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  1. Truer words were never spoken. Those T-62 are simply amazing. I have its twin-sister, and also a vintage white, both 1992. Congrats!!!
  2. A Hamer Diablo was my first guitar ever, bought it new in 1992. Wonderful shredder guitars, I just cannot stand Floyd Roses anymore.
  3. No, I dislike gold anything too. That been said, I had one of those, with a similar weight, but nickel hardware. One of the saddest guitar losses of my life, were it not the case that I traded it for a drum set that allowed me to get into jazz, which was a major motivational buttkick forward in my life, at a very difficult time for me. Still, that guitar was simply heavenly.
  4. Would it be possible to know who that is? I've purchased quite a few guitars from him in the past. The thing is, had it been a 22-fret four-digit, the price would have been higher to compensate. This seller knows his stuff.
  5. It does! It finally got to me (South America, and all...). And the thing is unbelievable. Plays incredible, and it seems like nobody touched it since 1992 (the year I decided to get iinto guitar and out of drums, and also when I first learned about Hamer from a glowing review -of a different model though- on Guitar Player Magazine). My other T-62 (sunburst) is also a '92. The rest of the band loved it. As Gene correctly says: life IS good!
  6. Seller has pretty poor feedback record, does not respond to details inquiries, does not provide them in the description, and had the same guitar offered for different prices, under different seller names. No, thanks.
  7. I just bought one from your link, thanks
  8. They could. But with that same headstock, and their own amazing level of quality (certainly not Samick's), I would have bought tons of Hamers. Tons. Oh well.
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