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  1. Would the response songs of the 40s and 50s count?  They may not be satirical, but there was a either humor or cleverness involved. 

    It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels made Kitty Wells a big star, and the song was putting forth a view that was serious.  One may not have had to know the song was directed at the lyrics of another song to enjoy it, but for those who knew what it was about they might have had a brief chuckle. 

  2. For all the jokes we have made we never discussed whether or not we would want a less blinged out version of that guitar.  Considering the effort that went into the inlays and how good the work looks, those guitars might be really nice to play.  Sometimes an odd body shape throws us off.  Then we try out the guitar to find ourselves pleasantly surprised.  


    Somebody buy one and give us a report. 

  3. Those cymbals are something new to cut down on volume.  The Remo heads are something I have not seen, but there is another company doing cloth heads to dampen drums. 

    I have seen fiberglass shields in front of drums.  I have seen drums turned sideways from the audience.  I have also seen drummers who can control their volume. 

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