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  1. Thanks all! @Steve Haynie, Thanks. Makes sense. Maybe I need to find a Stellar 3 :)
  2. Thanks! I have updated my inventory. So what makes a Stellar a Stellar 2?
  3. My understanding is that was for some period in 1973 only. I have also been told that it was for 1972 only. But mine is a 1973 and are original to the guitar (at least that's what the precious owner told me). Maybe someone else knows the full story about embossed mini-buckers.
  4. Hello to all! New here but been playing guitar for a long long time. I have always loved double cut Les Paul type guitars but the Gibsons have always been pricey. I also prefer just one volume and one tone control. I stumbled on a Hamer Stellar on eBay and bought it. 24 frets, double cut, dual humbuckers, burst finish. Worth a chance. I replaced the pickups with a Seymour Duncan set of Pearly Gates ALNICO 2 pickups. The serial number is on a sticker. Is this normal for a Stellar? I don't know a lot about the Stellar series. Is mine a Stellar 2 or just a Stellar? When were the Stellars introduced and discontinued? Thanks for your help!
  5. All very nice. No mini-buckers? Here's my '73 Les Paul Deluxe. The embossed Gibson min-buckers are not easy to find.
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