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  1. THIS. If you're a collector/Hamer fan, you will want to purchase rare-or-not-that-common Hamer guitars and, since there will always be romantics, you will probably make money if you are patient. But if you are not "in love" with the brand, play a Korean-made Guild Les Paul-ish guitar and you cannot justify buying a USA 90's Hamer for quality. Not anymore.
  2. I'm in Chile but always pay via Paypal and have things shipped to Miami, FL. Please consider treating me as " US local" for sales in the board. I have tons of transactions here. Thanks.
  3. Jol was OK about doing pretty much any custom order... except when asked to do a different headstock shape. He gave tons of options in his standard models too, but never touched that headtsock. Hamer does not exist anymore, so it's easy to see how that strategy turned out.
  4. Love the quality, hate the headstock shape,... I don´t buy them.
  5. (No affiliation) 7.5 lbs!!! $685 https://reverb.com/item/37642111-hamer-usa-1996-cruise-j-style-fretless-cherry-black-burst-bass
  6. If you ike how it looks, nothing wrong with it at all. I just never did.
  7. At that price, it's the typical guitar you salivate while pushing the trigger. As soon as you get it out of the case, you notice the headstock shape (you did not when looking at the pictures, fixated on that beautiful color, grain and body silhouette) and say... "uhhh ohhhh".... Then, you estimate how much in the red you will be when selling it. 😒
  8. I love my 1992 to death, but I got used to jumbo frets in my guitars, so I would like to put stainless steel jumbos in there. Due to the rather thin width neck these guitars had, the relatively uncommon radius, and being stainless steel hard to work on, I would like to purchase the set that would mean the easiest possible fit on my guitar. Would anybody know which frets I should buy? I know nothing about the actual measurements, and I am used to decimal system, so trying to measure and matching what I have fills me with panic! LOL
  9. Tha combination of the body and that particular headstock shape make this such a beautiful model. Never played one FB of any brand, but I would imagine this whole design would make this kind of guitar pretty much impossible to play standing for any non-advanced guitar player
  10. It would be awesome if people wanting to find a guitar -and not selling one- would start using "WTB" in their titles again.
  11. Close to mine. Love these. Only Hamers left for me, I have a vintage white finished one also.
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