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  1. Well thankfully they have skeletons on them. You should be able to flip the leftovers to one of them pop-up Halloween shops.
  2. In the past 6 months, EVERY FedEx package to land here has been beat. to. fuck. It was bad before but now it's like they're playing rugby with every box. Luckily - so far - the contents has been unscathed, but that can only last for so long.
  3. That's a damn clever item. Didn't know it existed. Might've even kept that Newport if it had one of those........or not.......Bigsbys belong on Gretschs.
  4. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I thought Dave bought it. My reading ability is like bubs' writing ability. How Top Boost Vox-y is it? I have an AC10 that's a killer little amp and really nails that sound. But it's kind of a one-trick pony and could stand a few more watts.
  5. Thanks, Dave! I was eyeballing that damn thing all day.
  6. So sorry to hear that. Damn. 'Enjoy every sandwich.'
  7. That's actually the beauty of it. And once it's tuned in it stays rock solid pretty much forever, unlike a TOM that whenever you change strings you have to re-adjust the bridge height because some oaf accidentally turned the damn height adjusters trying to clean the nastiness that wads up under it between the bridge pickup. That's where the Cowpie Custom comes in. I have 2 Maple-topped, Ebony-boarded Sustain Block guitars that are, by nature, high-ended ice pick machines. Moving the polepieces forward on the G, B and E strings fattens them up and rounds them off while leaving the low E, A and G strings with some bite. Moving them that little bit really did make a big difference.
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