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  1. Close to mine. Love these. Only Hamers left for me, I have a vintage white finished one also.
  2. Some fine pieces there, for sure. The video surprised me in his choice of an ass-like tone to showcase the guitars, him being a top pro player. Weird.
  3. G&L's are for Fender what Hamer used to be for Gibson. Better, less expensive (used), not that well-known. I love them, and my home is full of them. GLWTS.
  4. I find Josh very intelligent, and funny. I enjoy his Youtube channel.
  5. If I could not be reborn as Hendrix or as Roger Federer, I wish I were as Director of Strategy at Gibson.
  6. Those are indeed cool looking guitars for that kitsch-driven era. The writing of the ad ticks several of my pet peeves boxes though. But for collector, it seems indeed a reasonable price unless "in good shape for its age" assumes things you may not find that reasonable.
  7. Seller does not bother unswering questions about the guitar. You might have better luck, though.
  8. It's interesting to see that if a guitar is vintage enough, being an absurd 10 lbs (!!!) boat anchor does not impact its value whatsoever.
  9. Those are very cool units. Sound great, and are easy to use. I stopped buying "normal" efect pedals after getting mine. I've only acquired specialized stuff like the EH C9, and the Digitech Freqout since then.
  10. Those are great guitars. I love mine! GLWTS
  11. That's a very cool instrument. Thanks God I don't do basses (much, LOL) because that seems like a reasonable price from afar.
  12. They did not list the weight nor the fret condition, so I'm out.
  13. (No affiliation. Just wanted to say this very model, but with a traditional "Wilkinson-like floating bridge" -never seen one- would have been my perfect guitar). https://reverb.com/item/37319378-hamer-usa-chappelle-custom-elite-chappelle-1986-black
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