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  1. Brewie - Arc Angels or Archangels? If memory serves, you are talking about the SRV band that went on after his untimely demise. I've been looking for that CD forever. DavidE - I just saw Randy Jackson at a local restaurant playing solo acoustic, he's still phenomenal. Other great no-name bands: Bad Moon Rising - Doug Aldritch on guitar, missed the 80's but still rocked. Violets Demise - Oni Logan & Rowan Robertson doing some masterful old feeling 70's type rock, weird but soulful. King's X - I'll ever understand why they weren't so much bigger. Dirty Rig & Brand New Sin - great bands f
  2. Happy & Healthy! Now go pee on a small gray rodent..........(I hear its great marinade!)
  3. Thanks to all who expressed interest, but the Hamer is sold. Fortunately, it went to a great guy and will stay in the HFC family.
  4. Kiz - just spoke to a local HFCer who is coming by Thurs afternoon. If it falls through, I'm sure we can work something out.
  5. If you go to Ebay, you'll have to ship? What am I missing with that solution? Basically - I don't want to be bothered shipping, and I feel I'm offering the guitar below market value to prevent me having to do so. If I have to have it professionally packed and deal with shipping, I'll let it go to the highest bidder.
  6. Oh yeah, I like live, in NY on Long Island. Thanks, having a young child makes you brain dead. Sorry, I don't think I want to deal with shipping, or I'll just go to Ebay. Thanks
  7. OK, NO SHIPPING! I don't have the time or materials, and don't want to deal with the hassle. Sorry fellas, you can have someone pick it up and ship if you want, but I'm not gonna take a screwing when UPS decides to play humpty dumpty with them. Taylor 314k - limited 1 of 320 with koa sides and back, has original case, hangtags, etc, is really a pretty mint instrument. $1000. 1978 Hamer Bound and crowned Sunburst. OK shape, has it's issues which are the following: Finish is worn in many spots and sorta tacky in areas. Neck has a slight bump on the fretboard where the neck joint is, BCR Greg ca
  8. You are in the clear buddy, I wouldn't even give it another thought.
  9. Eric - I agree with Greg. Pay a few bucks for a setup, otherwise too bad. I know you from the board, but I can't imagine you screwing this guy, so tough sh*t for him. Funny thing is the Special I bought from one Mr. BCR has a fret job, and is one of the best playing instruments ever. Too bad I can't press strings.
  10. Hey Guys - I'm entitled to my opinion. I respect the comments Mike and CB made. I lost a good friend in college that came out of left field, and I've always felt suicide was a selfish act. I didn't know Delp's situation, but I have to think if someone reaches out and says "I'm going to kill myself" - the people who love that person will move heaven and earth to get them back on track. I'm not judging the man, just calling his last action selfish. It's simply my opinion, which means it isn't right or wrong, it's just how I feel.
  11. What a selfish son-of-a-bitch. How can you do that to your kids?
  12. Luke hit the nail on the head. I'll refer you to his answer, except I'll change his 75% to 99%. Oh, and if you ask the lay person, almost all guitars run through the same rig sound almost exactly alike.
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