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  1. That's great it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an airplane, Lenny Bruce is not afraid... ...It's the end of the world as we know it ...And I feel fine!
  2. That thing is Blind Melon heaven! If you want their 1st album sound on the non-strat parts, you need one of these! https://youtu.be/WKJO67NszfA
  3. The death of travel plans for this year freed up some cash for me to be one of Cam's buyers (the '91 Sunburst), and I know a lot of friends and family are unexpectedly flush right now for the same reason, so it could work in your favor, too.
  4. @bubs_42Thanks for the info on the effect of switching to 18V! I love my JMP11, but I've never actually played around with 18V on any of my capable pedals, mostly because I've liked the sound at 9V, and don't have any double cables for my Pedal Power2, so I always left it alone. Time to change that, and experience the full range my pedals are capable of!
  5. And about a dozen more of us lining up behind him!!!
  6. Dibs on the (re)finished product, if you decide to part with it! I like it in a "not-exactly-a-Vanguard" way in that blue!
  7. No affiliation PSA, but I've had this one bookmarked for months, so you'd be doing me a favor by taking it off the market! https://reverb.com/item/26950139-hamer-special-fm-1996-trans-blue Trans blue (!!!) '96 Special FM, price recently dropped below $1k.
  8. The only "relic" I'd pay full price for is a replica of Clapton's "Fool" SG. Other than that pipe dream, a used-vintage instrument with natural wear is fine by me if it feels and sounds right, but I won't pay for factory damage.
  9. No affiliation! Just stumbled on this listing: https://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/msg/d/brooklyn-hamer-usa-studio-guitar/7081638371.html Looks like a 2000 (SN 050xxx) Studio in amber, dot neck, nice figured top, all original including case, asking $1k.
  10. Looks like part way through 2002 is when the switch from "crowns" to "victory" inlays happened, along with inlayed headstock logos on "Custom" trimmed Artists and Studios. 95-96 was when some had wraptails (and the odd belly-cut). "Studio" and other engraved TRCs seem to be random until 2002, when they became standard. My 2001 Artist Custom has the later style trc, but no engraving, while every 2002+ I've seen is engraved.
  11. While I agree with bubs' assessment of this pedal, it has become my absolute favorite Lovepedal, so far, and I can't recommend it highly enough! Yes, the Kzoo side is definitely darker and not a replacement for a true Klone or Dumble drive, but into my Brownie Princeton and Kendrick Bassmans, this pedal is simply amazing, with much different character on tap depending on the order switch, but all of it glorious and musical. I'm using it with the Kzoo first, but functioning as a lead boost on top of the base OD11 tones most of the time, but I enjoy the Kzoo on it's own when I pick up the partscaster, oddly enough. No other combination of pedals does what this does for me, and I can switch from LP Special (Fralin P90s) to Artist Custom (Seths) without adjusting a thing, and it still sounds great in all three pickup positions. Somebody's gonna be ecstatic with this deal! Don't miss out!
  12. Ok... I've got nothing for the wordplay that someone hasn't already beat me to, so I'll just respond to the video! Interesting that the conclusions they drew were all from playing distorted rhythm tracks. I know they need to objectively compare by using the same guitar and amp with the same settings, but I didn't settle on my favored brand, variety and gauge for their tone in one setting with one style. I like my strings because they sound and feel the best to me across the different genres I play, not because they sound the best at one tone setting playing crunchy rhythm guitar. For a shredder playing metal and pulling out incredible tapping and speed runs along with heavy use of a Floyd, they aren't going to value the same combination of characteristics as most hollowbody blues players, who won't be looking for the same thing as a chicken-pickin' country boy on a Tele. But at the end of the day it's all subjective and about what sounds right to you. For me, it's DR Pure Blues 11s (occasionally 10s on the Strat).
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