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    Artist Korina, Eclipse. But I’m a bass player, so Lakland 4-94, EBMM fretted and fretless Sterlings, JJ and PJ G&L SB-2s, Guild Pilot 5, Warwick Corvette, Heartfield DR4, etc.
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    Markbass, Ashdown, SWR, Allen, Musicman, TubeWorks, ...
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    Many. Favorites include SS/BS TAFM and Mini, IE Xerograph Dlx and Polytope, HAO Sole Pressure

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  1. That is a good price on the Eclipse, sure wouldn't sell mine for that!
  2. I like the natural just fine, but I'm glad mine is Jazzburst. Wonderful guitar, even with stock pickups.
  3. I paid $950 a couple years ago in a local sale. Bargain still at $1200, I'd say. Awesome guitar in every way.
  4. Nice, should be awesome and intense and very satisfying! Good luck.
  5. Yep, the DR4 is still going strong, though I favor a bigger neck these days. Spending all my split-up money (and then some) on that new instrument was maybe the best decision I've ever made! Got me back into playing... Ted played that '56 Jr. into the ground. I remember it weighing practically nothing.
  6. There must be much earlier shots, but I always liked this one. Rockin' Toad's Place with my Heartfield in the early nineties.
  7. This bass-centric array just squeezes onto my primary board, made from a pine shelf unused in an armoire kit I finished in '89. That shelf made three other, increasingly small modular boards. The Oxide is a concession over my TAFM but it's been great, especially when squealing P90s!
  8. I'll go with... Berry Oakley Lee Sklar Jamerson Pino Tony Levin As a bass player myself, of course there are many many many more.
  9. Specifically accepting a usb thumb drive? Not sure on those, but my Fiio X3 ii takes a micro SD, has 1/8" headphone and line level outs, and sounds awesome through my old Marantz/JBL setup.
  10. Thanks, man. Added to my watchlist and will check it out soon.
  11. Still a great album for sure. But really, get Pino in play and anything will groove and shine with his magic touch. Oleta's Circle of One - same story!
  12. Killer 2Tek Cruise, hope you got it! Those are underpriced for sure. You can probably score a used US G&L in your range. The SB-2 usually has a Jazz-like neck, the L-2000 is usually a bit wider. A Guild Pilot is another recommendation. Check out talkbass. I've had no problems buying/shipping basses from that lot.
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