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    Shishkov DC #89, '03 SB Special FM, '05 SB Junior, '88 Cali, '96 Daytona, and a revolving door
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    '64 Vibrolux, '63 Pro-Amp, SuperChamp X2, Motion Sound AR112, MicroCube, Boss Katana 50, Vox AC10
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    Oregon - The Wart on the Ass of Madison, WI
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    It's not the note. It's the character of the note.

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  1. If it's your 'all time favorite', wouldn't you sell one of the 'other ones'? Nice guitar.
  2. Three outta 4 of my best guitars have his Cowpie Customs. They have their own signature sound and yet sound unique to the guitar they're in. And he reeeally had to work to make these happen - nobody made bobbins for what I was looking for, so he made them himself. Above and beyond. It's pretty cool how he nails it every time.
  3. Had a 6-string Yari. Easily the biggest- and fullest-sounding acoustic I've ever played. An absolute cannon. Shoulda kept it.
  4. Of the 3 I've had, none ever had bridge issues. That one looks pretty sweet.
  5. I love the Hawaii story and the surfboard-ish shape in the grain. And the more you look at it, the more really cool details pop out.
  6. This 10+pound pig has been here for 44 years. Still my favorite.
  7. Well, what else would you use to haul firewood??
  8. The last time I seriously considered buying a new Gibson was 1978. Still have it, so there's that.
  9. Has it been 12 years already?? Seems like only yesterday.... Welcome back!
  10. Yep, me too. The first album is a standout. R.I.P., Tim.
  11. "Overall in very good condition ...." I don't want what he's smoking.
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