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  1. DaveH, if you hear unconstrained expressions of greed, lust and envy you may safely assume they are coming from up here in Louisville.
  2. Mavens All: Been playing rosewood fingerboard Hamers since '86 when Jol concocted my first TLE. Thought I was contented, even happy. Then a miscreant here at HFC ruined my life by selling me his Artist Ultimate. To my dismay, I discovered that I love playing the ebony 'board on that Hamer semi-hollow. While my rosewood 'board Newport Pro Custom — again, thanks to an HFC-er — is my other passion, I lust for an ebony 'board Artist Custom but do not know if any were built. Surely, one of the sages here will know for certain. (Full disclosure: I fear that my status as an HFC-er in good standing might be threatened by two confessions: I like both first fret inlays and gold hardware. Must be a genetic defect. )
  3. Dutchman and foodermon, thank you so much! The variations —and subtle deviations—can be perplexing. I too have a Newport Pro with what I would describe as a “medium” carve but the NP Custom I acquired here at HFC is just a tad thicker and feels just perfect to me. Perhaps the degree of hands-on workmanship accounts for the subtle difference between my ‘98 and ‘99 25th Anniversaries. (All my guitars are set up by the same tech so setup is not likely as the source of variance.) One feels a tad like a late ‘50s Les Paul, the other far less so. Based on your counsel I will compose a WTB posting specifying a medium-to-thick shape. Y’all are the best!
  4. Of the dozens of guitars I played on stage and off during decades on tour and in clubs, my ain’t-no-competition favorites are two I procured this year from HFC-ers: a 2008 Newport Pro Custom and a 2004 Artist Ultimate. I generally prefer the necks on these two Hamers to the necks and fingerboards on my older Hamers which range from 1986 to 2001. I would really like to purchase both a Studio Custom and an Artist Custom. Should the pandemic recede, these would likely be my primary companions on stage. However, the Customs I’ve come across, both here at HFC and in the wilds of the interweb, all seem to date from 1996 or thereabouts. The problem is that I think I have read that Hamer necks from ’96 and earlier are often somewhat thinner than later ones. Does your collective wisdom agree that I would be wise to wait for a 2004 or later Artist Custom and similar Studio Custom or am I just plain wrong —or superstitious—and that earlier necks might be comparable? (I can afford at least one more Custom, be it Artist or Studio, but cannot afford to make a costly mistake.)
  5. Somehow, shouldn’t it be “krocussedness”?
  6. Are the ‘96 necks a wee skinnier than ‘97 and later (or am I mixing up different models)? But ‘tis lovely and a bargain with Gravlins + Seths. GLWTS!
  7. I'm sure y'all know this already but the 25th Anniversary is a lightweight marvel. I turned my '98 into a slide demon, more SG than LP, by switching the bridge pup to a SD Custom Custom. My '99 feels like an altogether different guitar, more like a 339, but the fat-ish neck just slides into one's left hand like a good friend. Of the dozens of guitars I played in a 25 year touring career — including a Hamer I commissioned in the mid-'80s and a core PRS — my '99 25th Anniversary is one of very few that is so comfortable that it let me forget about everything else and just play.
  8. This reminds me to thank the HFCer who volunteered a set of period- and model-correct knobs for a TLE that i acquired with utterly horrid replacements. I’ve not forgotten your kindness and generosity!
  9. Tom, all the good vibes at my command are heading your way!
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