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  1. I got a lot of mileage out of that one. Eventually the tank went empty.
  2. Oh, I definitely agree with you there. Same losers, different generation.
  3. That was the beginning of the end for me...
  4. You asked if it was worth it. Considering what a $100 upcharge means for resale, there is no question. We'll all be debating if the difference can actually be heard until the end of time. Or at least until we lose interest.
  5. Maybe if he spent less on Metallica tattoos (fanboi much?) and live shows he'd be able to afford this moronic offering from Gibson.
  6. Having Hammett's name attached to this guitar can only serve to make it worth less.
  7. Ok, so that's 2 votes for "You know... Kizanski was right!" Anyone else?
  8. In fairness, I haven't been unable to "do math" in my head ever since I went to school to get Microsoft certified, back in 1999. Before that I had near Rainman abilities, and then one day it broke. I think all of that schooling for someone who hadn't stepped foot in a classroom in some 15 years just pushed the math out.
  9. Yes, we old men know this. These kids today...smh
  10. Was he tapped for his pop music acumen or his effervescent personality?
  11. Depending on the Strat this may or may not be a good trade. There are thousands of Studios out there with only the bare minimum tuner holes, if this bothers you.
  12. "Look at all that color... It looks like Walt Disney threw up."
  13. They kinda make me wish I was on the regular blind spectrum.
  14. How much without the meaningless scribbles on the guitar's face?
  15. "What could I do? They threw all this money at me..."
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