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  1. Thanks for doing this, I have been following for a while.
  2. How do you deal with a request for appraisal on your Hamer's? I am changing insurance companies and they will not provide more than $1000.00 of coverage without an appraisal. I am not delusional about being able to replace my Impact Neck Thru, if something were to happen but I have always covered it for at least what I paid for it. Thoughts?
  3. I recently thought I was going to sell my Korina Special but when it came right down to saying its yours, I choked. Thank you 1 bottlerocket for being so gracious. At any rate it got me to thinking, what happens to my Hamer's after I am gone? I am 61 and in good health so I do not anticipate anything happening soon but do any of you have a plan? I have two grown kids and seven grandkids and none of them have shown any interest in taking care of my Hamer's. Have any of you developed a plan or process so that if the unthinkable happens and your partner is left to deal with your axes, what will they do? I have two Hamer's, and they are both incredible and I shudder to think of them sitting in a yard sale because no one knows how special they are. Is there any energy here to think of a way that our partners could reach out to this group in the event that one of our Hamer family has passed with no plan for the axes? I am absolutely certain that both my Impact Neck Thru and my Korina Special, if treated right, will outlive my great grandchildren and I would like them to be played and taken care of, and I just can't part with them now.... Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks everyone, the Deoxit F5 worked great!
  5. I need to clean the volume pots on my bass. What is the recommended solution I should purchase for the little project?
  6. Not sure if this one meets your interest, it's not a junior, but I thought I would put it out there. This is one of four that Hamer made for NAMM in 04.
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