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    #87 Super-C

    What's all the fuss? He doesn't even stay inside the lines.
  2. hamerhead


    "He's no Kizanski".
  3. hamerhead

    Sitting In

    On the flip side, a buddy of mine (a local legend) had the habit of spotting guitar players in the crowd and running out and handing them his guitar mid-song. I always knew when it was coming and would wander to the back of the crowd or to the bathroom or somewhere out of sight. They were playing Summerfest in Milwaukee (opening for Frampton) when the a$$hole flies off the stage and finds me about halfway back in a crowd that looked to be about 3000 people. "Here', he says, "It's in 'A'", and drops his guitar in my lap. I got no pick so it's right to tapping stuff. When it was over there was a pretty good cheer and some slaps on the back, so it wasn't all bad, but it scared the crap out of me.
  4. hamerhead

    Sitting In

    My former band asked me up after I'd sat there for a couple hours getting sh!tfaced. Was handed the worst Tele ever and proceeded to make Yoko noises for the next 5 minutes.
  5. Best amp on the planet. Shawn - here's your chance!
  6. hamerhead


    Straight into 'Jazz Odyssey'.
  7. hamerhead

    Political correctness gone too far?

    We haven't had a true assclown around here in a while. That was fun!
  8. One night I was told I was good enough to play a Gibson. I unintentionally laughed out loud right at the guy.
  9. You probably know Mike Turk and Pete Burling, Dave. The repair guy was Adam Steinquist and the acoustic guy -who's name I can't recall - worked at Madison Music. The electric guy wasn't there Friday.
  10. hamerhead


    Dave's Guitar opened a shop in Madison. I'm in trouble. For an otherwise plainjane Artist the top is fantastic. The burst has more of a brownish red tint than what you typically see. Looks great! It needs a little spitshine and maybe some of Josh's P90s, but for an 18-year-old guitar it's in very good shape. The guys at Dave's are awesome. Thanks to Crunchee for the heads-up. Don't do it again.
  11. Sheer morbid curiosity, Kiz. I know better, but did it anyway. Two, maybe 3 seconds worth.
  12. I have been less disappointed by new Epiphones than new Gibsons.
  13. If I could jab pencils in my ears first.
  14. hamerhead

    Political correctness gone too far?

    It's not a matter of real men/wimps. It's a matter of common sense. Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.
  15. hamerhead


    I'm pretty sure it'll get P90s of some kind. Not sure what's in it now, but they seem kinda harsh.
  16. hamerhead


    Yeah, that one is pretty sweet. Not as sweet as my new Artist, but still pretty good. More pictures!
  17. hamerhead

    Political correctness gone too far?

    Sounds like he has sand in his vagina.
  18. When I first opened the link I thought 'I didn't need to see that'. I was right. It's not as dark in person as Dave's pictures: ...and more reddish/less orangeish than my picture: It's a sweet darker burst and in really nice shape. Case is, too. Neck is maybe a tick to the bigger side of a medium C, with minimal fret wear. The new Dave's in Madison is a nice place with some really great guitars. The staff is a bunch of longtime old school Madison-area musicians with a lot of knowledge and experience. My stupid drummer was with me and started yapping with one of them that he knew from the old days and I didn't think we'd ever leave. But it was awesome - real musicians with real-world experience giving useful information without the BS. God it was nice to be in a REAL music store again. Thank you for the heads-up, Mr. Crunchee sir. I love you, my wife hates you. Now to finally plug it in......
  19. I had a set in something.....can't remember what.....but remember they were just kinda 'meh' in all ways. I think the single coil sounded the best, followed by passable P90 and humbucker sounds. It's a great idea, but underwhelmingly executed, IMO. I know some guys love 'em, but they didn't blow my dress up as much as I'd hoped.
  20. Love the finish. And don't listen to Kiz - that would look AWESOME upside down.
  21. hamerhead

    In ear monitors

    We each had one of these: It allowed each of us to have full control over the entire mix whether thru in-ears or monitors. Pricey but effective.
  22. hamerhead

    In ear monitors

    Yeah, I hate 'em, too. Totally kills the live vibe. Drummer, bass player and the singer used them. Me and the other guitar player used our amps and powered floor monitors with personal mixers.
  23. hamerhead

    hamer daytona

    Mod away! Those ballpark around $150 or so, so you're not going to lose anything by making it the way you want it. On the flip side, at resale you won't gain anything by throwing a bunch of money at it. I've had a couple of those and, while the neck didn't suit me personally, it was a solid platform. I wanna see it when you're done.