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  1. Not really, Scott. I saw those, too. I want to load music on a plain regular thumb drive and and be able to play it back like you would a CD or cassette, in multiple areas around the house/garage/shed and work. But instead of hundreds of CDs, it's all on a stick. I'm no audiophile (no shit, right?). The high end has been fried outta my ears for years and to compensate, I like using a Sonic Maximizer between stereo components to add some top and bottom. With blue tooth and the built-in USBs on a lot of receivers nowadays, there is no way of getting a Maximizer in the chain, hence the standalone thumb drive player. Somebody needs to build a CD changer with a USB port, dammit. God I'm old.......
  2. I have something similar to that in my Amazon cart, Dave: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TOAAHG4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A1GL48MCCW80M9&psc=1 ...but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Yours looks like it's more for movies and/or video playback (no MP3s), while this one has an AV out and plays MP3s. You could also hook it up to a 2TB hard drive and never hear the same song twice. Ever.
  3. That's a great top and a perfect burst. I was in the '79 club for awhile:
  4. Good stuff as usual, Bill. Very cool.
  5. Those are all amps. Looking more for a player, like a Walkman with a USB hole in it.
  6. I need one just like that but with nothing in it, for hauling a pedalboard and a mic stand and some guitar stands and cords and gig stuff. When can you have that done?
  7. I'm sure I've asked this before but it didn't come up in a search so here we go again: I'm looking for something that will play music from a flash drive that has stereo RCA outs or a headphone jack to connect it to a board or stereo or whatever else you wanna plug it into. Help! Thanks.
  8. I've been left out of so many things it's lost all meaning.
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