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  1. Fantastic Playing and video !! Sound is wonderful, really great job!!! ......Ray
  2. Prayers for you Jamie! Rest & Recover well !
  3. Yes. My 85 Red & Black Scepter will NEVER be sold by me. It has been thru all kinds of mayhem, recordings & performances. When I cannot play it there is a spot on the wall to hang it. It will be left to my Sons who will encounter a nightly upset Ghost should they sell it...haha
  4. Congrats, That looks really sweet!
  5. Fantastic ! what a wonderful memory for you both! and it looks stunning as well
  6. Very Cool! Guitar & bass production sound very good. the vocals def. have that Plant vibe to them !
  7. Playing this thru my main system .....its not even close. the Bogner sounds full, meaty, with nice tone!
  8. Dueling Hamers 1986 or 88 Me on the left.....Great Fun!
  9. I love the way he plays guitar. As far as Super Bowl performances, to me nothing tops Prince playing Purple Rain....in the rain. I have read he loved Neal Schons playing, and for that song even checked with Neal & Cain as he was worried the chords were to similar to Faithfully. He could play melodic, funky, bluesy, shred....
  10. Great forum, I still love my 85 Red & Black Hamer Scepter. Had a chance to meet Paul Hamer when I brought it in for repair, nice guy ! Used it on this Simple Classic Rock tune and the other posted as well.
  11. RPM


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