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  1. That looks great! I keep an eye on their Facebook group but haven’t yet pulled the trigger on a v or explorer. Question. Did you have to make special request to get one with clean grain like that?
  2. natural finish on headstock veneer and stamped serial number, is that original?
  3. Looks great, Just checked out his Facebook feed, cool.
  4. This is a good example, you can let the guy file a claim, but you still should place a claim with the payment company to keep him "honest" . I remember a similar incident, my sig other got into a fender bender with someone who wanted to keep it out of the claims process, they flaked, she made a claim and got it taken care of...
  5. Ed's standard, I 'm pretty sure was from one of the last open house, I wanted it, but Ed was really fast... I think it might be more stunning than these pics suggest. When Mike offered his limited run of Ultimates, I had based mine on what I remembered about Ed's guitar... didn't get it exactly right but same ballpark.
  6. Cynic is correct, It’s tied to direct payout. Reverb releases funds once they see transit activity. (Example you drop off something at ups at 2pm, but You typically don’t see transit until once it moves in the evening). It takes about 12-24 hours to get funds from that point. And also. It usually has the seller fees and shipping label subtracted
  7. Nice. will the pavilion be like an actual rush concert where it’s mostly men or will women be able to enjoy it too?
  8. yeah, that bummed me out. I dug some of those albums, No place to run, making contact etc... and I love the 2nd (or is it third) Waysted slab, the good the bad the waysted mine... it almost gives you a glimpse of what that mid period UFO could have been if they just focused on rockin, instead of Phil Mogg's melancholic meandering... here some cool riffing on Mystery Train
  9. This is actually a good thing. If he is busy arguing with band mates, there will be less time for him to give us his never ending thoughts on life!
  10. I have a soft spot for the p-90 special but I think tastes have changed in that the slim necks and duncan hot pickups Are not exactly what people want when they look at specials and juniors. I think some of the new Gibson stuff like the sg or LP junior (Talkin the 2019 gloss finished ones) are pretty cool and have the proper wrap tail angle. Agree with cynic. Don’t love the lightning bar variants. Something about the simple wrap gives it a certain braannnggg.
  11. Agree, The logo size looks off too. I don’t think the letters normally get obscured by tuner washers.
  12. I’ve used him, haven’t used the magnets yet but got the stuff crazy fast.
  13. wow... That sounds great. you got a little ambience too.
  14. I tried one of those import juniors recently. price was right, Just didn’t like the playability at all I am not a prs guy but some of the stuff in their se import line is nice. Have a baritone se that’s pretty cool. I don’t get the same “this is import crap” vibe from their stuff.
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