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  1. I've got 2 Monoprice guitars, an older Strat copy and one of their Boardwalk 335 clones. The strat was about $75 at the time, and with one of their 15% off codes, I think I paid $60 for it. I was blown away. The action was the lowest I've ever played, and had no fret buzz anywhere. I had to raise it up because I couldn't bend on it. The body was flawless, the fretwork was quite good and the nut us well cut. It's a good enough guitar that I ended up putting a loaded pickguard from a Classic Vibe Strat. The only reason that I don't still play it is because the neck is significantly thinner than I prefer, so when I traded into a Player Series Strat, I ended up preferring that one once I fixed the awful fretwork. The Boardwalk I ended up finding on ebay direct from Monoprice. I had it in my wishlist and was on the fence until they sent me an offer for $150 with free shipping. Sold! It got here, and like the Strat, it was very well set up right out of the box. It has a big fat neck that I LOVE, so yet another guitar intended for a quick flip wound up being a keeper. It plays great, and I don't even mind the cheap ceramic pickups. I don't have any pics of it. I'll have to get some.
  2. I rather like the Hamer branded imported P90s, but I've found the imported humbuckers range from unremarkable in the Indonesian models to downright awful on the older korean models. The $25 ebay PAF copies are a huge upgrade on the cheap though.
  3. Seems like a smoking deal, but I can barely play instruments with frets. I sent it to a bass player buddy that is unreal good with fretless, but he doesn't seem interested
  4. Another option is a Spark or Spark Mini. My Spark has a bunch of bass amps, and it's got more than enough low end output for quiet noodling. It's also a great recording platform for guitar and bass.
  5. Not yet. I haven't put it on the bench other than to adjust the pickup heights. The bridge pickup was so high that the high e was touching the bridge pickup pole piece and causing a sitar effect. I'll have to make time to do that.
  6. ...or are they just a standard Switchcraft? I bought a gorgeous Vanguard from a fellow HFC'er but the switch won't stay on the neck, it just snaps back to the middle. I need to replace it and would like to replace it with whatever the original was.
  7. What's a Lollar Duncan P90? Is it a Duncan or a Lollar? If it's a Lollar, since it's DOA, are you interested in selling it cheap?
  8. same here. 92 has a reputation for stupid-thin necks.
  9. congrats! What year is it? I can't quite make out the SN on the headstock. .94 at the first fret sounds great! My 93 doesn't have the stupid-skinny neck that the 92s had, but it's still a lot thinner than I'd prefer. Yours sounds like it's much more substantial.
  10. The neck on my 96 Eclipse isn't super thin. I'd put it around a 60s neck or a hair thicker. If I get a chance I'll measure it tomorrow.
  11. that manipulation definitely helps, but any camera angle distortion aside, the intonation on that bridge alone screams "WRONG SPOT"
  12. Seemed like a good price until I saw the shitty repaint and the text about a repaired neck break.
  13. I'm not familiar with the vast majority of his work, but I do have Blues Dream and Nashville. I enjoy both, but Blues Dream in particular, is something that I really got into. You should be able to find enough of his various works on Youtube and other sources to get a feel for what stuff you like best.
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