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  1. I was thinking about collections and precious objects, thanks to a few recent threads here, and had an interesting (to me) question for you all: If you collected something else, besides guitars/amps/pedals/regrets, maybe music-related, maybe not, what would it be? As a student of luthierie, I already have this one started: I love blueprints of iconic, unique and important guitars. If I could get my hands on them, I'd have most of my hovel wallpapered in each of Chinery's Blue Guitars, especially the D'Aquistos! I have blueprints entirely drawn by me from measurements and examinations of guitars in hand (as well as those of my own design, obviously) and mass-printed purchased blueprints, but I'd love to have originals from the builder's own hand. Even just a sketch with notes... I'm as obsessed with the process as the finished product, but to see Jimmy's sketches and the evolution of something like his Acutone "stick" bridge design, well, that'd be pretty frigging cool! I'd love to get accurate prints of Manzer's Picasso guitars, too. They just fascinate me to no end! My guitar art-reference library is equally advanced (can you ever have too many coffee table books with exquisite photography of priceless sculpture?), though I might need to get a new copy of the Ultimate signed by a couple of y'all... I also have a weakness for old woodworking hand tools (especially Bedrock planes and Millers Falls egg-beater drills and drivers), but I use all of them - they aren't display pieces or intended as investments. What about you? What else do you/would you collect? Obviously, I have my lottery-exotic car fantasies, too, but this thread isn't about those universal pipe-dreams or waking up to the Mona Lisa's smile in your villa on the Riviera.
  2. Now I need to find that book, too! Looks amazing! I'd kill to see those tapes! I'd also kill to get a recording of the Michael Hedges show that changed my life at McCarter Theatre in Princeton back around 1991 or 92! He came out playing an amazing guitar part and then wandered up to the mic and started singing Madonna's "Lucky Star!" Finished the song, and then cocked his head to one side and said something like, "I have no idea why I played that... hm..." I was in awe the whole night. As for the other Stropes-Hedges transcriptions, I have them, if you need to complete your library! I'll have to scan them, but would be happy to for a fellow Hedgehead!
  3. When I was in high school, a buddy/bandmate went to our local store after school one day with a couple friends in tow, spotted an early 80s Gibson "Heritage" korina '58 V reissue on the wall (A1##, iirc), said "I want that," and walked out with it for $750 (1993 money). Store had no idea what they had, and neither did he, despite my trying to educate him. It was just another guitar to him. I've wanted an Explorer and V from that Heritage series ever since. Played a Heritage series Moderne and another couple V's (both were black guard - my buddy's had white), and all three were great. Stayed on my permanent wish list... until I found these Hamers... not much in it as far as money goes - both brands are steep - but somehow I just think the Hamers are more likely to be special instruments. Combination of wood selection and neck construction just seems to make Hamers more consistently exceptional, so now I want one of these, instead! I still need to rob a bank, though... especially with that korina Standard on here too!
  4. Lake Tahoe is as metal as you could come up with? Really? I was going to give this the Dethklok stamp of approval, but then I thought, "Tahoe - none more metal," and just couldn't...
  5. "Michael Hedges: Rhythm Sonority Silence" by John Stropes, if you want you mind blown and the instrument completely redefined for you! Hedges didn't think - or play - like the rest of us mere mortals, but the book has amazing instruction on his techniques and perfect transcriptions of many of his best songs. (Stropes had to actually create some new notation/tab to make it possible to get every nuance!) Not for the faint of heart, and not a book that'll teach you bluegrass patterns, but it is a masterpiece, and must-have for any Michael Hedges fan.
  6. Its pointing to the discrepancy between my balance and my desires! SO MANY AMAZING HAMERS!
  7. The music world will never be the same without him. Imma go turn on Aretha's "Never Loved a Man" and cry. In his memory, what's your favorite recording featuring The Swampers? https://youtu.be/ts7mEKN7o5A ETA: I think that Jimmy Johnson and Steve Cropper probably influenced my playing more than heros like Jimi, SRV and Clapton, because they showed me the power of space and the joy of being "the kid with the crayons" on fills. I was never about the soaring solo and being on lead, as much because I was very insecure as because my chops sucked, but what I lacked in blazing speed I made up for in timing and feel. Lessons learned from those two legends.
  8. You won't see any Artists with belly cuts, because that area is hollow.
  9. https://reverb.com/item/27472808-1996-hamer-artist-semi-hollow-body-gibson-les-paul-dc-killer No affiliation. Same seller has an early 90s Sunburst (listing says Studio) up, too, though both seem optimistically priced. ETA: A 2nd '96 wraptail is up, this one in better condition and slightly better price (still not tree-fiddy!): https://reverb.com/item/27552724-hamer-artist-1996-sunburst-flame-maple-top
  10. ____________ is overrated/a rip off artist! Best ways to fill that blank for maximum effect on TGP? Ken Fischer/Trainwreck; Dumble; Cesar Diaz; Hendrix; SRV...
  11. No affiliation. She shows her age, but a player I'd gladly put some more miles on! While the Hamer market is pretty good right now, it's not $1500-in-that-condition-Good! What do you all reckon? https://reverb.com/item/26641954-hamer-usa-1991-sunburst
  12. No affiliation. Here we have an instant flip, or an awesome score: https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/d/chambersburg-guitar-and-amp/6946216763.html $500?! Looks like a blackface AA764 Champ Amp (with clean original slip cover) and a Teisco or some other interesting 60s axe. The Champ should go for more without asking, and the guitar is just a freebie, as far as I'm concerned. If I wasn't flat broke, I'd have picked it up yesterday! Someone save me, and snag this bargain!
  13. Do the people coming up with the estimates go off of a 1996 KBB? $10-15k for a D'Angelico, even if it's only an Excel instead of a New Yorker?!
  14. '62 6G2 Brownie (on the left, under the reverb unit). Came into the store I worked at 15 years ago near-mint, because it spent 40+ years in the owner's closet for blowing its fuse as soon as the power switch was thrown. I lost it and completely geeked-out over the thing as I was going through it with the guy. Told him it was likely a bad tranny, would probably cost a few hundred to get a replacement and install it. He thought for a moment, looked at me drooling over it, and said, "Well, if you give me that much, it's yours. I can see how bad you wanna hear it, and you'll probably enjoy it more than my boy, if you can get it working..." It took me about 3 milliseconds to respond. "I can't do that... it's worth so much more, even not working... but I do want it, and I can't afford much more. Damn." He grinned, told me he appreciated my honesty, and if I got him into a good channel-switching amp for his son, he'd take whatever I could afford, so I emptied my account and got it for... tree-fiddy! Put in a Kendrick 10" and put the original Oxford in a box, juiced it up with a new power transformer from Gerald, too, put on a grounded power cord, and it's been perfect ever since. Occasionally, I swap out V1 for a different flavor (it's got a Bugle Boy in there atm), but everything else is original, from caps to tubes! Dead silent, killer touch-sensitive grind-overdrive as volume knob goes past about 11 o'clock, and completely untouchable bias-mod trem! Takes pedals as well as any modern amp, but isn't any less responsive if you don't plug straight in. I love my 3 amp set up, but I never play the rest of the rig without it, while I regularly only turn on the Brownie, and it's the only amp I travel with! Princetons Rule!
  15. PSA - someone has #28 up on Reverb for a little bit more ($2999.99). https://reverb.com/item/26256205-hamer-studio-usa-carved-top-natural-burst-30th-anniversary-rare-limited Wish I wasn't broke right now!
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