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  1. My '03 SuperPro. Pardon the cliche, but it plays as good as it looks (as long as someone else is playing it).
  2. My '04 garden variety, nothing special, ubiquitous red Monaco.
  3. The neck on the '81 was skinny, but then they pretty much all were. I have 2 Hamers left in the museum - a Monaco and a SuperPro. All others have indeed moved on.
  4. Had a couple, yes. '81 - Used to be a Graphics Special. Previous owner was a stupid head. '82 - 2nd smallest neck I have ever seen on a Hamer. I changed the pickups to the Hamer "standard" zebra/double crème combo, then sold it. '78 - I know it's not a Special, but this thread can only be improved by its inclusion.
  5. Yeah, fuck that. A 10.4 pound guitar? No way! How am I gonna play "Mary Jane's Last Dance" at my 4 hour gig at the local Buffalo Wild Wings with a 10+ pound guitar??
  6. Oh my God. Now you made me click on the fucking pictures. What garbage.
  7. Ok - I think a lot of guitar guys would have a spare Les Paul -shaped case kicking around, and if not they're as common as guitar cases come. If one had to buy one, it wouldn't be a lot of money. It shouldn't impact your sale price very much. $100 tops.
  8. What model guitar? Just so we know what we're dealing with here? Could be someone wants that guitar and doesn't care about a case, or someone might have a spare case.
  9. Right. And you would think that the jeans company would be more threatened by a popular car brand using its name, vs. a guitar company nobody ever heard of. In other words, you wouldn't want to waste your money going up against a major car manufacturer (a battle which you are surely out-gunned, even if you are in the right), but then why waste your money fighting a guitar company making a couple of hundred guitars a year? Then as if it wasn't already nonsensical, neither of these companies make jeans, so why should they care?
  10. Certainly, but it still doesn't make sense. "Wrangler" isn't a word which the jeans company owns. Same as "Vanguard." I could see if it was a made-up name, like "Oreo." You can’t go naming your new guitar model the Oreo without expecting some heat, but a word which already exists and has a definition outside of a car or jeans brand should be fair game.
  11. This whole idea of trademarking a word never made any sense to me. Robin Guitars ran into a similar situation years ago when they had to rename the Wrangler to the Rawhide (which is a fucking terrible name). Apparently Wrangler Jeans had a problem with the name of this particular Robin model and sent a C&D. So, they had a problem with a guitar called a Wrangler, but apparently not a Jeep named Wrangler.
  12. That's where the magic happens!
  13. The music is ok but their intonation is perfect!
  14. Yes, I think it might be a law.
  15. That's fair. What's worse is it was "Mary Had a Little Lamb."
  16. The snarl. Subtle, but effective.
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