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    Shishkov DC #89, '03 SB Special FM, '05 SB Junior, '96 Daytona, '79 LPC and a revolving door
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    '64 Vibrolux, '63 Pro-Amp, SuperChamp X2, Motion Sound AR112, MicroCube, Vox AC10
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    Oregon - The Wart on the Ass of Madison, WI
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  1. That's why I couldn't see it - mine was already shut off.
  2. Is that a phone thing? I have no idea. Signatures don't show up on my PC, but there was a Photobucket thing in mine so I deleted it. Somebody take a screenshot and show me what you're talking about. Yeah, I'm a little slow....
  3. You know, a CNC machine would save you alotta trouble............ducks.........
  4. I'm normally a 10 user but tried the 9-46 set of D'addario NYXLs on my LP. https://www.daddario.com/nyxl/ They are stiffer than regular 9s, but not quite as stiff as 10s. They last longer and I haven't broke one yet, but they're expensive and (to me) don't sound as bright as regular D'addarios. Also, EVH was known to have a super light touch. I say use what's most comfortable and not worry about it.
  5. True: There's no real movement in it, but the way light hits it makes it stunning for sure. My all-time favorite opaque finish.
  6. That one and this one: ...have been gone for over 10 years already. Cool guitars.
  7. That is really cool. Somebody ordered it right.
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