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  1. Once again not in Excellent shape like the store claimed. I was passing through NY and decided to take a look. Much like the Monaco SuperPro story this guitar was not in condition claimed. After these two incidences I will never purchase something from GC. I passed. If they dropped the price from $799 to $699 it was probably worth it but buyer beware when it comes to GC and their ratings system. This guitar was in better shape than the Monaco but still not Excellent condition. I'd say Very Good at best. Bad pick rash and lots of dents on the back
  2. Well there is an additional story. First time poster here.......I was the one that originally bought this from the Manhattan store after I saw it drop close to $1500 and supposedly in Excellent condition and with a case and had it shipped to the Marietta, GA store. Got there and first thing was no case. Then I took the guitar out and was appalled as was the store clerk and other workers in the store. It was clearly not even close to Excellent condition. I wouldn't say I was pissed off as they are claiming. I just didn't want it. They asked what I would pay and I told them maybe $1100. Didn't accept and not really sure if it was worth that since I do not have the ability to repair myself like Polara. Refunded the money. When I went back on the site I saw they were still saying Excellent condition, which is very dishonest. I will be very wary of GC and their ratings system from now on. After a long time of not being serious about playing I've gotten back into it and discovered Hamers and they are absolutely incredible guitars for the price. I already had an excellent condition SuperPro so I'm good there but wanted a backup. Looking forward to being a contributor to the board
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