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  1. Here are the core five (Partscaster, LP Special, Monaco SuperPro, Sunburst Archtop, Artist Custom): If I could add one more Hamer, it would (will) be a Talladega or possibly a T-Pro. After that, it's just a lust list... Triple Threat, 30th Annivesary, Artist Ultimate, Artist Korina P90 in Jazzburst (but not that GC example), and a 2Tek Cruise, because everyone should have a bass.
  2. Mine has been around the HFC a couple times, but it'll be with me for the long-haul. I love it. Came to me with SD Alnico II Pros instead of Custom/Custom Custom. I love the sound and haven't changed them. It's both more defined and more complex than any 335 I've ever played, and the longer scale gives the pickups more separation. Incredibly versatile, and just a joy to play. As at home rockin with the gain dimed as clean finger style, there's little you can't find in its repertoire.
  3. My Partscaster has the full Callaham Strat hardware kit, and it's the best sounding vintage style vibrato I've ever heard. My LP Special has a Callaham TOM, and it made a huge difference in an already outstanding example. Cheap? No. Worth it? I think so. Can't speak to value compared to Faber, but I'd buy the same bits for those guitars again.
  4. Got my sleeper 11 earlier this week... as expected, it's a keeper!
  5. Not trans black, but about the most beautiful Tally or T-Pro you're likely to find anytime soon, and it's been reduced a couple times already... (This is the only guitar on my Ultimate Dream list not in the "limited run picture request" thread)
  6. This thread is not helping my Broke-Ass-GAS! 25th and 30th Anniversaries, F-Hole MonEl, Artist Ultimates, Triple Threats, Redwood, Earthen Maple, and too much Korina... I'm gonna die of dehydration because I can't stop drooling!
  7. I'd love a pair, too, if you've got em. I'll cover shipping and throw you some extra (or just good vibes) for your trouble!
  8. Can't (or won't) argue any of your points! Mine - this morning - are: Classical - Segovia Acoustic - Michael Hedges Classic Rock/Blues - SRV Modern/heavy - EVH Honorable mention - not the greatest at anything, but one of my favorites who I listen to weekly - Marc Ford-era Black Crowes.
  9. Bought my house last June (closed a ridiculous 3 months later). It was an As-Is, undervalued, and lasted on the market for less than a day. 15 showings on the first day, 12 offers, we won. And the market isn't letting up. But that's a house, not a refinished, only-the-(remaining) wood-is-original Blitz...
  10. We all know certain parts wear out, break, or otherwise fail and need replacement periodically. I thought a list of what's still available and what the best substitute is for parts no longer available, like "Hamer" pots, was in order. Please add your suggestions with part numbers and links, if possible. This list is for most "standard" Hamer electrics with 2 HB, 3-way toggle, and V-V-T controls. Schaller - http://schaller.info/en GTM Bridge #1209 Stop Bar Tailpiece #1205 M6 180 Tuners Schaller also makes all Floyd varieties and parts, if you need em. Mannmade USA - http://www.mannmadeusa.com/ Sustainblock bridges/saddles, etc. Dunlop Straplocks and Buttons - https://www.jimdunlop.com/products/accessories/strap-retainer/ Rickenbacker 08834 3-way toggle switch - https://reverb.com/item/6111373-rickenbacker-08834-standard-3-position-toggle-switch Switchcraft 152B barrel jack - https://www.switchcraft.com/Product.aspx?ID=2268 Potentiometers - I know there are certain models that replicate the original Hamer pots accurately from CTS, but don't know which models they are. Help please! Knobs - every USA Hamer seems to suffer at least one cracked knob. Open to suggestions for who makes the best quality amber top hats and black reflector top hats as replacement. Switch tip - Does anyone know who made/makes long switch tips for the Rickenbacker switch? Both Amber/Gold and Black? Looking forward to everyone's input to complete this resource list! ETA - retyped for lighter color text.
  11. It's a stupid necessity, but in this day and age of Chibsons that look authentic, obscuring part of the serial prevents scammers from using a real picture of a real guitar's serial number in their fake/copy listings.
  12. Just sharing the article previously shared here. My bad. I'd love to see the real item, if there are any pictures... "double-stained" sounds like something special coming from you!
  13. Ok... now I'm confused... this is listed at the Allentown, PA store, but is located in Fairfax, VA? What? ETA - Never mind... GC was confused about my location, not the guitar's.
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