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  1. Hello folks. I'm a new member, looking to get my second Hamer. (The first one was sold years ago) Here is what I have to offer, a 2017 Gretsch G5420T in Fairlane Blue. For those not familiar with Gretsch, this model is the latest upgraded in the Electromatic line. The G5420T is a full hollow body guitar with blacktop FilterTrons and Bigsby B60 made in Korea. This guitar was set up by a local expert luthier and it plays and feels like my fancy $2200 Japanese Gretsch. I'll also include the optional Gretsch hardshell case. Although the finish looks dull or matte in the photo the blue sparkle is factory new, high gloss, no nicks dings or scratches. What I am looking for in a trade is 90's era Hamer Special Jr with P90's or other similar Hamer solid body P90 equipped instrument. Esthetics take a backseat to feel, playability and tone. IOW, dings are fine!
  2. That's good to know. For $600 I am sure it is a great guitar!
  3. What are your thoughts on this Indonesian made Special? Is a vintage 90's special Jr. significantly better? I'm interested in the dogeared P90's models, in case I have the names slightly wrong.
  4. Thanks everyone! I'm happy to be here. In fact, I do know where my old Eclipse is, I found it in my old boss' basement when I went over there to jam. That was about 7 years after I sold it. Weird! If my tax return is healthy, I will be making him an offer.
  5. Hello Folks! I'm looking forward to learning more about Hamer instruments and the wild people who play them. My first American made guitar was a brand new 1995 Aztec gold Eclipse with SD mini hums. Unfortunately I traded it in 2002. I know! a stupid thing to do. On the bright side, I learned to appreciate the craftsmanship of Hamer and I am looking to try another one. Wish me luck.
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