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  1. I do not have any cases with 45 year old foam.  How does that hold up over the years?  Are all of them going to get crumbly one day? 

    A banjo case of mine from the 70s is made of sort of particle board type of material that disintegrated around the hinge screws. 

    A 50s archtop guitar case that was mine for a while was lined with brown felt with a little padding that did not feel like foam. 

  2. Within the premise of this thread there is a business opportunity for KISS.  What would someone pay to be Tommy Thayer for an evening? 

    Seriously.  They sell stage played guitars for $5000.  Pay in advance.  The guitar or bass gets used on one song, autographed, and handed to you after the show.  Gene has been doing private events in fans' homes for $50,000 if you bought his Vault set.  Paul Stanley has been one of those coaches at Rock and Roll Fantasy camps where he jammed with with his classroom attendees who paid $6000 or so plus their travel expenses. 

    So, to live out the fantasy of being in KISS on stage in front of 10,000 to 15,000 people, what would someone pay?  Just prove you can play your parts, and you get to play Let Me Go Rock 'n' Roll.  Some millionaire payed millions to go into space via the Russian space program.  Tom Cruise spent half a million on his now ex-wife's birthday party a few years ago.  What is Gene Simmons' price to get to play one song at his show? 

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  3. One of my old bands had everything we needed to go somewhere if we had pushed ourselves.  Since we are talking about a fantasy band anyway, that one band from my past is the one I choose for this reason:  We would have accomplished things on our own as a band and individual players.  That would feel better than playing with my heroes.  Instead of trying to meet them they would want to meet me. 


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  4. Let's turn the direction of this thread again. 


    Homeschooling is not just books.  Take the kids somewhere like a field trip.  Have them read up on something really cool that can relate to what they are supposed to be learning.  Have some really weird science experiments just short of the dangerous stuff on youtube.  Music lessons are part of a well rounded education, too.  Physical Education is important, too.  Yard work can be fun if you call it phys ed. 

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  5. The big silver Big Muff took some getting used to, but it works for me as a fuzz.  I have the Metal Muff that is really nice for metal.  The Big Muff with tone wicker is fun, too.  That is one that I have kept. 

    The sound of a Foxx fuzz pedal is something that many people do not like, probably because it is a bit nasally, but its unique sound is right for some things.  Billy Gibbons used a pedal based on a Foxx circuit.  It would be nice to have a Foxx pedal again. 

    What I wanted was a Tone Bender Mark II type of pedal which led me to the Deep Trip Hellbender, a pedal with a germanium transistor based circuit.  I ended up liking the Deep Trip Kryptone better.  The Kryptone uses silicon transistors.  That one became my favorite at the time. 

  6. On 6/30/2020 at 4:04 AM, Disturber said:

    edit: I was talking to a guy who toured with Watain in Australia. Upon arrival the band bought all this raw flesh and meat and skins and stuff to put on stage, as they could not bring their own props due to import restrictions and what have you. After the shows the just threw it in the back of the van. At the end of the tour the it was kinda moving by itself because of all the maggots and stuff. And the smell, he said. Haha, these guys are 4 real.

    This was posted on another message board where Watain was mentioned. 



    Yeah, a friend of mine is in that fan club too. He made me go to a meet and greet where he got his vest signed with blood. At the show later that night, he was standing right in front of me at the barrier. I was hiding behind him, so I stayed pretty clean. :wink: But the smell was gross…


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  7. At the time Gibson moved it was already known that the guitars on that ledger were collectible.  Someone grabbed it for himself, and the person probably has to die before anyone will consider giving it up. 


    Sometimes people do things that surprise us.  Someone grabbed the original art from the Spider-man story in Amazing Fantasy # 15 years ago.  Someone privately/secretly donated that art to the Library of Congress where you can now request to see it

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