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  1. I want to go either diffusing a bomb or in the saddle, but preferably at the same time.
  2. Back on point: Is that THE guitar, or one just like it?
  3. My reply to them: "You will never have my business again!"
  4. That'll teach them to price a guitar reasonably.
  5. 27" Retina 5K Apple iMac 2015 3.2 GHz i5 1TB Fusion 8GB RAM 2GB GFX! That sure is a mouth full... Here's the deal. I'm working from home more these days and going back to Windows would make life a lot easier for me and since I don't have the room for both systems, this one has to go. I hope the late Kenny Jones will forgive me for going back to the Dark Side. *Stock photo, but that's what it looks like... No issues. It will be shipped in the original box with the matching keyboard and mouse (in their unopened box). These are selling in the $850 + shipping range on eBay, but I'll take $800 (shipped) from my HFC homies. PayPal gift appreciated.
  6. Well, why don't I have a PM from you?
  7. I that case, @BobHamer, I'll give ya $150 for that Sustain Block!
  8. Pretty good starting point. The Sustain Block is there and the neck isn't cracked, and those are the two most important thing, in my opinion. Likely not the original neck pickup, contrary to the seller's description, but you can't have everything. Would have been nice, though.
  9. Well technically, if @BruceM was having a @hikarateboy tribute it's unlikely you would "make" that one either.
  10. Is "send it back" an option? Because that's what I'd do.
  11. Did the seller not disclose this beforehand?
  12. I think they're cool AF. Four grand cool? Maybe not, but I wouldn't pay 4 grand for a 4 digit.
  13. Ironically, this accurately describes my playing.
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