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  1. I’m a Gibson Custom Shop fan but wow that’s insane! You could buy a house…. Err… trailer home? Ok scratch that. maybe a nice kitchen if you can get a contractor to call you back.
  2. They were setting up at the patriots stadium the week before nfl season opener. bellichick being his usual grumpy self, wanted no part of it and took the team to practice at a community college in Florida.
  3. Hi, that is in my town... I've seen it a couple times and think I discussed it a couple months ago. Because it had issues and got returned, I didn't really want to pimp it via a PSA, That said, it's been returned at least once and I recall it may have been in the Nashua, NH store a year ago... If someone wants pics, I can help. Also... although even tho GC has a good return policy, I think Vintage has a shorter return window so be careful.
  4. I liked the Edwards Flying V enough that I grabbed another one. this one is the E-LPC their version of the Les Paul Custom but less the Duncan pickups and the guard... for the differential ($200 ish), I figured I could put in something cool avoid the JB and '59/Jazz combo. The stock pickups sound nice. A vintage hot Gibson 500T ish? , keeping them in for now. I was expecting a 9 to 10 lb behemoth but it actually came in at 8 lbs 1 oz... nice dark ebony board, bone nut, nice tuners (gotoh 18-1) and hardware. keeper... Pics
  5. Here is an example of a band that purchased the Hanoi Rocks Starter kit that was available at Hot Topic. As you can see they don’t get the Hanoi look exactly right and probably never went anywhere.
  6. Yes That double live album and video is great. loved em back in the day. I still follow Micheal Monroe…. His recent album (the one with last train to Tokyo) was surprisingly good. They (Hanoi) were supposed to do another album with Bob Ezrin but i think the death of Razzle really took the wind out of their sails and it never happened. The “Dirt” movie makes it look like driver inattentiveness and not being completely hammered. Kind of insulting imho. Btw: if you like Hanoi, check out D-Generation who did a couple of slabs on a major in the late 90’s. Second album “No Lunch” was produced by Ric Ocasek right around the time he did the Weezer blue album. One of my favorite slabs.
  7. recent Charvel blood and skull Dimartini, in the cool, single hum configuration, frets are cleen, no dings, missing rear cover but I have one on order with fretsonthenet that I can mail. plays and sounds nice... very cool axe comes with new Charvel bag. $OLD thank you!
  8. I just can’t get into any of that. I hope he starts lifting weights if he is gonna be in manowar. A lot of imaginary battles to be won.
  9. hmmm Designer Steve Dawson? is it this Steve Dawson? the bass player from Saxon who is more famously known as the inspiration for Derek Smalls
  10. The one at Guitar Center (the red one) has also dropped. I believe if you have a gc card I think they have double cashback thru the end of the month but hey, maybe if you call them they might talk take more off because this one's been sitting for a while... and obv off their rocker at the original price... .. Used Hamer 2005 KORINA VECTOR Solid Body Electric Guitar | Guitar Center
  11. This is a neck that I finished for a project but went with a different profile. This is musikraft's chunky D profile, it has fairly large shoulders so not for the meek. I'm adding my craigslist ad below as it has a bunch of pics as well as a diagram of the backshape. no fretwear. I did not level basically as received from MK... it's a cool neck, price is roughly what I have into it (not including the nitro)... The tuners are really nice, factory aged by gotoh, nitro was wetsanded and distressed with nicks etc... I've found the musikraft necks fit more cleanly into an MJT neck pocket so I tend to use them... SOLD thank you! More detail and pics at link for my Craigslist ad below... craigslist link Musikraft nitro relic full "D" licensed tele neck - musical... (craigslist.org)
  12. Nice. I’ve always liked that hot rodded tele set-up. So remember when you could buy those used style 2 USA pro mods for five Hundy on the used market They were a nice time.
  13. Wow. You would think the carrier would reject that.
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