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  1. While I agree with bubs' assessment of this pedal, it has become my absolute favorite Lovepedal, so far, and I can't recommend it highly enough! Yes, the Kzoo side is definitely darker and not a replacement for a true Klone or Dumble drive, but into my Brownie Princeton and Kendrick Bassmans, this pedal is simply amazing, with much different character on tap depending on the order switch, but all of it glorious and musical. I'm using it with the Kzoo first, but functioning as a lead boost on top of the base OD11 tones most of the time, but I enjoy the Kzoo on it's own when I pick up the partscaster, oddly enough. No other combination of pedals does what this does for me, and I can switch from LP Special (Fralin P90s) to Artist Custom (Seths) without adjusting a thing, and it still sounds great in all three pickup positions. Somebody's gonna be ecstatic with this deal! Don't miss out!
  2. Ok... I've got nothing for the wordplay that someone hasn't already beat me to, so I'll just respond to the video! Interesting that the conclusions they drew were all from playing distorted rhythm tracks. I know they need to objectively compare by using the same guitar and amp with the same settings, but I didn't settle on my favored brand, variety and gauge for their tone in one setting with one style. I like my strings because they sound and feel the best to me across the different genres I play, not because they sound the best at one tone setting playing crunchy rhythm guitar. For a shredder playing metal and pulling out incredible tapping and speed runs along with heavy use of a Floyd, they aren't going to value the same combination of characteristics as most hollowbody blues players, who won't be looking for the same thing as a chicken-pickin' country boy on a Tele. But at the end of the day it's all subjective and about what sounds right to you. For me, it's DR Pure Blues 11s (occasionally 10s on the Strat).
  3. Out of curiosity, which version OCD are you using in the comparison? My V4 (pre "enhanced bypass") is nothing like my OD11 in tone, but I haven't examined the schematic. I honestly thought an OCD was more like a Zen than an 11, but it's been years since I played a Zendrive. On the subject of Lovepedal and deliveries, I've only taken part in 3 sales, bought multiple pedals in 2, and everything has arrived within a few weeks of other folks reporting their orders shipped. My only complaint is that I don't get instructions or stickers with a SNS purchase 🤷‍♂️, but the internet video demos make up for part of that. Last question for anyone who has a BoA, especially the latest/current version (purple paint, Kzoo/OD11): can you fit a battery, or do you just go with an adapter? My BoA is too tight inside to fit the 9V with strap attached in the cutout area of the board! I don't really care, was just curious if it sounded different with an old school battery, but I can't test it with the bottom on the enclosure so I've just left it relying on my Pedal Power2. It sounds so damn good I don't care if EJ and Bonamassa both endorse it with a decaying old 9v, at this point, so the issue is moot! Still, bizarre the cutout area is a tiny bit too small for an attached battery... The only other potential QC issue I've had was the led lenses/covers weren't drilled perfectly straight, so they weren't fully clicked in position (could've fallen out) on my 200#'s. They needed a firm press to lock in, I was just surprised it shipped that way (but a crooked/loose led lense isn't gonna sour me on the pedal)... No complaints about how anything sounds or the incredible bargains you can get from those sales, though!
  4. 1 - Do/get done the cap job my Kendrick 2410 has been crying for for ages. 2 - thin the dirt box collection. Learn how everything stacks and keep half. No need for a dozen when only one or two cascade at any given moment, and there's a lot of redundancy or crossover in the collection of Lovepedal, Analogman, Fulltone and vintage offerings I've got. 3 - Finish using up my remaining chassis and boards and complete the run of "Josh-OO-Wahs" I set out to build a few years ago. 4 - Find a new place to live that can accommodate my shop or sell the damn thing. Studied luthierie with Norman Reed and Phil Messer at the Totnes School of Guitarmaking 20 years ago, but never got fully up and running afterwards due to anxiety and depression. Lost the space, put it all in storage, and now it just hurts knowing there's so much potential going to waste or collecting dust (both in me and in the tools and materials). A year from now I either want to be bent over my bench carving a bridge and tailpiece for my (currently) unfinished archtop or wishing someone well as they load my former dreams into a trailer and drive off. Three instruments in process (one each, acoustic, archtop, electric) need to be completed and there are materials (including some sick koa and a set of old-growth dalbergia negra) waiting to make music. Something needs to change.
  5. Best scores: 2001 Artist Custom. Always wanted one, ever since they were introduced when I was in high school. Overpaid (only a little, to someone here before I was a member), don't care. Didn't haggle or make an offer. I wanted it and didn't want someone to buy it out from under me (happened on the previous one I was eyeing), so I pulled the trigger. Couldn't be happier, and it brought me here! Lovepedal(s) - I got sucked in by the love shown them by so many here and bought a bunch. I haven't even spent more than half an hour on half of them, so I can't really give them an honest full review, because I love one so damn much I just don't want to experiment with anything else! My hands down favorite is my Box of Awesome (Kalamazoo/OD11). Still really want a black big box Amp11, but I should really get to know my So Naked OD11, 200lbs of Gold, JMP11, and photocell Vibronaut better before I buy any others! Gotta really learn how stuff stacks with what I already have and then thin the dirty heard. 11 od/distortion/fuzz/boost boxes is way more than enough for every tone I want a few times over, so I gotta get through that process this year.
  6. Is that a refinned goldtop, or did they factory burst 3 piece tops in the 70s? I always thought a 3 was a sure sign of a refin on a goldy or black beauty, but maybe that changed later on...
  7. Which one's Chucky? That's a good looking family you got there!
  8. When I got my first guitar (a 1991 LP Studio Lite), I had no concern for resale value, I was 13 and going to a prep school with a dress code, so I had a button down and belt on every day. The guitar got used and worn heavily, travelling back and forth to school and being played in jazz ensemble as well as my first band. By the time I got a second guitar (my late '92 CS Edition LP Special) more than 2 years later, the Studio Lite was thoroughly "relic'd," though the industry hadn't adopted the nomenclature or practice of selling them new that way, yet. After a year of barely touching the Lite, I did a partial trade for my Kendrick 2410. I was 16, had only one electric, and was always in that dress code, so the Special got some serious wear on the back from button and belt rash over its first 3 years of service, and as it remained my only electric for almost 15 years, you can imagine how un-pristine it is now! I'd buy that guitar in the condition it's in now, 26 years later, for full price, because it's better than any other LP Special I've ever played (with the possible exception of one 1957 original that you could feel vibrating the frequencies of your voice while it was sitting on your lap - I've never found another piece of wood like that!). I bought My Brown-Eyed Girl to be my wife, my partner, my inspiration and my better-half, with no intention of ever parting with it, and even though I spent an entire summer with layaway visitation only, as I brought in each paycheck and signed it over for another half hour of play, I wasn't even remotely worried about dinging it up once it was paid off and became my #1. It instantly felt (and still feels) like home, and sounded amazing, in spite of those horrible P100 stacked hum soapbars (replaced with proper P90 Fralins 15 years back). A great guitar is about the feel and the sound. The aesthetics are just a bonus. Gimme a new guitar that speaks to me with a thin finish that feels warm and worn ("NOS" or maybe a light "closet classic" treatment with a little checking and crazing, but no gouges), and that's ok, but I have no interest in paying more for intentional damage. Gimme an old guitar that sings but has honest wear and tear, and I'll pony up the cash. These are, ultimately, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, not investments or wall art, and I'll pay for an exceptional instrument, no matter how beat it is.
  9. No verdict, per se, but hypothesis is a very hot and humid day in the shop and/or a water gun fight... lol!
  10. And that function is looking fcuking awful! Mission accomplished!
  11. Yup. Same guitar. Craigslist ad from that thread is still up. $900 now.
  12. No affiliation. 1996 Studio Custom (P90s, Goldtop, Hameritis Special Edition) - We discussed this one's finish anomalies on the "Ask" section a month or two ago... $949 https://reverb.com/item/29765639-hamer-usa-studio-custom-goldtop-1996 1996 Studio Kool Blue - that finish!!! $1249.99 https://reverb.com/item/29764461-hamer-usa-studio-electric-guitar-1996-kool-blue-w-hard-case Also, a 90s Artist for $1250 and an '81 Standard for $5k have popped up in the past 24 hours.
  13. I've never even seen a Tally in person, and it's a grail guitar to me, too... especially one that beautiful... sometimes, it hurts being broke! GLWTS!
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