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  1. Without Gorman, it can't be The Black Crowes. Without Eddie, Marc, and either Johnny or Sven, it shouldn't be called TBC... Actually, maybe that's the right name: TBC - The Bad Conclusion The Big Cashgrab The Brothers' Cruelty Playing across town on the same night are Marc Ford, Johnny Colt and Steve Gorman as The Brothers' Castoffs.
  2. Not only is it not reunion, it's a tour with a single set list! They're just gonna play "Shake Your Moneymaker" start to finish! Of the albums from the "core" lineup, that's the one I need to hear the least of on any given night, not the one I wanna hear exclusively at every show! I'm definitely sitting this one out.
  3. Also the AMP11 is a Timmy-inspired or Timmy-based circuit (according to schematics I've seen) with a couple modifications. Add in the COT boost on the other side of the pedal and you're most of the way there. It isn't a clone, but would serve a very similar purpose in your signal chain with slightly different, but equally amazing tones. As a tweed guy, myself, I gotta say the combination of my JMP11 (more Marshall voicings on tap than an AMP11) and Kendrick 2410 (59 bassman) is AMAZING, and gives me Cream-to-ACDC tones with ease. Stack another gain stage (I've experimented with Analogman TS9, FT OCD, and fuzz faces, so far), and mess with the order and Cliffs of Dover ain't far off when you switch from Hamer/LP to Strat. So yeah... highly highly highly recommend trying a couple of Lovepedal's OD+boost pedals as a foundation (all are so volume knob and pick attack responsive), but especially the AMP11 and JMP11! They do hums or singles well with the turn of a knob, and stack beautifully with other flavors of drive!
  4. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-50275613 £250K 300 year old violin lost on a train, gets returned (probably because the party who took it knew they'd get caught trying to sell or ransom it because of social media exposure, but still... a happy ending is a happy ending)! The recent threads we've had regarding locating long-lost or stolen instruments made me think this story should be shared here, even if it's not a Hamer (the Beatles Special; the Dr Bear Tele; the ongoing search for the red custom dragonskin/snakeskin Chap; the unpleasant story of the missing indigo Duo Tone - where'd that thread go? Was it ever recovered?). Anyway, enjoy!
  5. I'll take the Vibronaut! I want a Pickle the next time it he makes a batch.
  6. I'm a 'viber, too... I've got a really early Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe (1995 - 12th in the US, and 1st to "just some kid - a non-artist" according to the old man when I ordered it) and a big gold Deja from 2001. Funny enough, my first ever pedal was a Boss CE-5, and it's a great one. I didn't fully appreciate it at the time, so I sold it to a buddy after a year or two of not using it once I got the Voodoo. It (the CE-5) was great at making almost any solid state amp sound a lot more like a Roland JC120, but my taste in equipment evolved, and ultimately I wanted "Little Wing" not "Message In A Bottle," so off it went. Miss that now and then.
  7. Also missing the JMP11 and Echoplexi... without those three, I think we can safely say you have a potential problem, but not a full blown addiction...
  8. Exactly! I expected some ridiculous numbers at the Gilmour auction, especially for the top items, but these were mostly case queens/forgotten in his collection, and they were fetching numbers you'd expect from something from a famous concert or recording, and (I'm ready for the beating) a more iconic artist. I love SD, but...
  9. Nothing borderline about it! They made over $750K just from that (25%) charge, $100K from the 3% charge, and probably doubled it all gouging on shipping and handling fees! I wonder what they took from the seller's side?
  10. Check out Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox on YouTube for great examples of this. They do all kinds of different styles, and really rewrite a piece to take it to an entirely different genre. This is one of my faves - turning an absolutely unlistenable soulless EDM tune into an amazing tribute to 60s girl groups:
  11. Covers my past bands have played to get the booties shakin with positive results: Stevie Wonder - I Wish, Sir Duke, Superstition The Romantics - What I Like About You REM - The End Of The World As We Know It Jackson 5 - ABC, I Want You Back Elvis Costello - How To Be Dumb, Pump It Up CCR - Looking Out My Back Door, Proud Mary ELO - Mr Blue Sky Anything from Otis Redding.
  12. Somewhere in a box of cassettes and VHS tapes in my storage unit is a collection of Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team, and Knight Rider episodes from about 1985... taped over my sister's Little House episodes, though. Sorry. ETA - There's also a tape of the premier and final 2 episodes of Magnum PI in that box... I bet I could trade that for a Dumble! (Or maybe a new strap... either way, its gotta be the most valuable and collectible thing I own!)
  13. See the listing on Reverb for the mid 90s $4500 "Standard Archtop Custom," or whatever he's calling his run-of-the-mill Studio Custom now... but I get the impression that's someone looking for a sucker, not trying to keep the guitar through ludicrous pricing...
  14. My 62 Princeton came to me all original with a bad power tranny. Replaced that and the speaker, put on a 3 prong power cord and it hasn't needed anything else. Even the tubes are original. Tube amps sometimes need caps and resistors in specific locations replaced periodically, but many require little more than microphonic preamp tubes being replaced and the occasional new power tubes (and phase inverter) and rebias, and quality tubes can make all the difference in longevity. All tube amps, be it a vintage blackface or a modern boutique amp, share common designs and basic architecture. A good amp tech or builder can service almost any tube amp. Unless you buy something from a builder like Jelle Welagen (who makes amazing Dumble and Trainwreck inspired amps), you can most likely have the local "go-to" tech handle it for you. If you are buying something in that price range, however, potentially needing to send it in to the original builder isn't gonna be the deciding factor in the purchase. Also, the electrical components in an amp are pretty standard stuff, and save for custom transformers that might only be available for replacement by sending it back "home," there's very little in a high priced boutique amp you yourself couldn't buy. If it's out of warranty (or you aren't the original owner, since most warranties don't transfer), there's no reason to be gun-shy about a depreciated boutique amp. Everything (almost) is based on a Fender, Marshall, Vox, or some combination of parts of different circuits similar to the above. Unless the builder is paranoid (like Dumble) about someone "stealing" their secrets, and they encased components in black epoxy to hide their markings, most amps look pretty similar when you open them up, so a competent tech can handle most basic maintenance on the vast majority of designs, regardless of builder or brand. Ford or Ferrari, an oil change is an oil change. Drain it, change the filter, refill it. The price gouging happens at the dealership. Take it to a local garage instead. 😉
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