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  1. As a rule, I always change the phase inverter with the power tubes. It's usually the last 12AX7, closest to the power tubes. Might not be necessary with your amp, but is a good idea with a fixed-bias amp, like a Bassman.
  2. https://www.guitarworld.com/amp/news/man-builds-guitar-out-of-his-dead-uncles-skeleton-uses-it-to-play-black-metal Dude builds a guitar out of his uncle's bones so he can "shred for all eternity," then uses a tele bridge and control plate instead of a Floyd and screaming-hot hb... so close to being the ultimate metal guitar... But seriously... WOW! That's a new one by me! "What's the body made of?" "A body, dumbass! Or did you mean who?" "Acoustic voice?" "Well, he had a bit of a gravelly baritone..."
  3. Thank you for saving me! Another day would've had me in fits... beautiful score!
  4. The good (actually, The Great): Got hooked up with two guitars by @Camstone First was the 1991 Sunburst Archtop Standard (GATS-F) w/ @BCR Greg neck repair - gorgeous top, lovely '59 burst faded to a gorgeous iced tea... thinner neck than any of my other Hamers or Gibson, and I love the way that makes me do things differently! I could spend all day just looking at it... easy to get lost in an "11-top" like this one, and I love the look of a bound top/unbound dot board on an Sunburst Archtop Standard (I blame Gary Hoey sitting on the train tracks). A few months later, he off
  5. Live At The El Mocambo - SRV Jimi Plays Monterey (all of the Pennebaker films are great, but this and "Shake! - Otis at Monterey" are my favorites) Farewell Concert (1968) - Cream The Last Waltz - The Band ...and so many more!
  6. I just took a closer look at the photos... ouch! Yeah, $2.5K is more than optimistic. I'd pay half that if I had the cash, but no more.
  7. Just spotted on the 'verb: https://reverb.com/item/38416321-2005-hamer-monaco-iii-red-transparent Maybe optimistic at that price, but these aren't as common as those of us without one would like.
  8. I first heard about them here, too. I bought: JMP11, 200# of Gold, "So Naked" OD11, and Box of Awesome (Kalamazoo/OD11) over a few SNS. And a 5 knob Photocell Vibronaut scored here. Only problem/complaint I have is the BoA cannot fit a battery, regardless of the size of the battery snap. No snap/battery combination fits, regardless of brand, so it has to be connected to my PP2. Not a big deal, just annoying not to have the option. I also agree 100% about the power jack location being a nuisance. But I've never had any noise problems or other QC issues besides the BoA battery slo
  9. I doubt this, specifically, will convince anyone not to get vaccinated who didn't already believe in conspiracy theories and fairytales over science, logic and fact. If it does, that would be tragic, but most of the 5G and anti-vax idiots bought in wholesale a long time ago as part of larger conspiracy theories. This is further (false) evidence, not the entire (false) case, for most of them. I just wish the anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers were only putting themselves at risk with their reckless stupidity. The tragedy is they infect and kill others.
  10. ...and that the earth is flat... or that a "custom shop" Fender is somehow worth more than a Shishkov... You can't fix stupid. You can laugh your ass off at people incapable of reasonable, logical and critical thinking... or recognizing that demonstrable, proven facts aren't a matter of opinion. They're welcome to their delusions. It's good entertainment.
  11. Let me preface this by saying I have no inside info, and I haven't dug any deeper or checked since August... From my amateur sleuthing and Google-foo, searching the public records in Michigan back when this conversation started (first out of fear Sean was a covid casualty), it was, with minor children involved, which is why I didn't feel it was my place to reveal anything. I assumed there was a gag-order or some court order to stop all communication from company accounts and activity while valuation and division of assets was going on, which is why he went dark so suddenly. There were two
  12. Great Googly-Moogly!!! This is right up there with the tiger's eye Tally... damn near perfection!
  13. Hard to believe folks are this stupid, but conspiracy theorists are resetting the bar... https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/5g-covid-guitar-pedal-b1782573.html
  14. Good eye! It is an import... ...from the US to Germany...
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