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  1. Had that one on my wall back then, among a few others.
  2. With those pole pieces it would be a Filet-R-Tron.
  3. A Mighty Wind is my favorite. It's the movie This Is Spinal Tap fans think This Is Spinal Tap is.
  4. The silence was deafening, so the ad expired. Basically, like the title says, it's a Ampeg SVT Amplifier & Acoustic Cabinet w/JBLs. Here's the text from the ad: Ampeg 300W SVT MTI era (1981-1985) bass amplifier and Acoustic 406 2x15" bass cabinet (1970s vintage) upgraded with JBL E-145-8 15" speakers. Both amp and cab purchased in 1981 - the amp new, the cab used. This rig was gigged regularly from '81 to '88 and has been in storage ever since. Obligatory stickers from the era have been removed and there is some tearing in the cabinet fabric. Otherwise both are in great working order and together are a force with which to be reckoned. Make sure you have no loose fillings or stools before you come to see me.
  5. Incredibly accurate and funny. I didn't sell ALL of the best ones, though.
  6. Still available. Prepared to make the right person very happy with a Holiday Deal!
  7. FYI to the seller: It's just a Monaco. There's no "Monaco II" model.
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