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  1. That one was mine at one time (it's #10). It is THE finest Hamer I'd ever owned. Lightweight, perfect neck carve, incredible tone. Why'd I sell? Afraid to play it. It was so clean the thought of scarring it kept it in its case far more than it should have. A stunningly beautiful guitar. Pictures don't even come close. If you haven't tried one, you need to. GLWTS!
  2. Definitely this one over the OP's original find. It's just waiting for a set of Firebird pickups.
  3. OK, seriously though: JPJ Rhonda Smith Geddy The Ox Tiran Porter Paul McCartney (not so much for his tone, but for the lines he comes up with) There's waaaay too many to narrow it down. I like a bass player with a thick groove and a melodic spin.
  4. Well, at least now we know who has the best crack.
  5. Our soundguy used to play Hayseed Dixie. The first time I heard it I almost peed.
  6. WTF you doing throwin' reason in there like that?!?
  7. I've seen some of their packing jobs. A trained chimp would do better.
  8. The neck carve changed thru the '90s. The early '90s were more flat/wide, the later '90s on up 'til the end were fuller-feeling (to me, anyways. YMMV).
  9. I don't know if this is a thing or not, but if there's grease inside of those, it may have hardened. A little heat may loosen them up.
  10. Find a business with daily pickups and see if they'll ship for you. I ship UPS from work and it's substantially less than any other way I've found.
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