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  1. I agree with Topeka and CMatt I cannot reconcile the channel rout from an Ibanez or Greco to this guitar. No doubt it is some sort of lawsuit era guitar, just not an Ibanez. It has the harmonica bridge but the angle of the rout toward the toggle just doesn't jive with Ibanez or Greco. Butchered or not the angle is not the same. Looking more like a Aria or some variation. Here's the Destroyer rout. Nothing close to this guitar.
  2. Yep. I can't tell if it looks that way because a couple of holes have been widened or if the guy assigned to drilling control cavities that day had too much saki the night before.
  3. Username checks out. That said, there are knowledgeable people here that are quite adept a sniffing out fake or misrepresented guitars. The guitar appears to be an Ibanez or Greco lawsuit era guitar, however the butchered routing toward the toggle switch area does not look like the rout on my Greco EX 800. ( It is essentially an Ibanez Destroyer with the Greco logo marketed in Japan). I can't tell if that rout was altered or if it might be a Hondo version being passed off as an Ibanez. There has been so much damage to the original channel that it is difficult to tell. If it is the
  4. I always confused the names of Chick And Ry Cooder. Probably has something to do with my time in Seoul.
  5. A guy I know traded his 1980 LP Standard for a 95 Les Paul Custom+500 dollars. Guess where the "LP Custom" was made?
  6. No one can replicate Blackmore's tone. Made In Japan was perfect. Thanks Joe, as great as you are, you'll never be as great as Ritchie. Superb job though.
  7. I had a G&L with a gold finish with huge metal flake. I should have never let that one go.
  8. Just slap a Fantastic Four sticker on it and call it a day.
  9. A lesbian chick that used to work with me was quite smitten with Norah Jones. I never asked her to elaborate on her crush but she seemed obsessed with her. But, yeah, I have known that she was Ravi's daughter for at least 15 years.
  10. Grab a pint or 7 of your favorite adult beverages and turn it up. Me and my brother do that to this tune in particular when we start drankin' : Extra points for the Explorers.
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