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  1. Oh, to be sure. Funny story... I just didn't want anyone to start making claims about "fake news". LOL
  2. Just need to be sure that everyone understands that the story is coming from a satire site... sorta like the onion for Christians...
  3. Yes, agreed, this was obviously just a low volume run-through... which makes the contrived gyrations even more annoying. 😏 She has an interesting voice to be sure, but I agree with pretty much everyone here that as a "band", they don't stand much of a chance. Having said that, I do enjoy female singers covering metal classics. In fact, this is one of my favorites. Not sure if anyone here follows Richie Castellano (Band Geeks) on YouTube, but they do a wide array of covers with a rotating cast of musicians recorded in his basement. This is their version of Heaven and Hell featuring his sister-in-law on vocals... 😎
  4. Holy lord, that is freaking awesome. 😛
  5. Thanks! It's funny that you mention green; I did color tests with green and blue and it was a toss up right up until 5 minutes before I shot the color coats. LOL, that's some sound reasoning! I love that guitar, btw. I found it very hard to photograph the blue for some reason. It's actually a blue burst, but the center ended up darker than I wanted. Here's another shot that shows it a little bit better. The cherry burst also ended up much brighter and wider than I wanted. I did fade it in the sun after I shot it, but it stayed pretty much in clown burst territory, LOL. Then again, the Canon camera that I used for those photos pushes the red pretty hard. Here's a shot that shows some shadowing after fading. Another indoor shot just after assembly. (before pickups were adjusted and before crappy pick guard was replaced)
  6. Thanks! I think I have a lot more to learn before I do that. Lol
  7. Hello everyone, I've been lurking here for a while and finally joined recently. I've been looking for a time to start contributing, and this thread seems like a good time to chime in. I've been into woodworking for around 10 years and started to get interested in guitar building a couple of years back. I made these 2 LP styled guitars in 2017. I'm pretty well pleased with the result for my first attempts. The cherry sunburst pretty much follows '59 specs, although it has a 2 piece mahogany body. The blue one was made in the same manner, but has a poplar body and (obviously) a Floyd.
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