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  1. I would be shocked if @Jeff R didn't have a pocket full of them.
  2. This. It's immoral and probably illegal, but I have no sympathy for these tone chasing, trussrod changing, wannabe bluesman annoying diners at the Buffalo Wild Wings just trying to watch the game assholes.
  3. Dream Police was a loooonnnnnng time ago.
  4. Well you're one of the fortunate ones. Everything I have learned about NFTs, Crypto and Rick Nielsen for that matter, has been without my consent.
  5. Perhaps it was a deep fake and he's really not an over-the-hill musician still holding on for dear life to what little fame remains from a 40 year old song library and stage persona. Perhaps, but I doubt it.
  6. His version of it differs slightly from the actual audio - lol.
  7. My issue with Rick is that by now he must know that it's a pile of dogshit, yet here he is. Pitiful money grab from his fanbase. A shrinking, aging fanbase.
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