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  1. Those replacement parts like pots and jacks may have been primarily intended for people looking to upgrade import guitars.  When Seymour Duncan did guitar clinics to show what a difference changing pickups could make he would do a before and after demonstration of a mid priced guitar.  

    More than once it has been suggested that changing the pots in a Chinese guitar will make a difference.  It should be expected that American made guitars do not need such an upgrade. 

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  2. Plating can be better on some jacks.  Since the electrons flow on the surface that could have an effect. 

    How well the jack grips the plug is another design consideration. 


    However...  most of those classic recordings with the perfect guitar tones were made using whatever came from the guitar factories with cables that were just regular guitar cables made long before they became boutique items.  Does anyone "upgrade" their 1963 Stratocaster with all original parts?  Do they brag about the sound of it?  Is your 1968 ES-335 the greatest guitar ever made except for that crappy tone-sucking jack


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  3. 1 hour ago, tomteriffic said:

    A very nice, high-endish club in town contacted the studio where I worked looking for some help with their sound. They had quite a number of mid-line acts come through that left complaining about the sound, vowing never to return.  I went over.  They had, for the most part, some nice gear, but the mixer was shite.  They ran me some recorded tracks and I walked the stage and the room and, really, I couldn't find anything disastrous, nothing that would send the talent out into the night screaming.  Then they pointed to the "sound booth".  It was much like you'd expect a DJ booth to be and, of course, the sound changed completely.  So, of course, if you got it sounding good in the booth, the room and the monitors were going to be bleedin' awful.  I told then the single best thing they could do would be to knock that booth down.  the response was: "but, but, that's the DJ booth on non band nights".  I told them that no amount of equipment was going to fix their issues short of losing the DJ boo9th or moving the live audio station.  Never heard back.

    I went to a couple of shows shortly thereafter just to double check myself.  The bands were acts I was familiar with, I had worked with in the studio, etc.  Their impressions were not positive.  One guy I knew pretty well and who went on to form Survivor commented "Man, I wish you were mixing the show". I pointed out the fundamental shortcomings of the place and being pretty savvy himself, agreed that it was pretty well doomed from the get-go.

    The place was closed inside of a year.

    Churches have had this weird pattern of having the PA mixer in a separate room.  Sometimes there is a booth or a room with a glass for someone to see through, but some churches have had the mixer in a separate room with no connection to the main sanctuary or performance area at all.  If some of these church leaders think that God does not like the sight of a mixer in the same room where someone holds a microphone while preaching and praying then they need to show where that is commanded in the Bible.  Installers from the store where I worked would tell the church people that the mixer needs to be in the same room as the PA speakers, but some of them would not let that happen. 

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  4. Alex Chilton did a solo show at the Cotton Club in Atlanta.  If you did not know he had been successful before you would have never guessed it.  He was bumming cigarettes from the stage.  He was just going through the songs.  Nothing really stood out.  Maybe I just saw him on a bad night. 

    The second and third times seeing Ratt were a little worse each time.  When Stephen Pearcy explained that dates were added to a tour, and that we were lucky they played a show for us because they were ready to go home, my thought was they were lucky they had fans showing up.  Back then Pearcy talked down to the audience.  He has changed since then. 

    Sebastian Bach was a super loser on stage the one time I saw Skid Row while he was still in the band back in 1992.  The band played great.  Bach was trying to act cool, but failed.  He tripped over his own feet, so he flipped off someone on the crew as if to say it was not his fault he stumbled.  He had no idea what to say to the audience, so he talked like he had a script.  Skid Row was better off without Bach no matter how well he sang.  Johnny Sollinger replaced Bach and always respected the audience. 

    Ozzy Osbourne has hired great players.  The bands have practiced.  Ozzy never has.  If the bands were hiring singers there would have been no Ozzy. 

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