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  1. If I weren't in the middle of move and downsizing I'd be all over this one. Really wish I was in a position to pull the trigger. GLWTS
  2. Selling my '03 Monaco SuperPro https://www.ebay.com/itm/332594635631?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  3. I'm holding on to the Copper Top. I wish I were holding on to a few more. The Monaco will be sorely missed. But I'm going to play the sh*t out the Elite! I'm hoping that copper top will age gracefully.
  4. I don't have a problem shipping to Canada but it's really hectic right now with my move. I doubt I have the time to deal with a CITES permit. No friends on the US side of the border?
  5. I don't agree with this at all. If the neck is under .81" it'll cramp my muscles in my wrist. I know this from measuring the guitars I have that are comfortable. If you tell me it is a C shape and .86" at the first fret I know there's a really good chance I'll get along with it. Really no weight? My LP Custom is under 8.5 pounds. I won't even consider any guitar over 9 pounds. Even with the best padded straps my shoulder can't take a set with an 11 pound guitar. I guess I'm a wimp? Why would anyone want a guitar that is uncomfortable to play? Are you saying you'd be happy with a 12 pound LP Custom? I've seen them heavier than that. I've owned a '74 Tele Deluxe that was 11+ pounds and a '79 Strat that was 11 plus pounds. Both purchased online before I started asking for weights. I can guarantee you that I'll ask for weights and measures and that I'm a serious no hassles buyer. The best shops all post the weights and measures for good reason. At least then the buyer is informed and is less likely to return the guitar. Just my take, others can choose to disagree but I want all info up front.
  6. I'm moving to Denver and I'm trying to get my collection down to 7 guitars to fit the stand-up Fender 7 guitar case that wifey bought for me when I promised not to have more guitars than would fit in the case. I don't know what happened (GAS) but I ended up with over 30 guitars and wifey finally called me out on it. This one is a great example of Monaco SuperPro. I'm still up in the air on which 7 to keep. It's getting really f'n hard trying to decide which ones go. It's like trying to decide which children to put up for adoption because you can't feed the brood any longer. Currently I'm keeping two Hamers. One Miller Music guitar which is well played and greening and my one-off NAMM Copper Top Monaco Elite w/Brazilian fret board and Bigsby. I'd like to keep the SuperPro too but that would mean only one Tele. Right now I have a Fender CS Smuggler in Candy Tangerine that isn't going anywhere and a faded white (pudding color) '64 American Vintage Tele w/a rosewood board. It may get swapped with the SuperPro but it's a real tough decision. Rounding out the others are a: 2008 RS Stepside (hard tail Strat style guitar) w/pups from JM Rolphs and a beautifully flamed neck and Mad rosewood board. 2011 Dave Carpenter Hand Picked '59 Les Paul (hands down this and its sister on ebay are the best LPs I've ever played. Gibson took measurements off Dave's original '59 and the necks on this run are sublime) 2014 Benchmark Limited '59 LP in Bloomfield burst w/Les Paul Custom 3 pickup arrangement. 2015 Gibson TH Les Paul Custom (under 8.5 pounds of seriously sweet dry tonality) 2017 Gibson '58 Reissue (really a repurposed 2015 CC39 Tamio Okuda model) that is definitely something special. It has TH spec finish but not TH plastics. The binding is heavily rolled, frets are well finished and small and the neck feel is just out of this world. Gibson really do put a lot of extra attention into these CC runs. I didn't understand what all the fuss about CCs were until I had a couple in hand to play. That's my magical 7 as of today. I keep thinking I could ditch the rosewood Tele and keep the SuperPro and that might well happen. Both guitars have necks right in my sweet spot (.86" at the 1st). In fact the SuperPro is the only sweet spot guitar I've listed. All the others are stand outs too. I really wish I could keep them all.
  7. I love it when sellers give you absolutely no concrete information on the guitar that's being sold. Haven't we gotten to a point with internet sales that we at least give buyers the specifics like neck size (measured) and shape? And how about a total weight on the guitar? I feel these sellers often times have these numbers and figures but don't announce them purposely to try and get the largest range of buyers. I won't buy or list a guitar without its vitals. I'd rather have a good idea going into the purchase of whether or not I am going to bond with it.
  8. Fork me that is sweet! Weight? Neck dimensions?
  9. Selling my '96 Daytona. https://www.ebay.com/itm/332582892388?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  10. Just curious as to whether or not Hamer ever used a brass flake based gold for their gold tops.
  11. I'm hopeful that someone may wander through here with some definitive answers. The original finish feels more like acrylic lacquer in hand. I could test an area with lacquer thinner to be sure but if it is a nitro finish it's a different formula than the Gibson nitro from the same era. The nitro Gibson finishes I have all seem much thinner when looking at the edges of a finish chip/crack.
  12. For as many that show up for sale you'd think it would be less than that. I have a well used re-fretted Emerald Green Daytona from '94. I rarely see either for sale. I did read an article somewhere on the Fender copies where it mentioned that Jol wasn't that enthusiastic about building Fender knockoffs. I'd think that and the weight factor of many of these would've kept production pretty low; I also remember them being a bit more than an US made Fender when new. That probably didn't help sales either. I'd like to see an answer to your question too.
  13. The bound and crowned Monaco is very nice. Special order?
  14. Yes burningyen, the greening you've mentioned is what I was referring to. I've yet to see a Hamer 'green up' like the vintage LP in your post. I've been told that Hamer didn't use the correct kind of paint for oxidation to occur. I was hoping some of the experts here may have experience with well worn gold Hamers or that maybe someone who actually worked at Hamer may chime in with some specifics. I have an '85 that needs some gold touch up and repair. I've yet to find any info on the type of formula or manufacturer of the paint used in the mid '80s.
  15. I'm hoping someone may chime in with some actual paint codes/manufacturers? Could be a long shot. Nice GT! Is that Monaco still about? I'd like to see it. I have a soft spot for Monacos.
  16. If I hadn't just bought the copper top elite I'd be all over yours. I'd been looking for a nice elite for some time with no luck and after buying the copper top I've seen three that all fall into my nice range. That tobacco is definitely a great looker. Good luck with the sale.
  17. That didn't last long. Not many of those Robins around. I've read that less than 25 of that model were produced. i'd say someone got a deal. Especially nice with the extra pups.
  18. Nice score! Love that flame/color combo. Beautiful!