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  1. @SteveC and I were at the Robin factory in 2004 and bought matching Slabtop Supremes; his a Ranger and mine a (then called) Wrangler. Each of us wanted to buy both and is still waiting for the other to blink. I won't. It's a perfect guitar.
  2. Slabtop Supreme? Who'd you get that from?
  3. No, I don't think it is a refin either, but the seller could be a bit dense. Some people also don't know what they're doing; posting blurry cell phone photos and thinking that's good enough, not answering simple questions about a serial number, not lowering the price after it fails to sell 4 times at the current price. The list goes on. But again, pre-corona, that gets snatched up 13 minutes after it's posted at that price, so he's probably still in that mindset. You know... dense.
  4. That has never been necessary at that asking price. Until a couple of months ago, that is.
  5. That is one beautiful Standard! And because it is so beautiful, an emergency meeting of the Hamer Fan Club Knob Coalition (HFCKC) was called to discuss those knobs, man... In short, they gotta go. Our ruling is final. @MCChris @bubs_42 @BadgerDave
  6. /\ This. The Gibson's are pressed in (and usually not all of the way. The Hamer's are bolted down by some banana-eating, Brent-type home hobbyist, wannabe looothier.
  7. Maybe you need to set your bar a little higher. There is no honorable explanation for not mentioning that horseshit in the ad.
  8. I fear that there is more crack going on here than in that Cali neck. Yeah, he mentioned it to you, but there is no mention of it in the ad, ya folla? And these monstrosities never get that way in the hands of the current seller. Ever notice that? It's always "the way I bought it." "Good guy" my Sicilian ass.
  9. Wow.... Again, not a good sign for the present and post global pandemic guitar market.
  10. A good guy would have at least mentioned that neck crack and the all-thumbs attempt at repairing it.
  11. Seller says that he "resisted" it (I'm guessing he meant re-listed) because the prior buyer backed out because he was unaware that ebay was now adding sales tax. So if you believe his story (not saying that I do), there would have been a bidder at some point. Was it listed at $800 before or higher? I'm literally too lazy to check.
  12. I don't know how you know any of this, other than looking at a photos. The seller doesn't even mention the crack. Never a good sign.
  13. This is good fodder for the conversation/debate about whether or not this is a good time to sell. Are people feeling iffy about their income, and will those who are bored without their usual outlets to spend their cash just start buying guitars? So far, it looks like we are in the former camp. Usually $900 Sustain Block Specials with original DiMarzios don't last very long, so this isn't a good sign, for the immediate future at least.
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