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  1. Yeah, I noticed he played a T-bird for a few songs in the Dubai show. It just didn't look right, and it seemed like he was a bit uncomfortable. I'm so used to seeing him playing more symmetrical body shapes.
  2. Hey!!!!!! My shipment from Chicago arrived today! That's 3 weeks to the day from Chicago to the South Bend, Indiana area. I certainly don't want to be too critical, I wouldn't want to work in that industry. I'm honestly impressed that things haven't gotten worse sooner than this.
  3. Tom is a fantastic builder, you're going to love that guitar! When I built my first two guitars (LP style) I used plans that were made by Tom and Peter Shupe. Tom is really into the nitty gritty details and does amazing work.
  4. I have a shipment of guitar templates coming from the Chicago area... shipped on November 30. They fell into a black hole at the Palantine USPS distribution center and I haven't had any updates since the 12th. Shit is slooooooooooow right now.
  5. Yeah, she's great! Have you seen her cover of Barracuda?
  6. Realistically, you're going to hear far more differences from the pickups than you will the wood or the construction.
  7. Yeah, this is posted over on Talk Bass as well. It is a very cool bass, but after looking more carefully I'm pretty disappointed. The finish is terrible. Low resolution photos are helping to sell the illusion. Apparently he made at least 3 attempts at finishing it and ended up taking it to a car painter. Car painters are A-OK with orange peel by the way. So, the photos are low res to hide it. The close up photos show sanding scratches that are still present as it was apparently never actually polished out. Sorry to rain on the parade. But as @RobB pointed out, the hardware is kick ass. H
  8. I've always liked the design of these, but not digging the finish or the price on this one.
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