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  1. Bass Guy Dave

    Got To Jam With Vinnie Moore

    Awesome! Vinny is a super cool guy and ridiculously talented player.
  2. Bass Guy Dave

    Westone "The Rail" bass

    Wow. The Steinberg(rabb)er... I've tinkered on a few of the cheap-type Steinberger copies. (Cort/Arbor and I think Hohner,) it would be interesting to spend time on one of the real deals to see what it's about. Still probably the ultimate travel bass.
  3. Bass Guy Dave


    Congrats from another long-time Priest/Hamer fan! Enjoy!!!
  4. Bass Guy Dave

    My Shishkov DC Custom & Gravelin pickups demo

    Art On all counts.
  5. Wrong bridge. Should be a Schaller, probably stamped 'Hamer' by that point in time. Those basses balance and feel like a million bucks to me. There's some variance in neck thicknesses over the years it seems, but the width on them is the same. Nice and just a touch narrower in the upper register of the neck. They turn up from time to time, but I'd take a big pass on this one unless it was real bargain territory, under the standard HFC offer of $350.
  6. Bass Guy Dave

    K.K. Downing Auction

    I think he had 2-3 plexi 50 watters as part of that. Love to have one of those as a long time fan of the band .
  7. Wow. That's still a score. Got to play one a copper one like that for just a bit in the early 90s. A gorgeous bass that also sounded good. It would be interesting to A/B one against an NS-2 from that time period.
  8. Bass Guy Dave

    Thank you, Roy Clark. We miss you.

    Quite frankly, I do remember pretty vividly as a young kid when I realized I was no longer watching Hee-Haw for Roy Clark and Buck Owens. Before that, it was all about those guys, though. R.I.P.
  9. Sounds great! It's a huge tune to try and pull off. That guitar outro has some fantastic moments, too.
  10. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/motley-crue/1990/tingley-coliseum-albuquerque-nm-63db7a13.html Missed my 'chance' to see Priest on the Defenders tour in '84 at the same venue ( 3 hrs drive each way and NO way my folks would let me go on a school night,lol.) A friend had won tickets to the Crue show and invited me. Same drive and out of school. Liar Ford opened. Great show. Loud. Very rowdy. (Mick Mars stopped in the middle of the audience artillery barrage during his guitar solo and shouted "You fuckers want me to keep playing ?!" Undaunted by the response, he still answered, "Well then, quit throwin' shit!!!") Tommy Lee's drum solo ( extending out over the crowd and back,) was better received and none of the shoes sailing up at him connected. I took my son when he was 13 to his first concert, to see Iron Maiden with Ghost opening a few years back. We rode the train down into Dallas with him wearing his Maiden shirt and he got so pumped at each stop, seeing a bigger crowd each time already decked out in their shirts. Great show.
  11. From "Get it Hot." ( my vote for 2:40 of distilled rock and roll.) "Goin' out on the town, just me and you. Gonna' have ourselves a party--just like we used to do. Nobody's playing Manilow. Nobody's playing soul. And no one's playing hard-to-get, just good ol' Rock and Roll..." Bon really was a genius.
  12. Thanks for sharing that! Inspiring, to say the least!
  13. Bass Guy Dave

    Some heavy shit.

    VIVID memories from the late 70s when a kid in the neighborhood dropped this 45 on his record player. I must've been about 8 years old, and the heaviest stuff I'd heard up to that point would have been Beethoven and Elvis Presley's 'Hound Dog.' A huge grin broke out on my face from the first chord and even though I didn't get the subject matter at the time, I remember my exact thought was still " Oh, man. My parents would KILL me if they knew I was listening to this!" The other 45 from that day that stuck with me was "Hello, Goodbye" from the Beatles. Both these tunes are still instant time warp.
  14. Bass Guy Dave

    K.K. Downing's Song Rights Up For Sale

    Saw that this morning. Tough break, for sure after all the years he put into the band.
  15. Bass Guy Dave

    Arright, what's your best under $100?

    In the early 90s I bought an '83 Blitz with a Sustainblock Trem from a pawn shop for $85.00. (Body had a good sized crack in it, so stripped the finish and had a tuneomatic installed.) Still have it and it sounds fantastic. Bought this '64 Bassman head and cab from the same pawn shop about a year later for $40.00 for both. Both transformers were blown and the tolex was spraypainted black, but no argument for that price. At one point I had 2 more silverface Bassman heads and had used those transformers to have it running for a while, but eventually swapped back and sold the other two. This is probably my biggest 'someday' project.