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  1. We'll discuss you passing my house multiple times in the past few months and not giving me a heads up offline.
  2. Yep. I'm pretty much just here for the boobies anymore.
  3. Yep. Same here. I'm also not looking to sell anything outside of our circle. I see stuff that I covet, but then I look up at a wall full of reminders that I don't play at all anymore.
  4. No reason to worry. I just lost interest. And there are plenty of excuses; elevated prices, ebay tax, Reverb tax, shipping prices, idiotic buyers, idiotic sellers... That Baker is MINE, though! They do count, though.
  5. Looks like Slowhand is sitting on my lap. That would also explain my facial expression.
  6. It's been 15 months and counting since my last guitar purchase. Easily the longest stretch since I stumbled upon this place.
  7. I could have 100 of them and still see another one that I had to have - lol
  8. umm no. I'm talking about how out of whack the ones on the right side of the photo are.
  9. Let him find out for himself that I'm a jerk!
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