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  1. Just recently discovered those guys (yeah, I've always been slow...). Absolutely dropped my jaw. That hasn't happened in a loooong time. My new favorite group.
  2. That looks great. Managing to keep it small (relatively speaking) with all that's going on is impressive as hell. Can't wait to see the end product.
  3. Bad cord or pedal: Starting at the amp end, pull cables one-by-one working back towards your guitar. When it stops making that horrendous noise, you found the bad one. Not necessarily the quickest way, but it is functional. Might wanna turn your amp down a bit first. I keep a couple of spare short cables velcroed to my pedalboard in case of a failure. Bad amp: Again, keep a spare handy. Quilter makes some pretty powerful tiny amp heads that take up no space and weigh practically nothing. Keep the proper 'emergency' cables ready to go with it and you're up and running in no time. Basically, just have backups for everything. And know where they are. It doesn't help much to have spares that are buried somewhere in the back of the van. It also helps to practice switching stuff out. That way when the time comes you're not so likely to panic.
  4. Well done! The guitar should be louder.
  5. Please God no. That gave me visions of Brent in his Kiss suit.
  6. The GFS Memphis are great pickups for that guitar. ....but you're supposed to be selling it to ME!! (Seriously, I still want it...) Unless Josh has something better (pretty sure he does), I'd stick with the GFS. They are surprisingly good. FWIW: I had Dimarzio Minis in my Eclipse 12 string. Different guitar/different size pickup, but they were perfect for that guitar.
  7. Mike's artistry continually amazes. The first time or the hundredth time, it's always soooo good.
  8. My very first Hamer: ...was this '81 Special, back in '87. I got it as a backup to my LP but it quickly became #1. While it's not a pencil, the neck was a bit smaller than what I like now. It got to the point of never leaving the case. The thought of selling it after 35 years just seemed....wrong, but not using it seemed wrong as well. So, because I reeeeally needed it to go to the right person, I gifted it to my drummer's kid. He couldn't be happier. In his mid-20s, he is an amazing multi-instrumentalist (drums, bass, keys, vocals, etc...) and now his guitar playing has improved as well. I also gave him 'The Book' and the tour DVD so he'd get the background and a better understanding of why these things are so great. I did stipulate that he can't paint it or sell it while I'm alive. The ugly gray is part of its charm, and selling it would just be, well, rude. I know it's getting used and appreciated, and he'll take great care of it. So - win/win. Plus - I always know where it is....
  9. But....how do you really feel, Geoff?
  10. Decision?? What decision? Keep them all!
  11. I used them for years and had a stretch where the ends were failing, so I emailed them. They sent a bunch of replacements.
  12. Disco, Rap and Hip Hop all fall squarely in the 'stab-my-eardrums-with-a-screwdriver' category for me. No thank you.
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