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  1. Does that bridge have the same radius as the top of the guitar?
  2. That's a thing of beauty What's with the "space" behind the nut?
  3. I wish I could, @work til' 6 then the wife wants me to go to the dem's bbq in I.C. yay politics! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz............................
  4. I miss having points but I'm thankful to have the HFCMB!
  5. WOW!! it's perfect! absolutely perfect! congratulations!
  6. 5 posts/1 month in? is that enough time to hack someone off?
  7. Hey Dave, I hope you had a great day yesterday! and a busy day today!
  8. I'm working on my "john mayer face" AND singing/playing at the same time looks like I'm going to be doing a bunch of solo sets this summer, so I'm taking a break from ii-V-I's and just learning a crapload of tunes from Harry Connick/John Pizzarelli to Jack Johnson. I'm also locking myself in a studio once or twice a week to write! I'm most excited about that!
  9. Probably Grant Green, As a frontman, sideman, and some barely mentioned, One of the coolest Next is probably The Black Crowes, then Diana Krall
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