because he did have it. Money was immediately frozen by PayPal. Thankfully a neighbor brought it over and the buyer immediately let ebay and paypsl know. Ups believe it or not was not that helpful. They gave me a delivery confirmation with a scribble on it for a sig no detail about who or where it was. Scary... was kind of surprised by the lack of detail and urgency. I’m a little nervous about this reverb 48 hour window as it would be enough to for the guy to withdraw funds and close the account if it was fraudulent. You may also want think about contacting PayPal thru the 800 number as well. (it's on their website, they give you a pin and you call in). They can take a look at the other persons account for suspicious behavior. This guys behavior is starting to smell like a rotten fish.
  2. The guy hasn’t given you any information about where it was sent. Was it the same town or?
  3. Ask for help with reverb. They’ll probably Get involved in this one.
  4. I wasn't there, but for some reason, they were talking about it on the Boston sports talk this morning... Somebody commented that it took them like twenty seconds to recognize they were playing Panama, They also had... you know when people pay a celeb to record a half a$$ed birthday greeting for their loved ones? well, they were playing this clip of an obviously smashed vince neil, omg, sad or hilarious, couldn't figure out what.
  5. Here is a website where you can run the image and it does a reverse image lookup Basically tracks the images digital fingerprint ). You can see where the perp grabbed their pics from. Although I would just run from that guy with the ad. www.tineye.com
  6. Agree. I would search on eBay or maybe just google to see how to retract bid. I think if you wait for ebay you might not get a reply.
  7. My brother had a musician friend. He was a high school senior already making good money playing weddings. He was one of those guys who looked 25 even tho he was a senior. Heck maybe he was 25. But... Since I was just starting guitar he was like a god to me. he turned my brother onto rush and every day after school. My eardrums would be bashed but 2112. My brother once tried to explain the concept. Some dude finds a guitar. Starts strumming and a minute later they’re playing a magnum opus. I was like. That’s really fruity. But as soon as he left for the military. I took all his zeppelin. Rush and the first nugent album and ended up digging it. Definitely got me started on a cool lifelong hobby. My local suburban rock station (Rock 101) has been playing the same ac-dc and rush rock blocks for 39 years. Which I find nuts . But it speaks to how much they connect with people.
  8. I’ve had a relic type build with a semi hollow tele. Dug it. I still got beefy tones from it. Sure why not.
  9. https://www.gearnews.com/namm-2020-gibson-original-collection-classic-v-and-explorer-authentic-70s-tone/ Not exactly like mike. The schenker, accept v’s all had rounded headstocks but step in the right direction... especially after the Henry foolishness
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