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  1. Interestingly enough he could be both antagonist and protagonist in this clip.
  2. I'm picturing you using the acoustic at a local coffee house gig and it fills me with much humor.
  3. Nice of him to respond and all, but doesn't he know which one(s) went to NAMM and if 13414 was one (or the one)? Seems to me that would be something noted in the serial number log book. Maybe it's time to get @serial Steve on the case.
  4. kizanski


    Neither is Mike S. He goes to great lengths to avoid having his masterpieces sit around on FedEx trucks, in shipping warehouses, or anywhere they might not be handled as precious cargo. So, if it means springing for Sunday delivery or driving the guitar to your house, that's what it takes.
  5. No one is really looking is his point. 1 of 8, koa, and all that happy horseshit, that guitar is easily overpriced by $1000.
  6. Good thing I didn't know about this years ago.
  7. I thought of that, but all of the Daytonas that I've owned had arms that pushed in. They didn't have threads.
  8. This is the New Normal. You're gonna have to let some shit go.
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