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  1. Oh It was just that their “appeal is becoming more selective!”
  2. These pics make me wanna buy. Not! Could you possibly put it on the stand straight? Geez nice effort
  3. If you want to kill some brain cells, highly recommend you read the "a plumber tried to charge $450 for changing a toilet handle" thread...
  4. Nice recap... The first Wasp and Armored Saint lp's were on regular playlist in our dorm room. That first Wasp album was pretty good, production wasn't that great. trying to think about that early wave of metal signings.... Great White, Malice, Savatage, Ratt, Twisted, Black and Blue... I noticed WASP brought back F like a... back into the setlist. Blackie wouldn't sing it for years
  5. That's really wierd, what are they saving there? I guess they didn't expect someone to cut off the label.
  6. mint, as new, MIJ Les Paul Special, LS124 mahogany, 50's profile neck with a nice full feel bone, nut, low action. a couple of minor upgrades. BG P-90 pickups added (vintage hot style wind) and bell knobs were added (original speed knobs included). nice Tokai gig bag. 8 lbs 3 ounces, very nice dark rosewood board, finish is trans white however very subtle . poly finish. really nice build quality throughout, competes well with a Hamer USA and the Gibson US stuff. $850 firm pp friends and family, check or zelle delivered in Cont US or $800 with the tokai pickups Note: not able to ship week of 12/3 thru 12/10 but happy to answer questions. recent dean Cadillac Select black, 3 duncan pickups. mint, plays and sounds great. sorry no bag... One minor mod, the white selector knob was switched to black after I took these pics... Nice matte rear of the neck (fact stock) This one, I can ship the week of 12/4 to 12/9 It's at family place in Florida... can meet if local (just south of Sarasota). I don't know the weight. sorry... $525 firm del in US via pp friends and family zelle, or check more pics here https://davejl1984.smugmug.com/Unlisted/n-vK6jW/MIJ-TOKAI-and-DEAN-SELECT
  7. I like Rick but just not into this blind allegiance to celebrity business deals. Look at that BS deal with Tom Brady and crypto. Blew up spectacularly. F that sh*t
  8. a couple matching headstock Nashes... Fiesta Red looks pretty orange to me.
  9. Not a bad deal. It’s listed as korina, I’m wondering if they’re taking the info from the coa? If you have a gc card you get a 5% cash back.
  10. I feel for the ones who are really hurt, the ticket scalpers. It's very sad.
  11. Hey Ed, Thanks, you might be right on the weight... It is about 8 lbs 13 oz... which isn't bad for a stingray.
  12. The real reason I make bass player jokes is because I am one... but really, Derek Smalls is the source of endless amusement for me. That aside, I had sold my Stingray in the early covid sell-off of 2020 and prices shot thru the roof on them, I had planned to get a Nash PB-63 (their precision style bass) but finally, I found a somewhat reasonably priced on on the GC used site. This one is a really clean 2019, with one tiny nick, the frets sparkle like jewelry and it has a nice black ebony board and roasted. The case (they forgot to ship it) arrives later this week. Ernie Ball really does nice work. The thing plays effortlessly, still don't sound like Steve Harris, Pete Way on a drunken bender... sure, I can nail that. pics, enjoy.
  13. Hi, I own that Weller station... for a Hobbyist, I think it's user friendly (like how the little stand and holder are one piece) but #1 not sure it gets hot enough and #2 not sure how durable they are. make sure you change the tip after a while... when I bought it, they were $39 not sure I'd pay $61 for it
  14. I wholeheadly agree. Shame there weren’t more specials in the 1996-2000 range when they started thickening up the profiles.
  15. I have a friend who is a better bass player than I'll ever be... he plays one of these thru a nice pro rig... (don't even know what the amp is) and it sounds awesome.
  16. Back in the day, early 80's, this song was always played at hard rock concerts in the Northeast... must have been a favorite of the road crews. really sinister sounding. RIP Dan
  17. Too much risk for me in the event it gets damaged and needs to be returned. Pass.
  18. The "Wrecking Crew" documentary, I'm like, I've heard of them but who is that? It blew me away. The skynyrd one (either netflix or prime) was pretty good. The Joan Jett one... cool but kind of long. There is this one show, forget the name, it's basically one hour or so about basically looking at how a hit song was written, recorded etc... one of them was "losing my religion" and REM were talking about the tune, how it came together, almost like the lyrics were chanelled thru them... stipe was pretty much humbled and blown away by how that tune changed their lives... I love the part of music doc's that gets into like what's happening in a room when great music is created....
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