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  1. Thanks for the info! I am really liking these Stellar 1 guitars. The Stellar 3 doesn't interest me as I have that config well covered with my Squier Stagemasters. The DiMarzios are ordered and should be about a week to get them and put them in.
  2. Well, it's a NGD here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Stellar 1 arrived from Music Go Round St. Louis (very well packed, top job doubled boxed), yeeeeeeeeeeee ha! That is indeed the purple burst color. Looks much more purple in person than in the photos. Now to order the DiMarzio pups for it.
  3. Scott, Thanks for the lead! I called and bought it. This is my third Hamer Stellar 1 . The Music Go Round store is in St. Louis & I am in Newnan Ga (South of Atlanta) so I'll give them a week to get it to me. Ye Ha! HNG Day soon! Mods will include Schaller Strap Locks, DiMarzio SD in the bridge & and a DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary Neck, and a bone nut.
  4. I am not sure either. Looks more red than purple: Sunburst: Maybe Toadroller can confirm. Thanks!
  5. My studio is already full of more pre-amps than I can use: Not shown is the Line 6 Pod Pro rack mount pre-amp. I just manually plug into the unit I want. And the Carvin Quad gets used a lot.
  6. I picked up a Hamer Stellar 1 for Christmas! It's my second one. I paid $225 plus shipping for it. The pickups look like a P90 in a humbucker sized shell but it was listed as having humbuckers. I assumed that they were some cheap kock-offs of the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat. When I put it on my bench today to set it up for Eb with .011 strings, I pulled the bridge PU and it is a genuine Seymour Duncan SPH901B Phat Cat bridge pick up! The neck is also a genuine SPH901N Phat Cat bridge! Ye Haw!! The Guitar Gods have been nice to me!!!! I was going to put some DiMarzios in her but for now I will leave it alone and use the Phat Cats. I installed a set of Schaller strap locks & cleaned the fret board. After I play it a bit I'll have my tech install a bone nut like he did on my prior Stellar 1. So what is it that attracts me to the Stellar 1? Well, my main guitars are Squier Stagemaster Deluxe V4 neck-through models from 2000-2001 that were made in Korea. I have 18 of them :) . Here's a HSH V4 set up with DiMarzio Gravity StormTM pickups: Stormy Neck through design Squier Stagemaster Deluxe V4 Guitars These guitars have a Floyd Rose bridge, locking nut, 24 frets, 25.5" scale, single vol/tone knobs, and neck through construction. They came in HH or HSH configurations. What they didn't come in is a hard-tail option. There are times that I prefer a hard tail over a Floyd Rose bridge so I tried blocking the FR but that made no sense. I considered having one modded by filling the body with wood, refinishing, and installing a Hipshot or a sunken TOM type bridge but the cost would be very high. I could have a custom Keisle guitar built for not much more. So I started looking for an inexpensive HT guitar with a 25.5" scale, 24 frets, and single vol/tone. Not that easy to find - then I stumbled on the Hamer Stellar 1. Problem solved. And the Hamer is made in Korea. I'd like to find a Hamer Stellar 1 in Purpleburst (PB). So if you know of one that would like a new good home, please let me know. Thanks!
  7. I am a lover of Gibson mini-humbuckers. My first Les Paul was a '72/'73ish Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (LPD) Cherry Sunburst that I used in the 70's. That LPD is long gone but in 2006 I bought an Epiphone LPD. Epiphone had released a series of LPD guitars in 1999-2002 in four colors: Black, Red metallic, Gold metallic, and a Blue metallic that was a Mars Music only edition. I tracked down all 4 colors: Except for the Epi Gold LPD, all were modded. I still wanted a Cherry sunburst LPD so in April of 2015 I tracked down another '73 Gibson LPD and was very happy with it. I play a number of songs in Eb tuning and I wanted a LPD that was tuned down a half-step to Eb but I didn't want to mod the Epi gold LPD - it's value is now around $1k so I looked for another solution. I stumbled upon a 2012 Indonesian Hamer XT Gold top Double Cut that had P90 pickups installed. Since mini-humbuckers use a P90 route, it's an easy swap. I bought the Hamer XT and a set of 2015 Gibson mini-humbuckers and had my tech install them. He added a bone nut while he was at it. Since the XT was now a LPD I had a "Deluxe" truss rod cover made for it and installed a set of Schaller strap locks. Body: Headstock: It's setup for Eb with a set of .011 strings. IIRC I paid $260 for the guitar and $150 for the pickups. The Hamer fits nicely in my mini-humbucker family: It sounds awesome!!! It rings nicely! I am so happy with it that I'm thinking about tracking down another Hamer XT P90 and put a set of the new DiMarzio Paul Gilbert PG-13 mini-humbuckers in it: https://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/mini/pg-13-bridge The DiMarzio PG mini-buckers also come with a MIDDLE version so I'm tempted to make it a triple pickup guitar !
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