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  1. Hi, It's what Gibson calls their "slim taper", nice action throughout. thx
  2. Hi. My junior has a custom wound gravelin that just came out perfect. Actually inspired me to start playing with my boss digital recorder again... nothing for consumption yet although would like to generate some clips at some point.
  3. 2019 SG Special, this the new series that came out this summer. very clean, one ding on edge of headstock, otherwise like new. No fretwear. This one has the more vintage correct press in ferrules that you see on the custom shop stuff. plays and sounds nice. will not displace my 2018 SG Junior. But otherwise a very cool axe. Comes with Original hard case and all case candy (tool, strap, picture of it on tech bench, suitable for framing, ) $1075 pp gift within the US or check, sorry no trades North of Boston/Southern NH cash pickup less ship ok too
  4. The one thing I notice PayPal now doesn’t refund on returns (of at least that’s my interpretation of it). And you will be eating a couple legs of shipping an explorer shaped guitar on a return. So maybe that should be the starting point of giving him some nuisance money. The one issue I had I gave the guy an adjustment and he went away happy. That said. Guitars with finish checks at the joints harder to sell than one without. So maybe settle and you can always make a claim thru carrier. Although I’m sure you’ll go thru the obligatory ringer for improper packing. Btw. Did you use shipping thru reverb?
  5. Nice. Glad he’s still out there rocking. His autogiography is great. Going to take it on my next flight and read it again.
  6. Sorry to hear. If someone makes me a lowball I usually don’t counter. Did it once. The guy later got his price by negotiating more after he got it. I have this theory that if they are a pain in the ass beforehand it usually won’t get better if something goes wrong. (This goes for sellers, kitchen cabinet dealers etc). Low ballers assign a lower value in their head and it just seems their natural stance is win the transaction as opposed to letting both people win. Fedex, once had a claim. They suck. I since then try to avoid anything that I cant pack bomb proof. Good luck. The times I’ve had reverb get on involved they were fair.
  7. (4) Dean Leslie West Mountain of Tone... close to new. long lead, this is a hot pickup 16.k but has more clarity and tightness than you'd think w/box SOLD (5) dimarzio paf pro never installed, some light surface scratches $43 pp/del (4) (5)
  8. I’m thinking that it was in the pocket of a jacket or maybe someone appreciated what they do and donated it Not easy going thru your loved ones stuff. Goodwill is awesome because they take pretty much everything.
  9. Not exactly pretenders vibe or huge hits but some of my fave under the radar tunes That tread the alt/pop vibe. hoodoo gurus bittersweet hole. Malibu concrete blonde Joey divinyls. touch myself Also love the presidents of the usa version of video killed the radio star from the wedding singer soundtrack
  10. Ditto on the above, if you email him and explain what you use and what you’re going for he can definitely fine tune the best fit. He just did a slightly hotter than vintage p-90 dogear for me and it came out awesome.
  11. Gc has a buy 2 get one free deal at the moment. (3/11ish). Got some Ernie balls
  12. Travis, thanks... ideally, would like a matched set so they match... but thank you.
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