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  1. Congratulations on totally fucking your YouTube search algorithm.
  2. It was begging for a @StikeROWYCO-rific sparkle refin, anyway.
  3. What makes someone look and their guitar and think, "The guitar is otherwise perfect, but you know what's missing here...?"
  4. Does someone want to get Shawn a calendar? Re 2020: I got some baaaaad news for you...
  5. I've pretty much resigned myself to that as well.
  6. Yeah, I think a lot of guys would be amenable to "letting go" of a Korina Vector if someone's willing to pay five grand for it. I don't know where these "dot commers" are when I'm selling my stuff, though. They probably can't hear me over all of the BAMFs low-balling.
  7. Absolutely. I often wonder how Jimi, Clapton, West, etc., were able to record anything worth a damn without today's technology. No Plek, no Sperzel tuning machines, no silly stupid Buzz Feiton snake oil.
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