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  1. In the last 20 years there have been boutique cables for guitar. If you spend $10,000 on a PRS you can afford a $150 ten foot cable. The upper end cables are going to be good, but if you want what Jimi and Eddie used to change the world those high dollar cables are not necessary. The majority cables sold in a music store all seem about the same to me. Most are going to be Belden cable. Ernie Ball introduced a cable line in the 70s using Mogami cable because they wanted something really good, and back then the cables were affordable. I have a Canare cable with Canare cable ends that has lasted for years. Since all the cable companies are in competition they probably have weeded out the poor performance cables themselves. They all have a replacement warranty now. Ask the guys at the counter which ones never come back for warranty exchanges, but be sure to consider that some cables outsell others. If you have a ratio of 50 to 1 it would make sense that you would see more of the 50 come back. My personal preference is the cables with a braided cloth covering because they tangle less. I also like the right angle ends for side jacks or surface jacks. My cable is looped through my strap.
  2. A stroke got him. He had a stroke a few years ago while out riding snowmobiles, and he got over it quickly. I am glad I got to see him and meet him over the years.
  3. So when you walk again you will also play as well as John Petrucci, right?
  4. Steve Haynie


    We pay extra money for Sunday delivery in the USA. It is not normal.
  5. Charlie Huhn also had a Sunburst around that time.
  6. There are a few visits from me to the Doc's web site every year. Count me among the grateful.
  7. Well... Do you have a friend who could rerecord the vocals for you? The overlapped vocals do not work, either. The song has a sort of Tom Petty/Traveling Wilburys feel to me. Explore your inner Mike Campbell and think about what he would do with the instrumentation.
  8. Hall and Oates have tour dates scheduled for this summer unless they have to postpone the tour. Since John Oates shaved his mustache there really in no point in going anymore.
  9. Playing that Vector could be fun. One has to wonder what that maple fretboard would feel like.
  10. Sometimes you need that frost and fire effect. Don't knock it!
  11. I got Brad's autograph on a steel guitar pick after a show on the Seven Wishes tour. I got his autograph on the Gilrock Ranch CD when he was doing a record store appearance. Brad's playing on albums is good in my opinion. Seeing him live he was doing way too much whammy bar trickery years ago. The last time Night Ranger came through he was still making use of the bar, but not as much as I remembered from years ago.
  12. Watain does nothing for me. Their Satan worship is like junior high whereas Ghost is on a post doctorate degree level.
  13. Keep the tunes alive. They will keep people aware of part of Robin's musical output.
  14. KISS rerecorded several of their old songs for the release of Sonic Boom. It was not an album re-imagined. I love the music, but it was somewhat odd listening to the "new" band playing the old songs. The magic happened the first time. The "new" band still sounded good, though.
  15. Somewhere in my collection is an album by the Troggs. The whole thing is different recordings of their old songs, but my assumption is that the songs were recorded within a few years of the original releases. Chances are the new recordings of the original arrangements were done to get new performance copyrights which would allow them to make money that they might not have been seeing from the originals. That is only speculation.
  16. Those Queen stamps look cool. I have an unused sheet of Jimi Hendrix stamps.
  17. Is that a brass pickguard? Those add tone to your amplifier.
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