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  1. ...and then there were 3: a 6120, a 5 and a '76. 36120576 - "Play that number!" like my Grandpa used to say.
  2. Exactly. While this pretentious douche is telling people to "wait," Mike Shishkov is building masterpiece after masterpiece. And all the while proving to be one of the nicest persons with whom you will ever interact. "Just wait while I finish up this custom ordered Condor." GTFO.
  3. If you're asking "why a skeleton?" it refers to their "Tone to the bone" slogan from many years back.
  4. "Just wait." Hey, you know that riddle which begins, "How do you keep an asshole in suspense?"
  5. Yes, they were featured prominently in a movie called "Purple Rain."
  6. A peak at my Reverb Feed... CME selling a '76 which is not a Limited Edition (so the neck is likely smaller) and in not as clean as mine, but for over $1,000 more (reduced from $6,995! - lol). Mine is a bargain!
  7. I dig that one a lot, especially the fleur de lis inlays. Never seen that before.
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