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  1. J.Clark

    Paint repair

    Thank you all for your feedback particularly Jeff for such a detailed and thoughtful response. I have no problem taking my time with this and allowing for small steps. As I understand it the nitro repair paint will chemically bond to the existing nitro. How far into the cracks will the semi liquid extend to solidify the damage? Should I mechanically remove any damaged paint that has not already flaked off or would that just create a bigger mess? Is there something that would help to emulsify and penetrate those cracks as part of the initial surface prep? One of Dan’s videos at stewmac used a very thin superglue to penetrate finish cracks -would that be appropriate or would it mess with the bonding of the new paint? I’m not expecting a flawless finish but I think getting this sealed up and smooth is an appropriate goal. The red is probably going to be impossible to match for me (I’m red-green colorblind). Unless I enlist my wife’s eyes and I don’t want her thinking I’ve completely lost my mind. I wouldn’t have an issue with the repair just being black as long as it’s structuraly sound. Thanks again!
  2. J.Clark

    Paint repair

    The ReRanch nitro paint pen looks like a reasonable approach as long as it’s compatible with the existing paint.
  3. J.Clark

    Paint repair

    I suppose I’m lucky it’s not worse i.e broken headstock or some nasty rash on the front. We used to practice in a little rental space in an old warehouse that was divided up for bands. Our drummer had a full acoustic set that was triggered to a drum machine. Add in two 12 track recorders and everything else we stuffed in that little room... needless to say it was a nest of cables running everywhere and one of the guys tripped and knocked over my guitar stand.
  4. J.Clark

    Paint repair

    It’s probably the lighting. I had to use flash to get a decent photo of it and the red in the photo doesn’t look right. It would be better to use daylight to illuminate but that would need to wait - it’s dark when I leave for work and dark again by the time I get home. I don’t think there’s even a hint of metal flake in the red or black.
  5. J.Clark

    Paint repair

    Thanks for the quick response. Here’s the damage. It happened more than 25 years ago and still bothers me.
  6. J.Clark

    Paint repair

    Paint repair question. I have an old black and red Scepter that’s in great shape overall for a 30 year old guitar. Primarily because it’s been in its case for the last 20 years. There’s one scrape of the paint that bothers me though - luckily it’s on the back side. I’ve searched but there is very little out there as far as instructions go in the repair of a paint chip. I’m also concerned with using an incompatible product over the existing finish type. Does the community know what specific form of paint was used on the early Scepters? Is there a recommendation for this type of repair?