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  1. Had to happen some day, but man.... this one leaves a void. SO much good stuff to choose from, but here's one to start...
  2. Awesome! It was a privilege to own that guitar for nearly 20 years. It's even more a privilege to be part of seeing it go home where it truly belongs, and a good ending to a 'one that got away' story! I've been the recipient of some very good deals with several HFCers over the years, so I'm glad to send some of that your way. For the record, the transaction was a pleasure. Dr.Bear had great communication and the patience of a saint--as he waited while my end was dealing with a few delays of various kinds. Thank you!
  3. I wish him nothing but the best. I went through a period of carpal tunnel problems in 1991. It was downright depressing at the moment, having to quit playing for nearly 2 years, and nothing else was pain-free either. It was actually encountering my first Hamer at that time (that red '81 Cruise,) that gave me some hope to play again comfortably. Tough time I did a lot of growing in... Glad he's doing well!
  4. So very sorry for your loss. Gonna go plug in my copy of 'East Flat Rock.'
  5. Hi! Tried sending you a message through the board, but it looks like you haven't got that set up yet. Let's see if we can get in touch!
  6. Welcome to the HFC! Im working today, but I'll DM you tomorrow and let's see if we can make something happen for you. :) Best wishes
  7. Bass Guy Dave

    Bass Guy Dave

  8. Sad day. Kudos to the crew for making their time on the weekends and such to keep pushing through on the last of the orders. Jackass especially, for working to finish up that awesome Standard... Hope the Virt and B12A don't suffer an incomplete fate... utter tragedy. Very best wishes and best of luck to the guys and their families...
  9. The Special was/is a great guitar. (insane that it retailed at only $800 at first in the 90s.) The Prototype (2nd Gen Phantom) body style balanced better and better upper fret access. (Belly and arm bevels were a BIG plus.) Triplecoil is nice, but not essential at all, IMO. Much as I love the A5 body style for comfort and balance (better than both above...) I just can't see it selling these days as a guitar platform (Bass, maybe... but still not the most likely) It this comes out as a non-Hamer logo'd guitar (which is fine,) a "Jack-Newfield" makes me think: Same great neck/fretwork; set-neck, Hum/single (P-90 is cool), fixed bridge, 2-3 colors max, out the door at $1,200 would be hard to beat. (add $300-$400 for a flame veneer top ( still 2-3 colors) would be frosting on the cake.) Mind you, this is coming from a bass player, so beware accordingly, lol.
  10. Here's some bass noodling on one of my very first instruments-- (a '89 Peavey Fury with several mods-- with some active Duncan pickups) playing through some lullabyes my Mom would sing to me as a kid..
  11. Played sax in band in school, but desperately wanted to be a drummer (sucked at that...) Had some japanese 12 string electric given to me when I was about 12 or so, but didn't know how to play it, and didn't really care. (later sold it to the neighbor, i think) about age 13, I was wanting to play drums in the 'band' with my friends, and because I sucked (and had no drums,) I got told I was now the bass player (since I DID have a ukulele, that also had 4 strings.) 1st riff I ever played: "Killers" by Iron Maiden, taught quickly to me by the other guys, to see if I had any hope of being able to play.. Thinking back, I'm persuaded what helped me the most, was having low/no expectations of being a bass player (insert joke here.) During all the time I spent getting the foundations of playing and basic coordination (ear, listening to Preist records, mostly,) all I could think about was how much I'd rather be playing drums--instead of worrying about whether I was becoming a competent bass player.
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