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  1. I usually only like black, but that copper color is nice! But if those are just schaller tuners, I already have everything for a swap to black so I will prob go that way, if I ever get around to it. I really love the way it plays. And it sounds so good too.
  2. I like that vintage copper, may be hard to find tuners that match though.
  3. I had to go out of town for work and ran across this on the local CL. It plays wicked, I just love it. It smells like smoke still, although not as bad as when I got it. I may swap out the chrome for black, I’m pretty lazy though. Sorry i I put this in the wrong area, I’m not sure how to move it
  4. Friedman Pink Taco, funny name but sounds so good. His other mini’s are great too but the taco is the best. Zero clean tone, don’t even try there is none. You won’t miss it at all.
  5. No shipping....better price and in much better shape (I *think*) than the one on Reverb.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I really have no business working on guitars, I ended up dropping a pickup from the Creamery in, no issues and I simply just bent the tab a few degrees on the norton i put in the neck. In all, it’s back together and it took me 15 or so hours to do a 15 minute job. I now want a gift card to my new luthier for Christmas, I need to leave this stuff to pros and keep my play time. I will clean it up and post some pics, you all know it.
  7. Trying to piece back together a Centaura HH, nearly there, but f spaced humbuckers screw spacing is to wide for the threaded inserts. From a cursory google search it appears that regular spaced humbuckers utilize the same base plate (Duncan’s at least, Dimarzios dimensions page appears to be down). I was wondering if anyone knew or could measure the screw spacing on a direct mounted Hamer humbucker? Alternatively, does anyone have any idea what would have come in an early 1990’s Centaura HH so I could try to buy a set of those? I am the wrong combination of perfectionist with no skills at all for this sort of thing, it’s frustrating and I hate losing play time to projects I really have no business trying to do. I do love the guitar, it’s my first Hamer and it will be awesome if I ever get to play it. Thanks for any and all help!
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