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  1. My general lack of faith in humanity leads me to believe that giant truss rod cover is covering something bad but I could be wrong.
  2. Allparts SRO-Fat Strat neck, 9.5" radius, .98 at 1st, 1.01 at 12th, heel and headstock nitro, rear aged and hit with Tru Oil. Lightly rolled fret edges and side of fretboard, smooth transitions throughout. Otherwise frets are factory stock. Nice grain and a little flame on the rear. $225 firm PP delivered or check is fine too... SOLD thanks!
  3. Allparts TMO-FAT Allparts Tele neck. aging done by Cody Gleason/Deep Ellum in Texas. Nicely done... imho nicer than "1950's finishes" and some of the other people who do these. 9.5" radius, neck is .98 at 1st and 1.03 at the 12th. fret edges lightly softened w/no sharp edges, frets otherwise factory. Bought for a project but rosewood matches better so this is new and unused. Very cool aging and some nice checking... (could be done by razor, not sure). std 2 and 3/16 heel size. $250 firm paypalled delivered in US sold Jos
  4. Iron Maiden: killers tour, talked about it many times... face ripped off, even tho maiden did not have radio airplay in the traditional sense, it could not have been more clear that they were going places... Kix: midnite dynamite club date in 85... they played in front of maybe 100 people and played as if it were a packed MSG... they blew everyone away. Everyone must have told 10 friends because two months later, they came back, played the big room, pretty sure it was 2000... pretty impressive word of mouth. Zodiac Mindwarp
  5. Yes... ferric chloride works nice on nickel... vinegar fumes also works well on nickel (definitely use gloves and wipe with naptha etc to avoid fingerprints) but agree, if the natural nickel looks good as is, good to avoid that rabbithole...
  6. Hi, can you verify... is it actually chrome, or is it nickel? Both can be relic'd although chrome is more durable so you have to distress it first. I use ferric chloride (aka pcb etchant)... It's kind of nasty to work with however, if you're careful (gloves, good ventillation, etc) it can be done safely... Nickel is easier to age, and I prefer the way it looks... I know there are some youtube tutorials on aging covers.
  7. Most disappointing... The Replacements at the Channel in Boston... right up front, in front of Westerberg, and Bob Stinson was still in the band, think it might have been the Tim? album... was he playing a green hamer? I can't remember but they sounded great... People started slam dancing and I got fingered as being the perp and was thrown out after the second or third song, I dindonuthin!! I was watching Bob Stinson... Once you've been thrown out, the bouncers or managers don't really want to hear about it. There really isn't a due process for people who
  8. Hi, Thanks, I believe it is Eastern Pine... 2 & 3/16 pocket, 5/8" deep, pic of bridge added
  9. Clear Pine tele body, single hum route with a firebird style raised center. Set up for a vintage style Tele short bridge. 3 pc, 3 lb, 9.8 oz, 1/8" radius on edges, nicely grained. Some light tool marks, so some prep sanding is needed but otherwise nice quality. Would make a very cool retro hot rod but too many things going on at the moment. $120 firm pp delivered in US. or 143 with an aged relic style short tele bridge... SOLD bridge
  10. I think someone here maybe Ed R?might have come up with “galloping history lesson” which I sort of stole. But it really does sum it up nicely lol
  11. The original 2000’s ones had the same fret sprout as well. I thought the newer ones had a nicer finish than the older ones. I’ll bet fender re released them once they saw that the diy scene (Mjt etc) sell a ton of stuff.
  12. Iron Maiden was my favorite band in high school, thought the first three records were amazing... the 4th record, Piece of Mind, was pretty good... but then I left for college, my tastes changed. I'm happy that those guys had a great career and not shocked at all that they are still playing to great crowds as they definitely have something that connects with people... I just don't think I can listen to any more galloping history lessons with three guitars.
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