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  1. Regarding guitar center employees being miserable. I get it. I always thought indie record store employees seemed miserable. In college I worked in a cool record store loved going there. Until I started working there. Boss was an asshole. When I left I wanted to sign him up for the Columbia record and tape club. I didn’t but I would have sent him the scorpions back catalog which I thought would have been funny. Point. I like gc feel bad for the employeds because they are finding their way like I was. That said I ain’t buying an goddamn extended warranty... I think sl
  2. I've read a few of the VH books, Kiss and VH while not my favorite bands, are really interesting reading. I've always appreciated how DLR (and Kiss too) was not blessed with the most natural talent, but he said f that... and kind of willed himself into what he was.
  3. This is very cool, Dude has alot of wisdom. thanks
  4. Really nice grain pattern on that.
  5. David Crosby, fucked up his liver. Got it paid for by someone else. Cut to the front of the line. Suspected of dwi a few years ago. can’t keep his trap shut because he is somehow on a More enlightened moral plane than mere mortals.
  6. Travis. Are you using anything in particular to roll/clean up the fret edges?
  7. Great snag. Looks great. They’re out there but not that common
  8. Looks great. Love the allparts fat necks and compensated saddles.
  9. Obv a good time to list it. Only issue. that logo looks correct. Is it blurry so you can’t see made in usa or does it not have that? Usa charvels has some better detail on logos.
  10. This is kind of long but here’s a cool interview with Craig gass. (The comedian who did dead on Gene Simmons impressions on Stern back in the day). Really cool story about when he lived with Eddie.
  11. Very nice... the esquire is so badass just in itself, the guard works nice.
  12. wow, that sounded pretty cool, nothing worse than youtube demos that don't do the product justice. adding a tv jones esquire to the things to do list...
  13. they look cool, lately I've been seeing some really nice stuff by guys that probably started out doing parts builds... I guess they've had many years to study Charvel and the Fender Custom Shop and are really starting to dial it in... heck you can buy your own spray guy at harbour freight nowadays.
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