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  1. hamerhead

    Lock N Roll- More Snake Oil?

    It's hard to tell from the shitty pictures, but if it has 'v's in the nut that match 'v's on the clamps (that's what I'm seeing) I think it's an improvement. Does it do all what he claims? Do they ever? But the design of it looks smarter than a flat clamp on a round string.
  2. Newport. Everybody needs a good everyone-loves-me guitar in the pile. Personally, anything with a Sustain Block is the only way to go.
  3. 3-holers are better. Why not have Mike incorporate a few Dualtone traits into your next build?
  4. As a Fender guy I say yes.
  5. Just get one of each and sell off the ones you don't use.
  6. Duotone. Everybody needs a Swiss Army Knife in the pile.
  7. Daytona. Everybody needs a better Strat in the pile.
  8. Monaco Elite. Everybody needs a better Les Paul in the pile.
  9. Standard. Everybody needs one good massive amount of flashy lumber in the pile.
  10. Junior. Everybody needs one good flat-out rock and roll machine in the pile.
  11. Californian. Everybody needs one good shredder in the pile.
  12. hamerhead

    These guitars have flipped!!!

    If they'd made the bodies square they could have had 2 more necks. Missed opportunity, I think.
  13. hamerhead

    Happy Birthday To Greg Platzer!

    Happy Birthday, Greg! Hope all is well.
  14. ....except for that bubs guy. He's kind of a dick.
  15. Good to hear, man. That's some scary shit.