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  1. I can't make out everything on the COA, but I see no mention of 25.5 or scale length in what I can see... From the photos, it looks like a very pretty, but "standard" Elite Mahogany. The Bigsby, pickups and upgraded top are the only things that look to be custom. It isn't full Superpro or Monaco size, and the bridge looks like it's in the standard spot for a 24.75" scale on the Elite's smaller body... but only a ruler will tell us for certain.
  2. CITES no longer restricts international sale of instruments with rosewood parts, so have at it!
  3. I have George L's for pedals and a mixture of GLs and Klotz "La Grange" and "Funkmaster" cables from guitar to pedals and pedals to amps. The GL's are great, but over time you need to snip the ends and reattach the plugs (only takes 30 seconds) if you use them as the instrument cable, especially if you use the right angles. Klotz are German-made, and quite pricey in the US (especially those "high-end" models and the Bonamassa and Jabs signature series), and I only have them because of my time as TM Stevens' tech and backliner 15 years ago, but they are totally bullet proof and sound as good or better than anything else I've compared them to. The Neutrik plugs never fail, even with hard touring. Don't pay a premium for their standard offerings, but the 3 and 4 star models will never fail, never get noisy, and sound great. Only had to replace one on tour that got sliced by someone's *cough* careless use of a utility knife to slice off a zip tie. All of my Klotz are veterans of those tours, and still going strong.
  4. Not just you, but with wood that gorgeous sometimes I like less decoration, and in natural light, I bet that rosewood board is a beauty. I wouldn't mind a B&C neck, but I'd leave the body unbound, and if the neck was bound, I'd opt for matching flamed koa binding instead of much lighter ivoroid. Just me dreaming, here...
  5. $2499 for this one. Good luck finding one of the other 8 - I've only been on here a year and a half (occasional lurker prior), but I've never even heard mention of this Bill Kaman CO series before, and if I had known of them in the 90s, I'd have another couple decades of searching for one under my belt! My only hope is someone has one in player condition I might be able to score down the road... not bloody likely! 😪
  6. No affiliation... if it was mine, it would never leave! Somebody save me from going into further debt for a guitar I wished existed and never knew did until this morning! Price might be optimistic - but it doesn't seem outrageous for such a rare bird - and if I had anything close, I'd make an offer for this Grail guitar! (Same seller also has a sustain-block SS-II and Phantom A5 newly listed, as well as that Hamer graphic SS-I.) That top!!! AND a belly carve and wrap tail! Heaven! https://reverb.com/item/34105011-hamer-1994-studio-limited-flame-koa-4-of-9-w-original-hard-case
  7. Wow! Even the hardware yellowed under the sun! 😉
  8. I've been doing it for as long as I've had my LP Special (over 25 years), but I prefer to have them loose (no glue), because I do occasionally go back to 'regular' stringing just for variety. But this spacer is as important when top-wrapping as having the tailpiece at the right height so the string only bends over the saddle (not the back of the TOM) when not top wrapping (better tone, sustain, tuning stability and string life). Try it! Slab body with P90s just works for going over the top!
  9. I was born in '78, so my first LP and cassette were "Thriller" - Does Eddie's solo on "Beat It" get me a pass? ?
  10. I've been searching for a Matchless TV-1 (the stand-alone stereo trem-vib unit) for 25 years, but the Matchless collectors have got the 30 or so produced locked away. I found the Effectrode Delta-Trem DT-2A online, but can't try one anywhere. Does anyone have experience with it or any of their other offerings? It appears to be a pretty impressive unit, but a very different approach and circuit design to Phil Jamison's truly matchless masterpiece. As a side note, if anyone HAS a TV-1, I'll empty my account and offer anything up to a kidney in trade!
  11. Two more - #29 popped up 14 hrs ago for $5850 (huh?), and "#25 of 25" (not the silver-blinged version, so just #25, right?) has been at a Sam Ash in KoP, PA for a year, currently at $3199: #29: https://reverb.com/item/34266267-hamer-artist-ultimate-29-2002-rootbeer #25: https://reverb.com/item/32452289-hamer-usa-artist-ultimate The first one looks better by the minute, at that price!
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