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  1. Here's an update. I took the guitar to www.nodenguitars.co.uk, who are probably the best in London After a discussion and some discussion it seems that the Schaller is probably fixable which saves me from buying an expensive replacement. The fretwire we decided on is Dunlop 6130. I tried out a few guitars and that's the one that felt the best. Other than that it's electronics cleaning, new strings and setup. I get it back in a week and a half, can't wait! Yeah, the switch is pointless but I'm undecided what to do with it yet so will leave it a bit longer.
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  3. Hi there, I have a Centaura (1990 I think, serial is 026039) that is in need of attention. Standard, not deluxe so passive pickups. It's had a bad refret job with vintage style Fender frets a long time ago and they feel and look horrible. I want to get it refretted with something that matches what it originally had, or as close as possible. Does anyone here know what wire to use? Secondly, the Schaller Floyd is in need of replacement as the thread has gone on one of the clamps so it's impossible to intonate the D string. What's a good replacement? It's already been replaced once so I'm thinking that Schaller might not be as hard wearing as original Floyd Rose models. Thirdly, what does the small switch do? I think Hamer called it the "Thick Switch' which to my ears does pretty much nothing. Fourthly, are these Seymour Duncans? I think some earlier Centauras had some custom DiMarzio's on board. Thanks for any help you can give, it's appreciated!!
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