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  1. I don't know about that bridge, but I'm all about the ebony board and the inlay delete.
  2. This what they look like on my Eagle Bass! lol
  3. kizanski really isn't really playing his guitars either, but one thing has nothing to do with another. No Ibanez or Peavey knobs, period. I can't be more clear on this.
  4. Sorry I was without electricity for a day and a half.
  5. How about just leave the fucking knobs on 10, like you're supposed to!
  6. Also repug. Same rule applies as above.
  7. Yeah, you lost me at "Peavey." Anyone who puts Peavey knobs on their Shishkov (and that includes you, @BadgerDave) is legally, spiritually and morally bound to return the guitar to Mike and Trish.
  8. Going strictly from memory*, back in the early 2000s, the R9s and the R8s both had figured flametops, but the R8s could typically be had for about $1000 less than a comparable R9. Here's a 2002 I used to have, for example. Nothing plain about that top, but it was just your garden variety R8 from that time. My guess is that at some point after that Gibson got wise and decided to make the R8 a plain top (with a flame option) and then be able to charge even more for the flamed out R9. By 2008 (the R8 I am selling, below) this had already come to pass, so you didn't see many flametop R8s. This is probably where the "R8-F" designation came about. *Disclaimer: We're talking MY memory here, so don't expect much of this to be accurate.
  9. Well, allow me to blow your mind apart. Best of the HFC: Vol III
  10. Formerly of the Poe, Kizanski, Poe, Kizanski, Poe, @JGale, Poe Collection.
  11. LOL! Nice catch! I should probably leave that, but I can't.
  12. 2002 Baker B1 #612 Some of you know this guitar. Some of you have owned this guitar. This is a weapon. A gorgeous mahogany brute. A marvelous example of Gene Baker's mastery, finished in black with an ebony fret board and tortoise binding. The tortoise on black combination implies a level of subtlety which quickly vanishes once amplified. Brace yourself. 8 pounds, 14.5 ounces
  13. Here you go, you closet TGP users. Yes. It has an acoustic voice. See @gtrdaddy Re: Garden Gnome
  14. Like the thread title says... Purchased last year from @gtrdaddy and has been hanging on my wall, unplayed ever since. I'll save you the hyperbole. It's a really nice R8. You know what they are, how big the neck is, etc., but the cert/small folder notes this model as "R8-F" so they were probably very proud of the Flame on this one. Nothing changed, as far as I know. It is how I purchased it and these are his photos. You know my sickness, and now that I have my sites set on something else, this seems like the most likely candidate to exit first. No visible fret wear. Some dings here and there - all noted in the photos found here. $3750 PayPal-ed and shipped to the US 48.
  15. 2018 McNaught Vintage Single Cut Diamond Top Mahogany body with Ca-ray-zee “Diamond Carved” quilted maple top in Purple Mist Burst – natural back. Seymour Duncan APH-2 pickups Tone Pros Tune-O-Matic bridge 25" scale 12" fingerboard radius 1 11/16” nut width SS 6100 frets Rosewood fingerboard MOP Offset Inlays Flamed maple neck and head stock binding Sperzel locking tuners More full size photos here. $3750 PayPal-ed and shipped in the US 48.
  16. Should probably reverse them then.
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