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  1. 4 Grand for a Cali Elite. Another one that will up there or a long time? I've wanted a USA Cali for a while not but the prices. No affiliation https://reverb.com/item/38977189-hamer-usa-californian-elite-1990-transparent-green
  2. Thought about it, but I already have a Phantom 12 string and wanted a shredder. Ended up getting a Diablo. Beautiful Guitar.
  3. Forgot to mention. Try a luggage repair shop, that is where I got mine, The guy wanted to install them himself which was fine with me. Shoe repair shops will also sometimes fix luggage, if so they might have those old parts around.
  4. Just curious about what you don't like about the Monaco Elite? I was thinking of getting one. What do you prefer? Also while we are on the subject can someone tell me the difference between a Monaco Elite and a Super Pro? They both look great to me.
  5. Just saw that the seller has a special deal for HFC so that is cool, but for guitars that are not listed here, the tax and shipping often dissuades me.
  6. I just had the case for my 1983 Hamer Phantom XII refurbished. Those are not cheney locks, they are Homa Flush mount hardware. Made in Italy You can see the little airplane on the broken latch. I researched long and hard to find that out. Some Gibson & Fender cases from that era used those as well. I had to have those latches replaced as well and found a place in Canoga Park Ca. with the exact same replacements. If you are nearby I can provide contact info. Check ebay or reverb but these pieces are RARE. Here is my fixed latch and lock
  7. $200? From SF to LA? Taxes? Wha? $1600 + $75 Shipping = $1675 + 10% Sales tax ($167.50) = $1842.50 or $242.50 in tax and shipping. https://reverb.com/item/38490194-hamer-newport-bigsby-tv-jones-powertron-2003-black-cherry-burst?publish_confirmation=true
  8. Nice guitar, too bad it is San Francisco. I live in L.A. which is just not a Hamer town. There are never any USA's available locally here. In SF there are at least 5 for sale that I like. I hate paying an extra $200 or so in taxes and shipping every time I buy a guitar. I need to roadtrip up north for some guitar shopping. 🚗
  9. I see that guitar and I want to eat it. Seriously though I am strangely attracted to it. 🍨
  10. HamStd I sent you an email, I am interested in seeing what you have. I currently own a Slammer Series First generation Korean Californian, but might be interested in upgrading. The message was a reply to a previous conversation we had about a 12 string I bought. Here is my current
  11. Peter,


    I sent you an email in regard to a post you made in the WTB Californian thread.

    I responded to a message you had sent me a while back in regard to another Hamer I bought.

    I am interested in finding possibly buying a Californian


    Rick Recco

  12. Hi, I just got a 1983 Hamer Phantom 12 string with the original case. It has has the old school brass latch hasp. (see pic) I did some research and it seems they called Cheney latch hasps.I also found out that they are not all the same. The middle piece that sticks out of the latch that clicks into the lock is missing on both latches. I was wondering if anyone has any idea where I might find these or new latches that match the case. I am attaching a second pic because I also need the little gold metal pieces that go on the bottom of the case that rest on the floor. If anyone can
  13. My '83 Phantom was due to arrive today. Fedex said it would be here but didn't give a time. I ran out at 8AM to do something was back at 8:35. Saw the tag on the door as I pulled up. Are you allowed to say FFFUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!! on here? Now I have to wait until tomorrow anytime until 8 PM. No way to get it before then, and it will rattle around in a FEDEX truck for 2 days. I HATE signature required. Thanks for letting me vent.
  14. Thanks, I know what you mean. I also own a '94 USA Studio Gatsso 59C, a Korean Daytona (awesome guitar) and a Korean Californian. In the past I had a USA Daytona (regret selling that one,) a USA Prototype and a few other Koreans. Can't wait to get the new one.
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