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  1. Greg is a great guy and everything he sells is 100% what he says it is.
  2. Are we going to talk about your total disregard for the No Shorts On Stage rule?
  3. Well it doesn't surprise me that Rick would opt for a one note solo. Anything more than that and he'd have to throw some picks out into the audience and hand it over to the ghost player off stage.
  4. "Prospective Seller" in this case. He won't actually sell anything.
  5. "My all time favorite guitar .. I would not mind keeping it and let it ride next to my other ones So ill give it a week , if no action then its a keeper" Spoiler alert... You'll be keeping it.
  6. ...and just to tie it all together...
  7. Filtered though the Master's lungs and expelled through his lips? Absolutely they will.
  8. The Victim Explorer sports a Rio BBQ Bucker.
  9. Volume only. The Victim refuses to be toned down.
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