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  1. Have chisel, will travel. ETA: Who the hell sprays clear over old paint?? Damn. That guy needs to be kneecapped.
  2. 5mm? What the hell kinda talk is that?
  3. Yeah - I should have said to dowel the neck. D'oh! Suggestions? It depends on what you're using for doweling material, but I would drill the tiny hole out to a size just slightly smaller than the dowel you are using so it's a nice tight (but not too tight) fit. Put a very small amount of Elmer's on the dowel and gently tap it in with a BFH. You could also just jam a bunch of toothpicks slathered in glue in there and call it a day. A little crude, though.
  4. He was born on Halloween and died on April Fools Day. If a person who never listened to Fountains of Wayne before wanted to pick something up, what would you recommend?
  5. That Thing You Do movie is a favorite because (I felt) it nailed the spirit of the era. The music is great. I had no idea he was involved until this morning. What a sad waste. R.I.P.
  6. The Korean-made Echotones were first and pretty nice, the one to get if given a choice.
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