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  1. Keep the faith… I purchased this beauty here at HFC a few months ago and indeed it comes in at just under 7.8 lbs. However, it is not for sale just now.
  2. Steve, you nailed it in one: McGuinn's "Bells of Rhymney" riff inverted to support Gene Clark chord changes.
  3. When I learned about the Sweetheart of the Rodeo 50th anniversary tour I looked up their tour dates, found a few holes, and contacted the booking folk at two theaters here in Louisville. Sho’ nuff, a few days later my wife and I had two fourth row center seats. I first saw the Byrds in 1966 – I think it was a package show with the Beach Boys, “Little Stevie Wonder” and others at Yankee Stadium. The birds played three songs: “Mr. Tambourine Man”, “Turn Turn Turn” and “Eight Miles High.” Unforgettable! Then sometime in the early 70s I was walking with a friend down 8th Street (Greenwich Village) when McGuinn passed by and greeted my friend by name. I had not realized he was in town and strolled over to Fillmore East where the box office lady said that they would be a show very late that night. The Byrds, then with Clarence White and THAT Tele, give an excellent electric set but then returned to the stage, White holding his Martin, and did a bluegrass set that I can almost replay in memory. McGuinn even did his Earl Scruggs banjo thing on “Pretty Polly” )which I thought would’ve been played by Gene Parsons.) Wonderful. But the highlight of my half century love affair with the Byrds was here in Louisville with Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives when McGuinn and Hillman walked on to the stage, Rick 12 string and Fender bass in hand, and absolutely nailed “My Back Pages.”
  4. Terrific One, thanks! A clean, damp, warm cloth took off 90% of the stuck-on fluff. A wee application of naphtha soap (as per BoogieMKIIA and Cynic) removed the rest. After keeping the case open near a portable room heater for two days, placed 25th Anniversary back in the case. 24 hours later: no recurrence apparent. Will check every day for a few weeks. But you’ve got me checking out Goo Gone. That stuff looks like the perfect solution for removing the stubborn stickers on Herco humidifiers that otherwise dry out and shed in the case.
  5. Thanks, Jakeboy! I’m airing out the case for 48 hours and installing a distilled water humidifier in the hopes of salvaging this malevolent case. But yes, the offending area is just a few inches at the bottom so I’ll take your suggestion and will slide a dry wipe (medical issue all-but-sterile paper) ‘twixt 25th and case. - Dr. Bear (custodian of Ultimate 0053)
  6. Thanks, BoogieMKIIA and Cynic! That’s two votes for naptha. I’ve ordered some tonight. Went through all of my Hamer cases, trying to find a foreign substance, sticky spot or spilled humidifier, but all seemed well. Fingers crossed this was some anomaly with the case but, barring further sage counsel from HFC, I’ll try naphtha when it arrives.
  7. Dear Sages: Just extracted my 25th Anniversary (1999) from it's Hamer case and, Ugh!, discovered case fluff all but glued on in this one spot. Have no idea why this happened but here 'tis: I've read recommendations here at HFC for WD40 and nail polish remover but am fearful of damaging the near-pristine finish on this lovely. Would y'all recommend one of those solvents? Or just a damp soft cloth? Or some other more arcane remedy?
  8. Steve, hoping you are still improving. There are a lot of us out here rooting for you.
  9. As a former pro who quit touring pre-pandemic because of back grief—and as a devout admirer of Jim85IROC's Studio Custom with the scrumptious ebony board—I sing the praises of Pat Quilter's wizardry. For years now I've run one of several Tech21 compressors into a stereo reverb feeding a Quilter Micropro Mach 2 (with 8" speaker) and Quilter Toneblock 202 mounted in a Frontliner (set of two 8"). Can blast a stage or play at next to no volume at home. Yeah, I miss the thrill of trying to control a zillion dollar Mesa Boogie; that was like riding a volcano. But for my last decades on this planet, this'll do just fine.
  10. Many thanks to all who PM-d me! This afternoon I took custody of a lovely 2004 from GregG's friend who drove all the way from Dayton, OH to Louisville with his lovely wife to bring the SC to my door. (I was happy to offer him a taste of my favorite local Kentucky bourbon, a spirit so fine that a friend in London has it shipped across the pond lest he go without.) I posted a query on Tuesday. Tuned the Studio Custom on Thursday. Where else but HFC?
  11. Pieman, I wish I still had the email address of a college chum who headed a film company in London. Just those three sentences quoted above read like the plot of a great non-fiction screenplay. Anyone out there know how to reach Spielberg? GLWTS, of course, but more important, good luck getting that story told we all can hear (see?) it!
  12. Might someone here part with a Studio Custom with a “vintage” — or vintage-ish — neck profile? For me, too thick beats too thin. I would really, really like an ebony board but know that those are hardly common. Being a classless reprobate, I don’t mind first fret inlays or gold hardware.* (I enjoy both on the Artist Ultimate I purchased earlier this year from a very nice HFC-er who, I later learned, is a really gifted drummer.) And I don’t mind if minors repairs or a fret job are required because my local tech’s fret work recently elevated my 25th Anniversary from just kinda-OK all the way to Oooh. Yes, I know there are SCs for sale on the ‘verb but the Hamers I play and cherish most are the ones I have purchased from HFC-ers; so, fingers crossed…. *I have wondered about whether nature or nurture — mutant genetics or a flawed upbringing — is to blame for my appreciating first fret inlays. My best guess: in the ’90s I performed with pickup horn sections. As rehearsal time was usually scarce, I wrote most charts in “horn keys” like F, Bb and Eb. Thus, my paws spent hundreds of hours onstage knowing that the first fret was likely to be home base. (Then, from 2008-11, the horns were replaced with a string quartet and oh, how I wished I’d had a strong foundation in bluegrass based on the open-string sharp keys, G, D and A, where fiddlers rule.)
  13. DaveH, if you hear unconstrained expressions of greed, lust and envy you may safely assume they are coming from up here in Louisville.
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