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    Artist Korina, Eclipse. But I’m a bass player, so Lakland 4-94, EBMM fretted and fretless Sterlings, JJ and PJ G&L SB-2s, Guild Pilot 5, Warwick Corvette, Heartfield DR4, etc.
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    Markbass, Ashdown, SWR, Allen, Musicman, TubeWorks, ...
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    Many. Favorites include SS/BS TAFM and Mini, IE Xerograph Dlx and Polytope, HAO Sole Pressure

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    Central CT
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  1. I put the Antiquity II mini hums in my Eclipse and like them a lot. Made the guitar a lot sweeter sounding than stock Firebird style.
  2. We're so lucky, happy content family with lots of love and comfort. My job seamlessly transitioned to 100% work-from-home. Slight downside to that is the challenge of separating work from home, at times. Gear-wise, I scored a sweet Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 12T combo for $100. It needed to be cleaned from a former mouse tenant, but beyond that it is killer. I also picked up a nice '82 G&L F-100 on the cheap - what a nice guitar. So here's to hoping we can squash this f-ing virus and get back out in the beautiful world 😻
  3. I guess there are a few actual regrets. Meat Loaf, summer of Bat out of Hell, at the Pinecrest in Shelton. U2 at the small Woolsey Hall in New Haven, October tour. The Stones' secret show at Toad's Place in New Haven. We'd been advised the night before by a promoter acquaintance, to get there early, no further details. Unfortunately we stopped for falafels and ended up being second in line after they stopped letting people in. That one still hurts!
  4. Too bad about the butchering and fret issues. Find another Korina Artist - my '05 is a wonderful guitar. Killer neck, nice weight, effective chambering. That price seems a bit high to me, bought mine about 18 months ago for notably less (though in the world of guitars, it's good value at any reasonable price).
  5. My Eclipse was listed as Vintage Orange. It does look similar to the Elite, maybe slightly darker.
  6. NFI, just in case anyone is looking for a Blitz bass. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3732836326741431/
  7. I put the simple compensated ABM on my Eclipse and it's great in every way. Feels nice under hand and an excellent bit of machining, for sure.
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