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  1. hamerhead

    Les Paul Action ...

    I used a pair of 1/16 thick washers underneath (the same diameter as the top of the anchors) with socket head cap screws to bolt the tailpiece tight to the top of the guitar. It's sort of the same school of thought as the Jam Nuts, but eliminates the play/wobble inherent in the original post design. Top-wrapping made it feel looser/slinkier with .010s, almost too much so with a hybrid set. Top-wrapping also raised the strings/lessened the break-over angle more than I'd like but being tone deaf I hear no difference. Someday I'll address that.
  2. Yes. Because more is good.
  3. hamerhead

    085 Maverick with a twist

  4. hamerhead

    Hamer Eclipse Slammer Series

    I believe they came with a standard .010 set, but smarter people will chime in soon. And Welcome! What else you got for Hamers (it's mandatory that noobs post pictures..... ).
  5. hamerhead

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    There's only 200 per carton, Tom. They wouldn't last him a month.
  6. Somebody buy this. I have two already or it would be here. I've gigged mine for 5 years or so and it has performed flawlessly (although it's in a custom 1x12 cab), and the weird looks you get from other guitar players is priceless. "That does THAT?!" It's pretty funny. After playing it, even the local snob - with his 65amps, Divided by 13s, and other such nonsense - sheepishly admitted it sounded really good. Somebody buy this.
  7. hamerhead

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    One idea might be to have the item shipped from the selling GC to the GC closest to you. Sure, it's a hassle to get out of your jammies to go check it out, but if it's AFU it's their problem, not yours. Still, there's no excuse for the shit packing job. A blind chimp could have done better.
  8. hamerhead

    New Guitar to me day : MonEl

    Great guitar! I was so glad you got that (one less night in the doghouse).
  9. hamerhead

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    Or cut a hole in the box so the handle is exposed. Hell, that's what most of my amp covers are. Covered in duct tape, of course.
  10. hamerhead

    My "Last" new Hamer

    Congrats on a great resurrection. Love the knobs. Still warming up to the tuners.
  11. hamerhead

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    That's what you get for buying a Peavey.
  12. hamerhead

    Gwennett GA Guitar Center FAIL.

    Your first clue. That really sucks, bud. Does it work?