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  1. I remember buying the first Keel album and thinking they were OK but not as good as other bands.  I remember a lot of bands putting out albums that were produced according to a formula, too.  An anthem for everyone to sing in concert...  A slow song for a radio ballad... When you bought an album you knew all that was going to be there, and I hated it.  The bands were all dressing alike, too.  You could tell who got their stage clothes in L.A. and who got theirs in NYC.  Queensrÿche did not have either look, nor did they sound like everyone else, and that was a good thing. 

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  2. Halford looks like a good guy for making a mention of working with KK again.  It could be a calculated statement to mitigate criticism before another tour with two replacement guitar players.  I think the real problem is a clash between KK and Glenn, so with Glenn likely not present at most shows it will be easier for KK to play a show with Judas Priest every now and then. 

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  3. Reading through the thread at the other message board someone has already pointed out what I heard. 

    When my home studio was together we mic'ed cabinets, so cab simulators were something I never tried out.  Having so many choices of simulators versus two cabs and a variety of mics could make a day in the studio interesting.  It is good that someone got all those short sound clips together to cut out a lot of wasted time going back and forth.

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