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  1. For the first few years after getting back to playing out (after a substantial break) I got a Boss GT-3 that I bought used and continually tweaked until I thought it sounded pretty decent. It was great - a simple 3 cord set-up, minimal adjusting, bulletproof reliability, and it sounded consistent night after night.

    The next bright idea was to build a pedalboard, and swap countless pedals through the system while swapping countless dollars for common sense. It was/is a fun exercise and I learned a lot about not just finding the tone in my head, but getting it out into the world (whether it likes it or not).  I thought is sounded pretty decent.


    I always wanted to have a stereo rig for gigging, but the thought of grunting 2 of everything to every gig really lacked appeal. Then MF had those tiny Quilter 45-watt boxes on sale and the thought of pairing them with the old GT-3 and a single stereo 2x12 cabinet made the whole stereo rig idea a real possibility. So I did that. And after trying it out at a jam, I think I'm back to using the GT-3 that had sat idle for the better part of the past 5 years. It'll take some tweaking, but for the size, weight, and ease-of-use, I think it sounds pretty decent.

    Do you have any old gear that you rediscovered and put it back into rotation? Or do you do the smart thing and unload what you're not using? I am really surprised at how good this old Boss sounds...

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  2. 7 hours ago, entfred said:

    ...This might be B.S., but my theory about one reason this guitar sounds so good is the thick maple cap combined with the one piece (I THINK one piece) mahogany body...

    Hole in the theory: the early Maple caps are a very thin veneer (an 1/8" or less).  The Maple caps from the '90s forward are around 3/8" thick. Doesn't matter - if it sounds good it IS good!

    It's a great looking guitar. Too bad about the headstock.

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  3. Thanks,  Jamie, but our internet speed is - get this - 3, yes 3mbps. Near dial-up. Like I said, shit. There is one other local provider (via dish) that we're going to check out, but their speed isn't much better. Frontier sucks hind tit since they bought this area from Verizon.

    I bit the bullet and ordered a TiVo. It was a couple hunnert bucks (+ $15-per-month unless we go all-in with the lifetime deal), which is 1.5 months of DirecTV. The menu is supposed to be similar enough to DirecTV that my wife won't have a meltdown. 30-day money back guarantee, so if it doesn't work we can bail. We'll see. There are plenty of others to try.

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  4. I believe the Mann Made saddles will work just fine. The tolerances aren't so tight that they physically wouldn't fit in the allotted space. The intonation screw hole spacing is key in how they will position themselves. The early Sustain Blocks had those holes closer together and it made the saddles sit kinda wonky. I'm not sure what spacing was used on the late-'80s or most recent factory Blocks, but those from Mann Made have the universally-excepted E to E spacing of 2.062".

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