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  1. THE GODS! The Gods themselves!! On your knees, dogs!
  2. Well, I guess them muhfuggas in San Diego, Long Beach, Oakland and Seattle got their work cut out for them, don’t they?
  3. Thanks for the info, tweed. I was very polite to the nice lady at the terminal, but they are trained to be obsequious and non-committal with their answers. The package was last tracked at the Pardee Ave hub on Oct. 5/6, so it's on them to find it or pay up. I got all my, "eff-YOUs" and screaming out on the ride home, and calmed right down. This was sent with Reverb shipping, paid with a credit card, so it will get resolved one way or the other. It's just a guitar, no need to trip... I considered going @gtrdaddy's route and file a police report, but the reality is this is OAKTOWN, bruv-bruv, and the five-oh gots their hands full of serious, violent crime. Seems unlikely they'd be johhny-on-the-spot, shaking down UPS and getting me justice on my missing guitar. A PITA, to be sure, but, like Tigger, I'm not the only one.
  4. 7 more days until I file a missing shipment refund form with Reverb.com. I’m hoping the guitar will show up in the next week. It’s an odd feeling, having a package lost in the UPS ether. One wonders how such a large box could go missing between the terminal and the 4.7 miles to my home?
  5. This Reverb shop always has great-quality Japan guitars. That’s some bitchen, 50yr-old mahogany there.
  6. Montrose lost that suit due to Ireland’s laws concerning the above. Ronnie may have owned it at one time, but the time passed from the theft to the purchase by Moore made him the rightful owner, stolen property or not. If the property roles were reversed and the suit was tried in the States, there may have been a different legal outcome.
  7. Agree. Statute of limitations long since past. The Japanese owner had no idea of the Gretsch’s provenance. He could have gouged Bachman for a load of cash, but didn’t. He asked for as close a replacement as could be found and that’s what he got. Win/win.
  8. Lee is doing the clear coat? Who did the graphic paint?
  9. “Life’s Rich Pageant.” The only REM I can remotely stomach and their most rocking LP. It’s hard to string together meaningless words/phrases into melodies, but Mikey-poo delivers the goods. Great cover of, “Superman”, too. Tell me the arrangement/production isn’t influenced by, “Revolver”, and I’d say you’re being disingenuous. It is VERY Beatle-ey, especially the bass, drums and vocals. I still spin, “LRP” more than a few times yearly.
  10. Headstock AND heel? I've seen so many Vs/SGs take faceplants off of open-yoked stands. It never ends well, volute or not.
  11. Waiting for a Reverb item. Nothing like the financial shenanigans you posted, but UPS has been, “scanning”, my shipment at the Oakland terminal (5mi from my home), for three days now. Finally changed the delivery to terminal pickup. I guess it’s my turn for UPS aggravation? We’ll see how this shakes out…
  12. Dear Lord, why? That V would be worth some buck$ today. Maybe a headstock-break/refin?
  13. No zingers here, I got nuthin'. Besides, with filthy hippies, the jokes write themselves.
  14. You need to post a price and/or a link to an auction or e-commerce site. Pictures are helpful, too.
  15. Howz the neck profile, Dave? Mine was quite portly. Ah, my old HR50/Bogner rig. The only other amp that could tempt me away from Splawns. What a sound..!
  16. Well, a slow shopping spree starting in May to the five LPs picked up today. I have a good relationship with Stranded Records, as the employees there are very helpful and sometimes comp me a record or two(!). I agree. Seems like they took the time to make it sound right. I'll have to keep on the lookout for that one. If it sounds as good as LIB, I'll gladly pay retail for that one, too.
  17. Good grief, what a story! To say he lucked out would be a huge understatement. Imagine if he played their full set until he bled-out? Glad he's on the mend.
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