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  1. I had piles of paperwork to attend to today but your beautiful NP reminded me to uncase mine…and there went the morning. Thanks a lot!
  2. We have not decided for certain to move but as that is a real possibility we are trying to prepare as best we can. Just send me a PM if you’re interested.
  3. Good eyes! I will look up the specs on my computer tomorrow morning. I know I saved the original order sheet. I am pretty sure that the neck feels rather similar to that on a Fender American Elite/Ultra Tele. (I think that the Warmoth neck has better fretwork than any non-Custom Shop I’ve played.) But I will check the specs tomorrow morning and email you promptly. —Justin
  4. Duly chastised for not posting a few more closeups of the ash and mahogany Warmoth Tele. Hence, (That whitish line across the bottom is a reflection. There are no scratches whatsoever.)
  5. Oh, of the pickups only the JB remains now. Burningyen, hoping this isn't an overstatement but I think of this Warmoth as a USA guitar for an import price. But as you are building your own, you know.
  6. Rugby, I never, ever planned to part with the Warmoth — even sold a couple of topline Fenders rather than lose that one — but my entire technique is now based around 24.75”, so much so that I sold an truly mint core PRS because it was 25”.
  7. The wife and I may relocate to smaller digs, possibly back to her native U.K., so I’ve got to keep only those guitars required for likely future set lists. Please PM so I can email you close-up photos and answer questions. 1986 TLE w/OHSC Very lightweight with Sustain Block Bridge. My tech installed a stellar pickup combination: Lollar Imperial + SD Classic Stack Plus for Strat Plus + SD Little ’59. Slight buckle rash and a discolored patch near the pickups. Plays fast with recent fret dressing. Asking $1200 plus actual shipping: and.... Warmoth Tele w/TKL locking case Mint. Warm mahogany body with stunning swamp ash top. Warmoth compound radius neck with stainless steel frets and locking tuners. Pickups: Fralin Blues Special and Fralin Pure PAF. (I’ve held on to this forever ‘cause I think it’s f’king perfect but facts is facts: despite decades with Fenders bursitis ended my life on a 25.5” scale.) Y’all know the drill with Warmoth… ask about half of what you’ve put into it. Asking $750 plus actual shipping: pickups: Seymour Duncan Distortion and Seymour Duncan ’59 asking $100 for both including shipping Seymour Duncan JB asking $45 including shipping Hamer USA humbucker asking $25 including shipping
  8. Thanks, jer_vic, much appreciated! I've forwarded the link to the gent who asked me to post the query for him.
  9. Deal done and dusted! The best part is that I can now count two wonderful gents who wrote to me about this trans-black SC as friends.
  10. Folks will do all kinds of mischief for money. In '68 I sat in the Pechora Jazz Club in Moscow. When I got back to NYC I found that the Soviets had billed the promoter $2,500 for "broken equipment". I had plugged my guitar into the club's amp and spoken on their mic. That's it. Anything for hard currency in the USSR! And they pulled that stunt even though a CBS News cameraman had been in the club and could easily have verified that absolutely no damage was done. Didn't care. (I have no idea if anyone paid the bogus claim.) I too am sorry you are out $100 but you are, presumably, in one piece. Your story might not have ended even that well.
  11. Asking for a friend. No, really. Truly. For a friend. He asked me to write exactly the following (and I quote) “SS1, fuchsia/crown ebony, black hardware” and said that anyone who has one would know exactly what this describes. My total familiarity with Billy Idol is a) folks in rags populating the video for “Dancing With Myself” and b) the height of Mr. Stevens’ hairstyle qualifying for membership in the B-52s. But a friend is a friend so I’d be quite happy to pass along info out there if one of us in here knows of such a device.
  12. Carl.B, Montelovesco, and the other good gents who DM’d me: Yes, at this point I really do want to trade for an Artist Custom. If there are no HFC-ers interested, then I’ll wine & dine the trans-black SC for the nonce. And Montelovesco, that trio is as breathtaking as…oh, just Wow!
  13. Yes, indeed! I do already have both Artists and 25ths so I know how they work for me. (I must 'fess up, though, that this 2008 SC is so well balanced that I don't really notice the weight.) One difference is that my 2008 Studio Custom sustains so very well...but this doesn't really matter me as I run so much outboard compression on my Artists that they sound more like violas. Then there's the simple truth that I can be a klutz. This 2008 Studio Custom is, at least to my eyes, excellent or better (mint-adjacent?) so someone should have it who is either more gentle on guitars than I am or who just wants to collect something deeply handsome.
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