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  1. Take solace knowing that the placebo effect is a real thing.
  2. Wish there would be a preview feature like a lot of boards have. Makes this process much easier and predictable. Not that I'm complaining. The recent updates are very good.
  3. Huh, I don't know. I've never had problems either. Was trying to post a smart-assed meme response, but I'm getting skunked.
  4. Yeah, more than I would care to admit, although I did tour professionally for about 10 years.
  5. Yeah, yeah, I know. Sorry to stray, but that tune annoys the living shit outta me.
  6. OK, I'll play. Songs that I don't want to hear again... Mustang Sally - Any version Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl Skynyrd - Simple Man, Sweet Home Alabama The Doors - The entire catalog Led Zep - Stairway Subway - The $5 Foot Long Jingle
  7. I thought I had posted some final shots when I wrapped up shooting finish on this one, but apparently I spaced it. Since my buddy wanted a satin neck, I just shot a few more coats of the Mohawk instrument sealer and left it at that. It's pretty much just a satin nitro and Mohawk says it can be used as a standalone finish, so we're gonna try it. If he doesn't like it, I'll scuff it and shoot a couple coats of gloss over it. On the pore filling front, I handled the rest of the bad ones with drop fills before shooting the gloss coats. This worked really well. Anyway, here are a f
  8. Yeah, I think that was my best attempt at a very short John Taylor.
  9. Well, I can't believe that I'm making this post as I pretty much never show these photos to anyone, LOL. I was in a group in the mid 80's that had big dreams (didn't they all), we had a pretty incredible stage show and a lot of desire. Packed up the whole shebang and moved from the Midwest to LA, got an apartment in Hollywood, etc... It doesn't make the pictures any less cringe-worthy. For your entertainment, I submit the following: (I'm in the middle in the first one and on the left in the second one)
  10. This weekend, I began to shoot additional top coats. In these pictures the ziricote is beginning to level and fill but it still has a few coats to go before it's level. I shot a little bit of "instant bar room funk" on the maple neck. My buddy wanted an old maple look so this is what I came up with. It is UV-aged nitro with amber and brown tints added. OK, that's pretty much caught up to real time. I've completed the finish coats on the neck. (We're leaving it in a satin sheen) The body continues to get more top coats. I had to take a step back today and dro
  11. Last weekend, I got started shooting a few sealer coats on my buddy''s Strat. Here are a few pics. Once this dried, I applied pore filler to the ziricote and sanded back numerous times... I think it was at least 6 times. Ziricote is a nightmare to get filled.
  12. Yep, maybe more like 11, but it seems like a long time. The guitars are a recent development and I wish I had started much sooner. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from building.
  13. I hear that every day when I walk down the street. Thanks, though. Seriously!
  14. Here is some more progress on the cherry/ziricote Strat build. Installing the trem bushings with a very special hammer. Mounted the neck and installed the trem. Tuners were installed. Wired up the pickguard. This one is getting the SD Everything Axe set. Wired humbucking by default with coil splitting push/pull on the volume pot to split the bridge and neck pickups. The middle pickup isn't suitable for splitting. Assembled and ready for a test drive. Here it is sitting next to its sibling.
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