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  1. I'm sure it was an amazing building exercise for Yuriy, but Jimi needs to kill it with fire.
  2. I've done this for the past 20 years on all of my guitars and it has virtually eliminated my tuning issues. Two tugs at the 12th fret on new strings and your pretty much good to go. Just pulled my Les Paul out of the case after 3 months (straight from a gig) and it's in tune with stock tuners, no nut goo of any kind. It took me faaaar too long to learn that trick, but it is bulletproof. Now, if I have a problem with tuning, 99% of the time it's a bad string or set of strings.
  3. Yeah, finally got mine in yesterday. The Lopoline cabinet (on the left) had the square hole already in it, just turned the wrong way. It looks crooked AF in this picture, but it's really in there straight. About a 5 minute job. Plus, being sideways like that makes it easier to tell that the top speaker is the right channel and the bottom is left. The Mojotone (right) had just a small single round jack hole, which leads to my first bitch: No template. The 'Plug and Play' people could have made the installation go a lot smoother with a simple template. Instead, it was break out the speed square and grease pencil and try not to mess up an otherwise really clean cab. It worked out better than my typical DIYs, but leads to the second bitch: No screws. After a 1/2 hour of carefully butchering a hole in there, I had to scrounge up screws to mount it. WTFF? They could at least provide screws. So, I give them 5 stars for the product (very well-made and works excellent, should be in every cabinet with more than 1 speaker), and 1-star on completeness. Because I'm a whiner. I want to thank Hbom once again for the heads-up on a 'duh, why didn't I think of that' product. Everyone should go buy one (or 2).
  4. ^^^ Freebird! The problem with freezing cold outdoor gigs is everything sounds bad. Fingers don't move, guitars won't tune, amps sound....cold. It's never fun. I can't imagine it does much good for drums, either. Unless it's for a good cause (and it better be really good) or there's a boatload of cash (and I mean a big boat), I'm out.
  5. Tell me you at least got tickets to the game.
  6. The FIRST thing you do is fire the dumbass who booked those gigs. Two outdoor gigs. In January?!? World class moron. Should be beaten. As far as your question/problem: stay home. You're not making enough to cover the ruined gear.
  7. Can't take the credit - Matt (Bruce919) provided the drawing files and Ed (stonge) did the 2Fig run on a manual mill(!!) and hand-tapped all those damn holes. He's a madman! Mine were all CNC milled, drilled and tapped. But polishing all them little bast**ds before plating still sucked.
  8. Those look great! Brilliant minds......: I could only run 6 in a 4" vise. Boy, it's been a while.
  9. Yep - got it covered. Major shout out to Shawn and Joe G for jumping all over this. This place RAWKS!!
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