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  1. Wow that Special went fast! I was considering that one strongly but I guess you can't snooze on some of these. Seems hard to tell what will be gone quickly. Obviously it is price and demand. So many seem to slip away and add to the "one that got away". I was looking at a 96 white Gibson V that literally sold in about 3 hours. I was about to pull the trigger on that and "poof" it was gone. Oh well. It's part of the hunt I guess.
  2. Just wondering, what does "COCV" mean anyway? I've seen that referenced here but unsure of the acronym. Also, when you say price is "insane", in today's market what should these sell for then?
  3. So is the Gibson issue the reason Shishkov doesn't continue making Ultimates anymore or is there another reason? I've always wondered why he stopped if there was so much interest. His guitars look amazing and I know are awesome but those shapes do nothing for me.
  4. Very cool guitar @cynic!! That is funny because on my phone's wallpaper now is a pic of a guitar that looks almost exactly like that one except it looks to be a 90's or 00's version based on the headstock shape and pearl logo. The picture in Google images I found is the same except has a bound headstock and neck and 2 double cream pickups and different colored knobs. Likely someone on HFC owns that guitar but it's almost a twin. Again, very cool guitar. GLWTS.
  5. Thank you all so far for the details. This is very helpful. I was thinking that the 80's would be the more narrow nut width. That is my experience even with my Scarab's. Which I like the Scarab, but not as much as the later Standards or Vectors. That is a bit of a bummer as @Drew816 mentions because that small of difference in nut width is more critical than you think. Anyone who has played the 70's Gibson's (and the later 60's I believe) they had narrower nut width's which I'm not a fan of. Not sure why they thought it would be better that way. I think based on this, even though having a vint
  6. I wanted to ask the experts on HFC about the Hamer Specials from the first few years of production in 1980-82ish. I've never thought before about getting one of these double cuts as my heart really belongs to the Standard and Vector shapes. But I do love the SG. Never met a Les Paul I liked but maybe a Special would sorta fit the bill for the Les Paul sound a bit and offer full access to the fretboard? I was just thinking, "Maybe a Hamer nerd should have at least one classic double cut". But that could be the G.A.S. talking. My questions are: in general what can you tell me about what to expec
  7. Thanks, @cynic. Yeah, just ordered them. Should bolt right up.
  8. It's still there... Does everyone think this is all original? I'm wondering if these flame top Scarab's were custom orders?
  9. When you say "latch angle" what are you referring to here? Are you talking about where the tuner screws to the headstock? I have noticed some Schallers have an angled screw hole and then others are straight which is what the Standards have.
  10. Can anyone tell me if the Schaller M-6 Mini In-Line tuners are the direct replacement tuners for the Hamer Standards from the 2000's? Are these direct drop in, no new holes needed, replacements? If not, can you tell me what I need to make this happen?
  11. Thanks @cmatthes. Do you know if these are new from Schaller? If so, do you know the model? Or is this a search on the used market?
  12. This guitar is killing me because the natural flame standard is one of my bucket list guitars. But not sure about the price. I believe this was listed at $3,800 before and now $300 more? Is this what the market is getting for these? What scares me is that with Gibsons and Fenders, in my lifetime, the prices will only increase. But with the "other brands" that may be better guitars in terms of playability aren't going to have the appeal that the general public has for the only brands they know. The collectors who put the Gibsons & Fenders in glass cases probably don't know who Hamer is. So,
  13. Wow! That sold fast but it is a beautiful guitar and the korina's are a rare beast. This brings up a question: I know that the 95's were a limited run of 100 but after that, when did they bring back the Korina's and were they "production" guitars or did you have to special order them? Any idea how many of these (Vectors and Standards) they made in korina after the 95's? Just a part of the history I am curious about.
  14. Congrats @dgstandard!!! Maybe post more pictures when you get it. It was kinda hard to tell what the color looked like exactly on the verb. I think it might be hard to capture red/orange. I was eyeing that one too. Wasn't on there more than 24 hrs. Good find. I know it will be awesome.
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