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    Artist Korina, Eclipse. But I’m a bass player, so Lakland 4-94, EBMM fretted and fretless Sterlings, JJ and PJ G&L SB-2s, Guild Pilot 5, Warwick Corvette, Heartfield DR4, etc.
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    Markbass, Ashdown, SWR, Allen, Musicman, TubeWorks, ...
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    Many. Favorites include SS/BS TAFM and Mini, IE Xerograph Dlx and Polytope, HAO Sole Pressure

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  1. Yep, the DR4 is still going strong, though I favor a bigger neck these days. Spending all my split-up money (and then some) on that new instrument was maybe the best decision I've ever made! Got me back into playing... Ted played that '56 Jr. into the ground. I remember it weighing practically nothing.
  2. There must be much earlier shots, but I always liked this one. Rockin' Toad's Place with my Heartfield in the early nineties.
  3. This bass-centric array just squeezes onto my primary board, made from a pine shelf unused in an armoire kit I finished in '89. That shelf made three other, increasingly small modular boards. The Oxide is a concession over my TAFM but it's been great, especially when squealing P90s!
  4. I'll go with... Berry Oakley Lee Sklar Jamerson Pino Tony Levin As a bass player myself, of course there are many many many more.
  5. Specifically accepting a usb thumb drive? Not sure on those, but my Fiio X3 ii takes a micro SD, has 1/8" headphone and line level outs, and sounds awesome through my old Marantz/JBL setup.
  6. Thanks, man. Added to my watchlist and will check it out soon.
  7. Still a great album for sure. But really, get Pino in play and anything will groove and shine with his magic touch. Oleta's Circle of One - same story!
  8. Both are cool guitars in my book. The Eclipse is an all out bargain with that great Hamer craftsmanship. The stock SD hot FB pickups hurt my ears, but the Antiquity Minis are sweet. I like guitars to hang in close, so I'll stick with the Eclipse!
  9. Nice! I have a couple old Sterlings - EBMM builds a fantastic bass.
  10. I really like my Allen-built Classic 10. My brother built a Sweet Spot and a Chihuahua. The Sweet Spot is especially, errr, sweet. Good stuff for sure.
  11. Not mine, but this thing looks real nice, if anyone's looking for an old Special. https://newhaven.craigslist.org/msg/d/middlebury-1982-hamer-special-mint/6841332805.html
  12. Killer 2Tek Cruise, hope you got it! Those are underpriced for sure. You can probably score a used US G&L in your range. The SB-2 usually has a Jazz-like neck, the L-2000 is usually a bit wider. A Guild Pilot is another recommendation. Check out talkbass. I've had no problems buying/shipping basses from that lot.
  13. As others have said, the neck profile is fantastic. Love this guitar (an '05).
  14. Sad. The Monkees were big in our house, growing up. My sister may still have her fan club goodies.
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