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  1. I wish I could tell you exactly but it was the lead guitarists bass and he played my six string, a Hohner Les Paul copy, that was the first band I played bass in and have never played anything else since, I want to say it was a Guild knock off but I really am not sure.
  2. First Under the Wire and Sleeper Cather have played thousands of times in my rotation of life, in large part due to his bass lines. Rumor is he left after "Wire" to pursue spiritual things. Two of my all time favorite bass players, John Deacon and George McArdle both left the music world for different reasons but I have truly missed them. They both left permanent impressions on how I play and write bass lines. Crank up "Cool Change" for me, that is a precious tune.....
  3. I don't give a flying flip about genre, good playing is good playing and that bass player and drummer can play... WOW. Thanks for posting
  4. Five is really really tough and is subject to change... George McArdle, early Little River Band (76-79) Heavily influenced how I play today. Geddy Lee John Deacon, another very heavy influence on how I play and a great songwriter Meshell NDegeocello, Played and sang on Mellencamp's cover of Wild Night and simply a great player and person. Victor Wooten Five is really hard....
  5. Wow, good on you man, what a great find! as an Impact owner myself I can say that we are crazy AF but we know what a good bass is... I am really happy that an HFCer got this one...
  6. I couldn't have said it better Moose, my point was just that, somebody must have felt strong enough about it to pay that price. I am a HUGE fan of Hamer Basses, especially the Impacts. I have one that no one could ever offer me enough to part with. Part of that is sentimental but mostly it is honestly because it is such an amazing work of art. I have never played anything close to it. Anyway, very well said...
  7. Somebody must have thought it was worth it, its gone...
  8. Thank you, I happen to believe this is the finest bass guitar ever built...
  9. '92 Impact Neck-thru bass '99 Korina Special NAMM Edition
  10. So many things wrong with all of this... just remember... the bass is the house and everything else is just furniture. Abe Laboriel..
  11. Any bass guitar with a pick guard, any of them.
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