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  1. Ain’t nuthin wrong with bright guitars. Tone pots come standard on most guitars.
  2. I’m not so sure about that, zen. He has a lot of retail accounts, too. I got my Echophonic Jr new from a dealer. I think the SNS promotion is his way of keeping some sort of buzz going since he has so few catalog models on his website I purchased a JTM pedal from a member here for the SNS price.
  3. Meh. If it was Randy Hansen, that would be something to witness. But, hey, maybe Vern’ll play his Hamers.
  4. About $124.60 USD, that’s what.
  5. Hard to say. Most aren’t offered on his website. Good prices, in my estimation.
  6. I haven’t checked them out. Mostly due to their lame-assed name.
  7. Yep, you definitely need a good compressor. Telecaster, too.
  8. Got a whole mess of vinyl from my LA trip to post. AND, a Black Sabbath box from Rhino/Warner with all the 70s lps, tour program reprints, a 45 of, “Evil Woman”, plus an extra LP of mono mixes. They did a beautiful job, very nice tribute to the OGs.
  9. Yeep! What IS it about this guy that generates such shade-throwing from fellow musicians? It's like he's the new, blooze-rawk Yngwie, or something? See his show. Or don't. Either way, STFU, please!
  10. If you're looking for an hb sound for the bridge, I suggest trying out as many H/S/S strats you can get your hands on and see if they work for you. Dimarzio makes some amazing, stacked single coils that have a lot of ballz like a humbucker, but still retain a single-coil sound. I've got an Injector set in my YJM Strat, and a Virtual Solo is about to occupy the bridge slot of another. These models have more output than standard SC pickups and still cut through nicely.
  11. RobAnoos to you, Melvin!
  12. Some dicks get re-admitted under a different avatar.
  13. I've got a non-logo, zebra PG that I'm replacing in my Fernandes V as such: The shipping cost might not be worth the purchase (a pickup set to Sao Paulo cost $26, ouch). PM me if you have any questions.
  14. Beauty guitar, Dave. I started hallucinating halfway into your Mother of All Paragraphs, though. Ferchissakes, man, punctuate!
  15. I recently snagged a ‘14 Gretsch PowerJet at the local GC. The dicks, “couldn’t find the case, sir. Our warehouse is a mess.” Idiots...I had a short gig at GC in Chicago (and previous to that, Haight-Ashbury Music Ctr.), and I never did a sale where I couldn’t produce the case. However, it ended up a happy story, as fuckstick ordered me a new case from OEM. Took three weeks to get it, and I gave man-bun back his RoadRunner gig bag. The Gretsch is awesome! My third Japanese one and the quality is really impressive. I’ll have to do a NGD post soon.
  16. Your asking price is right on. That bitchin guitar is an indictment of era, not unlike myself. If it had a decked FR I'd sell stuff to own that, as ridiculous the notion is for a dude WELL into his 50s. Take that star to an open mike and witness mouths agape before noses upturn!
  17. Nice get, Keo. Looks to be in original condition, a beaut. Shreddy Kreuger.
  18. Grave-robbers are the lowest of the low. Fukking ghouls.
  19. That’s a fucked up thing to post. Like school in summertime: no class.
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