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  1. Refin. Purple sparkle. Problem solved.
  2. I remember seeing them perform Crazy Horses on their variety show in the '70s and thinking, "Woah... (horse joke) ...they rock a lot harder than I was led to believe they could." Great POTcast on that very subject...
  3. But at $790 shipped (let's call it $800 with sales tax), that's only $53.33 per pound! Factor in a $1,000 price drop, and that's savings on top of savings!
  4. Well in this case he owned the company that owned the company, so....
  5. Username checks out... lol Rule of thumb: For me, craigslist transactions are strictly in person and strictly cash. I'm not trusting a stranger in a situation where I have zero recourse when (not if) they decide to screw me. Some sellers require a small "down payment" to hold their item. I think that's fair and a gamble of acceptable risk, in my opinion, if you get the right impression from the seller.
  6. No one is going to mock you for getting scammed by some thieving scumbag. Sorry you got taken. Tell us what happened.
  7. Well sure. But we've all seen enough "Hammers" for sale in this country alone to fill a hardware store chain. The description is full of grammatical errors and typos as well.
  8. Most people wouldn't admit that publicly. Oh yeah.. you're living on the edge. No Facebook? in-fucking-sane! BTW, you know your friend is a close one when you go all of the way out of your way to wish them a happy birthday by clicking a button which is automatically presented to you, saving you from the drudgery of having to remember it or write it down somewhere, like on a calendar. God help you if you have to pick up a phone and ...shudder... call someone.
  9. It would be worth it if the rights to the song came with it and then you could smash them both. That song makes me want to murder.
  10. Standard Korina Vector Monaco SuperPro Sustain Block Sunburst or Special In no particular order.
  11. @Jeff R knows a thing or two about a thing or two.
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