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  1. Awesome! It was a privilege to own that guitar for nearly 20 years. It's even more a privilege to be part of seeing it go home where it truly belongs, and a good ending to a 'one that got away' story! I've been the recipient of some very good deals with several HFCers over the years, so I'm glad to send some of that your way. For the record, the transaction was a pleasure. Dr.Bear had great communication and the patience of a saint--as he waited while my end was dealing with a few delays of various kinds. Thank you!
  2. I remember channel flipping and running across this performance when it first aired and being blown away with his total command of singing, dancing, guitar and the audience and one of THE sickest basslines I've ever heard by Rhonda Smith.
  3. I wish him nothing but the best. I went through a period of carpal tunnel problems in 1991. It was downright depressing at the moment, having to quit playing for nearly 2 years, and nothing else was pain-free either. It was actually encountering my first Hamer at that time (that red '81 Cruise,) that gave me some hope to play again comfortably. Tough time I did a lot of growing in... Glad he's doing well!
  4. So very sorry for your loss. Gonna go plug in my copy of 'East Flat Rock.'
  5. Hi! Tried sending you a message through the board, but it looks like you haven't got that set up yet. Let's see if we can get in touch!
  6. Welcome to the HFC! Im working today, but I'll DM you tomorrow and let's see if we can make something happen for you. :) Best wishes
  7. Many, many people have no idea just how good these basses feel, hanging on a strap around their neck. GLWTS!! Someone is gonna score!
  8. Big bummer. Dion is a great guy and I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet in person. Years back he sent me a nice little small care package, just because he's that kind of guy. At one point, I had noodled a little test improv jam for a new pedal I had just got, and I had called it, "Test, the" just to be a dorky smartass about it. He had really liked it, which was very flattering, as he had plenty of Rock miles under his belt as a gigging player. Probably gonna go find it and spend some playing time tonight with it and be thankful for friends, either 'net or neighbors. Sending you love.
  9. Awesome! Vinny is a super cool guy and ridiculously talented player.
  10. Wow. The Steinberg(rabb)er... I've tinkered on a few of the cheap-type Steinberger copies. (Cort/Arbor and I think Hohner,) it would be interesting to spend time on one of the real deals to see what it's about. Still probably the ultimate travel bass.
  11. Congrats from another long-time Priest/Hamer fan! Enjoy!!!
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