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  1. I think having the ohsc is more likely that the person took care of it... but not sure I'd pay a premium other than the cost to replace it. re: GC Once had a Gibson custom shop explorer ship from GC without a case... arrived in perfect shape, when I called they looked for it and in 5 minutes, found it. why would the clerk pack an expensive wierdly shaped guitar and not think about the case case? BTW: their inventory system for cases is totally f-d up. once bought a Fender American Vintage reissue with a case... didn't get it. They looked up in the system, the guitar had been bought and returned five times, they had no way to see where the case was...
  2. Nice. I’ve heard he’s very cool in replying to people thru email.
  3. I love this tune, this movie has long been a guilty please of mine... it was really the perfect song for what was happening on screen... saw them live about this time... "A date with elvis" give or take a year or so. Candy was the bass player, those crazy rockabilly goth dames va va va voom...
  4. More accolades. Esteemed metal podcaster, seriously hospitalized with covid takes a moment to point out the new maiden is crapola. Hope he pulls thru. http://metalsludge.tv/rock-n-skull-promoter-justin-murr-in-icu-with-covid-19-and-the-classic-metal-shows-chris-akin-also-very-ill-with-both-covid-19-and-pneumonia/
  5. Nice. I was able to grab lunch and and go to the dollar store. When I came back the intro was still playing!
  6. Custom paint that now makes the logo logo look crooked was definitely a good investment.
  7. Last year I went to an abba tribute show. (The local theatre group put it on) 1st impression was pondering whether I had to turn in my man card. 2nd impression was wow everyone had a good time. They had a bunch of good tunes.
  8. Nice, that young lady who owned it had a jane wiedlin thing going on.
  9. Well he’s admitting it’s kind of cool? Really did he have to say that? The photographer not having a release could definitely help his case Lastly I’m just a kid He’s f-ing 30 God help us all Lol Quite a few people in the world have seen my penis," he said, "So that's kinda cool. I'm just a normal kid living it up and doing the best I can while I'm here."
  10. damn, he was cool... liked how he always wore a nice suit and tie and he looked like nothing flustered him... except that time Mick referred to him as "my drummer" and he threatened to throw mick out the window or something like that. After which he probably walked off and straightened his tie... R.I.P
  11. I think Goodwill and Savers have been pretty good about taking VHS... the bootlegs might be a different story... Goodwill was absolutely amazing with the stuff they would take... especially if you have a parents house to help declutter... The only thing about a free craigslist or facebook ad... a friend who did one told me... that free is often not good enough, they start negotiating delivery with you... way too much effort.
  12. but of course, I just bought a used cd from amazon for $10, and they shipped it ups blue.
  13. I think he might have been on something called ACID!
  14. Sorry to hear. That place always made a great day even cooler.
  15. Epiphone Jaret James Old Glory Les Paul Custom, extremely clean, all original, no fretwear, looks cool as fuck... I'm so sorry for swearing comes with OHSC (more like a hard bag, but it's nice. $545 pp f/f in US NOW SOLD! thanks! MJT Style 60's esquire. 6 lbs 15.3 oz... nitro ash Guitar Mill body, finished by Dustin Bloomer (ex MJT) allparts TRO fat neck 9.5" radius .98-1.01 nitro on headstock and heel tru oil on rear, KD Paulus Eldred 3 way esquire harness, Twisted Tele bridge pickup (dig these) Gotoh tuners, neckplate, Allparts thick compensated saddles and knobs... all hardware is aged and matches nicely... Comes with a nice Gibson gig bag. $850 firm pp f/f
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