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    2001 GATA59 (Artist Custom 59 Burst), 1991 GATS-F (Sunburst Archtop with an AMAZING top and very nicely faded burst), 2004 MONSJZ (Monaco Super Pro in Jazzburst)
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    1962 Fender Princeton, Kendrick Model 1000 Reverb, Kendrick 2410, Kendrick 2210
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  1. Favorite(s) over the past year or two: Box of Awesome (Kalamazoo/OD11) and "so naked" OD11, cascading in different orders. Previous favorite for 25 years: Analogman-modified TS9 ("silver dollar" and "brown" mods). Full OD and fuzz collection, which all get played and stacked in different combos, depending on my mood: Fulldrive 2 Mosfet; OCD (V1.7); JMP11; 200# of Gold; vintage 60s Arbiter England FF (red dot NKT's); home made Germanium (AC128/NKT 275) FF clones/variations; vintage 80s EH Big Muff. The most important thing to me has always been touch/picking attack sensitiv
  2. Because shell (assuming it's actually real MOP or abalone) is non-porous, it's most often affixed with either cyanoacrylate (superglue) or an epoxy. I don't know what Hamer was using for inlay adhesive, so can't advise on the right chemicals to free it up, but if it isn't a shrunken piece of plastic, like an old Gibson trapezoid, removing it without damage to it or the cavity edges will be tough. I successfully did a trapezoid removal/reglue by drilling a tiny hole at a slight angle next to the inlay to allow the solvent (acetone worked in that case) to penetrate and give me a spot to pop it u
  3. The incredibly pricey but equally beautiful solid koa Taylors I've played have always taken my breath away. There was a spruce topped koa grand auditorium model that we had at the store I worked at over 15 years ago that had the (at the time) relatively new Taylor expression system in it, and when I plugged it in (to a relatively basic Fender acoustic amp) and started playing my sloppy approximations of a couple Michael Hedges songs, it sounded more like the recordings than any other acoustic electric I've ever played. Warm, clear, never too bright or too boomy, plugged in or not. Amazing fing
  4. My 1991 has a Gotoh stopbar, and 2001 has either a Schaller or Gotoh stopbar. Both have Schaller TOMs. All are metric. Haven't checked my 2004 Super Pro, but since it's pre-TonePros switch (and appears to have identical hardware to the 2001 Artist), I assume it's Schaller and metric as well.
  5. Yup. Same as a "regular" Artist, but chambered one piece korina (instead of mahogany) back with carved korina (instead of maple) top. Killer, just a different flavor!
  6. There aren't enough "likes" "wants" or "drools" on the webs to express how much my broke-ass desires this... That is just... so friggin perfect, it hurts! GLWTS!
  7. Ok... sorry, but mine look more like the ones Disturber posted above. That is a killer V reissue you got, there! Good luck with the knob hunt!
  8. Got a pic of the "wrong" font on the reissues you want to replace? I have three that came along with my Superpro in the case... certainly not vintage, but possibly closer to what you seek. I'd be willing to drop em in the mail for free or for a set of 3 amber top hats (no silver inserts) to replace the gold ones it arrived wearing. The original ambers must have either suffered the fatal "Hamer knob crack" or been lost in the Great Knob Swap Experiment it once endured!
  9. Aerial Boundaries Texas Flood Disraeli Gears Amorica Axis Bold As Love
  10. I've never dealt with Greg, but my 91 Sunburst Archtop had a neck break at the heel that he repaired long before I got it, and the repair and finish touch-up are great. Probably stronger than new. Yours looks like the neck and fingerboard are still pretty much intact, more like a neck reset than the break mine suffered. If I ever needed another guitar repaired for a separation or break like that, I wouldn't hesitate to send it his way!
  11. True of my brown 6G2 Princeton, too, especially with the Superpro, despite it having Alnico II Pros instead of the hotter stock Custom/Custom Custom pups, but I still prefer input 1 and backing off the guitar volume 9 times out of 10. But I didn't keep that amp for clean headroom - it's small and low power, and the bias trem is to die for. Great by itself at bedroom levels, and bliss on the edge of breakup or beyond layered with the tweeds! If I need more clean volume, the Bassman has more than enough before getting into 5881 overdrive heaven!
  12. Only plugged into input 2 a couple times on any amp, but I daisy chain my tweeds as well as daisy chaining the channels. Done it that way forever (since the early 90s). Saw pics of Hendrix and Clapton's stacks in the 60s that way, so I tried it and loved it the first time I played a four input tweedy. Into Normal 1, Normal 2 to Bright 1, Bright 2 to the reverb in, reverb out to amp 2's Normal 1, Normal 2 to Bright 1. Worked for guys much better than me before I was born, works for me playing to an audience of angry neighbors 60 years after the amps were designed!
  13. 😍😋 I'm drooling... but house poor... excuse me while I go cry.
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