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  1. I've lived in the Apple ecosystem since 1983. My take is somewhat different, to whit.... When Steve Jobs emerged from exile to resume leading Apple one of the first things he did was get rid of much of the after-sales service system and, in its place, constructed AppleCare. To me that's one of the things Jobs got right-est. I tell others that AppleCare is the product, the hardware is free. During my touring life I wrote more than 1100 arrangements for show bands, chamber ensembles, pop acts and big (swing) bands. After a security gent in the Madrid airport grabbed my laptop and threw it onto the moving belt. the computer, under warranty, began behaving erratically. I took it to an Apple reseller in Helsinki. (Back then, Helsinki did not yet host an Apple Store.) The staff there arranged for the laptop to be repaired and returned to me two days later . . . in Stockholm. And I was billed exactly nada, nought, not a farthing. Any wonder I've purchased AppleCare for more than a dozen Macs since then?
  2. Many thanks for the heads-up, Dutchman!
  3. Thanks, Toadroller! I may be utterly bonkers but I think that the body of the 2001 Artist is a fraction wider than that of my 1998 25th Anniversary. If that’s true, then perhaps the maple cap on the Artist adds a hair to the width of mahogany 25th Anniversary. In any event, I will look for a compatible Gibson-esque case as per your example.
  4. Dear Hamer Gurus: I just acquired (better: was adopted by) a lovely 2001 Artist bereft of case. I have a couple a 25th Anniversary (mahogany, no maple top) that might lend its new cousin a case, but, given the Artist-ic sensibility.... Any suggestions vis a vis the right size or make of case to house this Artist in Residence would be gratefully received! — Dr. Bear
  5. Now you blokes have gone and done it! I read Thursday last posts, fell asleep and dreamed about two friends that I let go when I sold Dr. Bear, a ‘72 Fender Thinline (and I do not mean a reissue) and an ‘83 Elite Tele that pretty much everyone (except one of Bowie’s sidemen) disregarded. Years later, while sitting in a waiting area at Heathrow I heard a BBC radio interview with Clapton in which he mentioned that the most wondrous neck he’d handled was that of an ‘83 Elite Tele. I’m still mad at myself.
  6. BadgerDave is as good as his word. (After hanging out with you lot for a few weeks here I am not surprised.). Today a box appeared via USPS containing a pair of the era-specific black volume and tone knobs for Dr. Bear. Thank you, amigo. Diablo175, I wish that your purple metal flake Cali LE was in your hands once again. I don't know if non-players can understand the deep connections we can forge with the supposedly inanimate objects into which we pour our technique and emotion in order to sing with our hands.
  7. I want to shout out a very boisterous, happy, delighted, almost giddy thank you to the HFCers who have been hoping that Dr. Bear (the TLE made for me in '86) and I (Dr. Bear, his very self) would be reunited. Today it happened. (Dave, you are a pleasure to befriend!) I think I've located a set of original OBL(s) and a set of original mid-'80s black knobs so, with luck and a following wind, within a few weeks I'll have Dr. Bear (the TLE of course) in kinda sorta the shape she was in when Jol Dantzig first showed her to me 33 years ago. As for this Dr. Bear, well, the hair is gray and there's considerably less of it, the bod is less spry, and memory. . . Oy, what was I saying? But the sheer pleasure of plugging in Dr. Bear into a '71 Vibrochamp and hearing the ol' JB singing away can't be beat. Y'all out there are just great. Here are the two good doctors, together again after decades....
  8. Dr. Bear

    Dr. Bear

  9. Hamerhead, as it happens, my wife and I now live on three acres of woods in Kentucky, but between the bugs, snakes and coyotes.....
  10. Dave, is there any appropriate way I can send you my phone number? My wife and I are heading to a choral concert this afternoon but I’m otherwise available close to 24/7.
  11. Oh, no! I don’t want to embarrass my dear friend but Michael was a great lead vocalist and the best rhythm guitarist I’ve ever known. He had been in a band that (if my memory is still functioning) opened for Kansas, Foreigner, Journey and REO and sold hundreds of thousands of LPs for a major label... just enough to get dropped by the label in the “good” old days. He’s worked for Fender for eons now. I’m pretty sure that the artist who designed our mascot, the two-headed dancing fellow embossed on Michael’s shirt, is now a well known sculptor in the Northeast. Sometimes I think we made more money selling those shirts than playing gigs. But I’ll bet that many of you on this forum have stories like mine.
  12. Here am I with Dr. Bear in hand in the late '80s on stage with a young fan posing with my long-time friend (a great lead vocalist who, not incidentally, had worked for Jol Dantzig at Hamer). I know the photo is so reddish that one cannot see colors aright but it's the only one I have of Dr. Bear.
  13. Oh my! I feel like asking if it remembers me after all these years and how it likes different pickups it’s met. I know you’ll think I’m insane but I’m remembering visiting Hamer in Arlington Heights (?) and seeing my namesake as yet unfinished, the body resting on a workbench next to others meant for Rick Nielsen and (I think) Billy Gibbons. Do you think the current owner would sell it to me? How can I get in touch with him or her? I’m going to try to upload the only photo I’ve got to make sure this isn’t some otherworldly coincidence.
  14. In ‘86 Jol Dantzig made a custom TLE for me. It was — still is, in memory — my favorite guitar. It is absurdly easy to recognise as Hamer put my nickname, “Dr. Bear”, on the headstock. Unhappily, a family member required surgical procedures not covered by her insurance; to raise the money I sold my guitars (and several lovingly maintained Wurlitzer EPs, a suitcase Rhodes, and heaven knows what else). A few months back I found a photograph taken on stage where I am holding that Hamer and the longing to play it again is just so intense, reminding me of some of the happiest years of my life. I have hunted up and down on the net hoping to find the current owner so that I might offer to buy the “Dr. Bear” TLE from him or her. Though I have come up short, a friend told me that years ago he saw a post referencing that guitar on the HFC site. I would love to get in contact with the person who posted it so I can make them an offer to buy this guitar that was originally built for me. I have traded emails with Jol — what a wonderful man! — but as he does not replicate older models I am left trying to find the original guitar. If you have any wisdom to share, any sage counsel, I would be most grateful. I can, of course, upload the photo of me with the guitar but my nickname, “Dr. Bear”, on the headstock should make the instrument immediately recognizable to anyone who has seen it up close. Fingers crossed....
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