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  1. Love return of the living dead! The movie is pretty funny on its own (nice black humor and alt rock soubdtrack) but this cramps tune just nails it! Strange that it doesn’t get more attention from zombiephiles.
  2. That is pretty cool, not unreasonably priced either I used to ask Jol about staining at the open houses. He definitely wasn't a proponent of it. Then later... he opened it up to staining the black trans guitars (that look didn't blow me away). I'm not sure whether the problem was not staining, or that Hamer was trying to shoehorn buyers to a higher end model, or at the very least, a $400 upcharge for nice tops, and in doing so, put a lot of guitars in the market (FM Specials, studios in '59 burst) that had average tops. IMHO at least I guess he wanted to be true to nature of the wood, but how far does that get you when PRS is blasting the market with eye popping tops. BTW How much was a billet of AAAA stuff in the 90’s. $50?
  3. 2019 Gibson Les Paul Special TV blonde, the recent version with proper angle (IMHO at least) of the wrap tail, all stock, I did not get an OHSC with it (the case was lost in the GC black hole of wandering cases) It does however come with a newer molded case. Guitar is very clean, no fretwear, plays nice approx. 7 lbs 7 oz. It has a lighter (more pale) TV tint to it, which I like... $sold 1993 Hamer FM special, very clean, a few nicks. very nice top. Pickups are alnico pro two (neck) and a new JB in the bridge, very nicely done bone nut, frets are in nice shape (no grooving) however the frets have been dressed/levelled over the years. That said, it's been well cared for and plays nice. neck is '93 slim... a little too slim for me, however it is a very nice specimen as you can see. OHSC Sold
  4. Yes. That is Billy Rowe, Guitarist for 80’s rockers Jetboy who had a cup of coffee on a major label.
  5. Man, that is a very interesting assortment of guitars, am almost wondering if there is a strategy here, where they are assigning low estimated values, almost like a realtor prices a house too low to spark a bidding war... or maybe I'm giving too much credit... lol
  6. He’s selling a large explorer case for $250 less fees if he gets that. Probably won’t... The large dimensional weight could be pricey to ship. More than $50 if someone in a far area of country gets it. Not defending the guy but not sure I see a windfall given he has to find a giant ass box and lug it to ups.
  7. FYI. The $699 fm is back showing as available. Can’t really see the pic of sn but 1995 ish? No case tho. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/FM-SPECIAL-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc
  8. Man that sucks. I sometimes would see him walking around Newbury street in Boston. Newbury Comics (cool record store) was right hear synchro sound the studio they owned. He produced two of my favorite albums. The weezer blue album and D Generation No Lunch. Really great job on those slabs.
  9. Even if you’re a rock star, no soup for you!! Actually. This one I agree with I know dean is ripping on Gibson for a speaking up but I’m sure they wouldn’t like it it hamer started knocking out ML’s. Actually curious. what did dean say about Washburn doing the dime guitars?
  10. I dug Hanoi rocks back in the day just heard Michael Monroe’s new song. Last train to Tokyo. He looks different (older of course) but thats not a bad tune from a guy pushin 60. His guitarist Steve conte. His name seems to pop up from time to time. Going to check him out too.
  11. looks nice and a solid bang for the buck deal... nice snag!
  12. Very nice, love magic eraser and goo gone.
  13. Clerk at guitar center did not know specs of some obscure pedal or wasn’t willing to unscrew the back of a used cab so tire kicker could check what speaker was inside. Lol. the coupon exceptions too Nobody seems to understand the concept of minimum advertised pricing and how it relates to coupons. (is: just because they advertise they won’t take coupons on a certain brand does not mean they won’t accept them).
  14. Can’t get into em at all. Seems disjointed. Packing in tons of riffs and forced lame poppy hooks that sound like the soundtrack of some 70’s cheese movie. Say what you want about ufo and Aerosmith two bands that were all over the place but their stuff imho sounded way more organic. Were bands really afraid of angel opening up for them?
  15. I could, but I think it looks obnoxious for the purpose of a gear page ad. Last couple times I’ve run into it we’re creeps who didn’t own thr guitar. People must share my opinion because it was random strangers who let me know.
  16. Is your computer code willfully offered up for free? (Not sure if that was your career but thought it was).
  17. he bought my explorer... nice guy, lives in Brentwood Tennessee, but then reused my shots without asking, and sold it for $400 more than he paid...
  18. Here are two truths about the gear page. No one in the history of the gear page has ever used or needed Cialis or viagra. Nor does anyone admit their guitar is a cme Gibson blowout model when posting in classifieds. It’s like 100’s and 100’s of cme blowout guitars evaporated into the atmosphere and nobody is marking up $1000! Lol. And tax legal and medical advice. 100 percent reliable!
  19. The Newport is fine. Just puzzled by hamers strange marketing strategy of buying expensive back covers of gc, getting stellar reviews in same issue. Pay to play? Meanwhile other things, such as the website weren’t really updated until the company’s last few years.
  20. DaveL

    Eric Otten

    So sorry to hear, I always appreciated his fun sense of humor. Rip.
  21. That’s pretty nice! the editors choice award was conducted after a nationwide search and in no way related to whoever bought the back cover!!
  22. Predicted to sell soon, one other person has this is their cart! At 12k asking, pretty sure reverb is playing fast and loose with someone looking at the item as the same as having it in their cart
  23. These are great. I also have a v one (tkl I think), love it. the original dean case (20-30 lbs?) stays in storage.
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