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  1. No mention of, "Killing Machine?" That's their crossover record. A lot of great tunes on that one, and the production was a step up from earlier records. "Turbo?" Meh. They lost their focus on that one and tried to get modern. I didn't pick it back up until, "Painkiller." I thought Halford and Fight were better than anything with Ripper, certainly as good as most heavy metal at the time.
  2. Seems like you would have to be flipping quantity, considering that fees, shipping, packing materials, time, etc., factor into the cost. Doesn't seem worth it for $10-15...
  3. YouTube Hamer Studio YouTube Hamer Special FM All done with the handy-dandy, "search", feature. Have at it.
  4. That’s right. Dis ram got too much jam! Deal with it!!
  5. Aw, piss! You mean I have to actually OWN “GHS” to get that concert? That album is weak tea!
  6. Look at the bright side, Chris: If you ever need another one, you’ll know who to call. I just may be in a charitable mood, but I doubt it...
  7. Gotta love Edward. Only he would cannibalize a '59 LP for spare pickups.
  8. Mogami. I’ve only had one go south, and GC will replace failed ones, no questions asked. Didn’t even ask for a receipt, and it was a hoot to watch him cut the ends off! ProCo and Whirlwind and LiveWires are good, too. I believe they all have a similar lifetime warranty, too.
  9. Fabs mono recordings are the way to go. More detailed, muscular mix. I'm, "used to", the Capitol LPs, but the original EMI issues (even the British stereo mixes) sound so much better. As JohnnyB (and millions of American boomers...) knows, the Capitol stereo mixes were our intro to the Beatles. Once I sought out the mono 45s/LPs, well, I can see why EMI was so taken aback by the stereo remixes. They probably weren't taken aback by the sales, though... @4:21, Original Punk Pete, gives his opinion of the Fabs. Bollocks galore and brutally honest...
  10. I knew it! Mid-90s dot-necks, my fave era.
  11. THR all the way. The software is pretty cool, adds the ability to save presets without too much tweaking. Honorable mention for the Trademark10.
  12. Can't you just sharpie-in a, "d", and tell us about it?
  13. 1) No. 2) Most likely chewing gum.I work with a guy who was a production mgr for Leber/Krebs during Ted’s salad days. He was around the guy CONSTANTLY for nearly a decade. Said during that whole time, Tee-totaling Ted had one shot of Kahlua on NYE in the early 80s. That’s it. Ted doesn’t like being out of control, at any time.
  14. IIRC, Theodore had five or six of those stacks for his tour rig. Nothing succeeds like excess.
  15. 4 Silverface Twins, cranked. 8x12" JBLs. 4 Dual Showman cabinets. 8x15" JBLs. That's a lot of firepower.
  16. A teenage friend had a poster of JH with a white, lefty (I think) SG Custom. I've also seen him with a 50's LP Custom (righty) with P90s.
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