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  1. Actually this one was listed at the same time as another one was for 4K. They both disappeared in less than a couple days. Not sure why this one is re-posted. I thought it sold. Also, there was one listed a few weeks ago in Germany that sold in days at 4k. They were there and gone before anyone posted them here. These are incredible guitars. I would agree that they are much better than a Gibson at half the price. I kind of think this is fair since when is someone willing to sell one of only 100 ever made and many sold to artists? I would rather have one of these than the ones made later only since they are numbered and from that batch of limba Hamer had from this period. These seem to have nicer figure than some of the 2000's versions. Just my opinion. 😁
  2. Yeah, the Iommi pickups are all one unit kind of like an EMG but metal. There are no pole holes with screws so it is a smooth piece. I don't know how you would get a cover since it is not a traditional pickup with a cover. If I could, that would be a good idea though.
  3. Thanks Arm of Hamer. Yeah, I search Ebay and Reverb pretty religiously. Just thought I would check with my friends on HFC too. That posting was in 2016 so haven't seen one in some time. Anyway, I will keep searching and maybe someday the SG will be "complete".
  4. Strange question, does anyone have one gold Tony Iommi signature pickup for sale? I have an SG custom with 2 gold TI's but could never find the 3rd one to complete the conversion from the lousy '57 classic PU's. They seem to be quite difficult to find in that color as it was discontinued after a while and only chrome and black were available. Let me know if anyone has one they would part with. It of course would have to be Gold. I have some gold Seymour Duncan Antiquity humbuckers I'm willing to part with which could be part of a trade too if that is interesting to anyone. 😀
  5. This guitar is so unbelievable! The only thing to change is to dump the EMG's and put in a nice set of passive PU's. What I can't understand (or maybe I can) is why they list this at such an unreasonable price. I'm guessing they are looking for those that are either uneducated in the prices (which is hard to believe with the internet) or have more money than sense. If you want to sell something, why not list it within reason and expect people to offer less? Ok, so this is probably more of a $3,500-$4,000 guitar? Just a guess. Maybe it's even slightly more but I just can't see almost $8k. This isn't even close enough to make an offer if that was an option here. And then it will just sit forever. It seems to happen a lot online. I understand it is a one of a kind more than likely but it's still not a Gibson or Fender which are brands that people pay some crazy prices for. Hamer's are much nicer in my opinion but they don't have the name that those other brands do. This appeals to us Hamer nerds but most people don't know the brand even existed (which is sad). If this was a four digit standard, then ok. But a 2004? Just strange to me.
  6. Scarab85

    Standard Appreciation Thread

    This is an awesome post! I could look at Hamer Standards all day. I may have to visit this one from time to time. Just hope some of these end up for sale sometime. Where did some of those BCR Standards end up? Especially the natural and trans black flametops. Does BCR get these in from time to time still? I'm guessing that has dried up a bit with Hamer gone. I have a sunburst 07 but would add a white, black, or natural (or four digit if I could afford it) Standard if the right one came along. The search continues...
  7. Congrats! That's really cool. I really love the look of those. Never really see the white ones. Just wish they didn't have the wang bar. However, I still would like to have one. Ebony fretboard and boomerang inlays...very cool. For the right price I would like to add one to my Hamers. Did they come with fixed bridges? I'm guessing not. Or Kahlers?
  8. Just thought I would see if anyone had any extra knobs that would have gone on the 80's Scarabs they would sell? The ones that are on mine are just black metal knurled ones and not the factory knobs. I would need two of them if possible. Thanks.
  9. Scarab85

    Four Digit Standards

    Thanks guys for answering the question. I wasn't sure if there was more inside knowledge as to the numbers of Standards in the "four digit" run or not. Sounds like the records back then might not have been as complete to tell the "exact" amount of each model for the custom guitars. I do have the book and feel dumb for asking the question about production versus custom guitars but thank you cmatthes for the further clarity. It sounds like they just wanted to use a different serial numbering system for people who requested custom specs for their guitar versus the standard sunburst or vector with factory options. Makes sense. If you see a four digit for sale, is there a way to date the year based on the number?
  10. Scarab85

    Chambered Standards

    Ok. Just another follow up on the chambered Standards question. Does anyone know the years that Hamer chambered Standards specifically? Also, would they have chambered any of the Korina guitars? Especially the '95 series? Would be a great fact to know. Thanks everyone.
  11. Scarab85

    Four Digit Standards

    Sorry if this has been talked about before but does anyone know actually how many four digit Standards Hamer made? I have seen somewhere where it was mentioned that there were about 450 "four digit" guitars made which of those only about 1/3 were Standards. Does anyone have actual numbers or is it kind of a mystery? The part I'm confused still is that the four digits I'm assuming were in the 70's but there was a new serial number system started in I believe 1977 which starts with a 7 and then four digits (so not the four digit Hamer everyone lusts after). Were the four digits the custom models then and not production? Was there magic to these compared to the "production" ones or was it simply that they had options not found in the production versions? Or better yet, were the Standards not offered as production models that early? Thanks to the knowledgeable folks on HFC for any help clearing this all up.
  12. So you're saying the market for this one is really around $1,800. And that is why it sits I guess. Are the necks really slim like say an 80's Scarab? My '85 Scarab has a broom handle for a neck. Just curious of how these sound and feel.
  13. I agree Arm of Hamer. I love the more natural color tops. The binding is fine either way, although with a figured top the binding makes sense. The 80's Vectors just don't come up very often it seems to me as I'm guessing they didn't make a ton of them. It's on my "bucket list" to get at least one of these.
  14. SVL, are you saying that the one for sale right now, you used to own? If so, was it really resonant acoustically? Is the neck like a broom handle like the Scarabs were? Never played an 80's Vector. Never even seen one in person actually since they never show up in stores here. Are we still thinking that the current price of $2,100 is too much for this? Seems crazy that this one is still here unless this is just way overpriced. Or that era of Vector is not as cherished as the later ones where they used the "correct" headstock shape. I think this one has been for sale for a really long time.
  15. Scarab85

    New acquisition: 2 Scepter

    That's very awesome! Just curious, where were you able to find them? Was it a local sale, word of mouth, or somewhere online? Great score. Anyone know how many of those Scepters they made? You don't really ever see them for sale very often.