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  1. A bedroom amp is not what I want.  My 50 watt Frankenstein heads are OK to me without attenuators, but rarely get cranked wide open anymore.  My search is for a real Marshall tone.  The Studio series can be bought in head and cab combinations for less than a reissue head.  In a year the Studio amps might be more common as used amps. 

    By next year I might end up wanting a couple of 100 watt stacks with the tall cabs. 

    Now it is time to start looking for a Rockcrusher. 

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  2. Attenuators can only do so much.  They are not meant for turning 50 watt or 100 watt amps into bedroom level amps.  Then the speaker needs to work a little, too.  Part of the magic of a 100 watt amp being cranked is getting the speakers to break up a little.   Only the real thing will do when you want to be a purist.  A 20 watt or 5 watt amp with an attenuator might be a little more tolerable tonewise, but I would want to crank it anyway. 

    It is going to be at least a year before I can realistically buy another amp.  It may happen sooner if the right deal comes along. 

  3. A friend with a few Marshalls suggested buying the real thing because the cost is not that much more, sort of like buying an import Hamer versus buying a used USA Hamer. 

    Some of you are suggesting different tubes, but then we get into the ballpark of Marshall tone.  Those EL34s are part of what makes a Marshall a Marshall. 

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  4. Does anyone have experience with the Marshall Studio amps?  They made the Plexi, JCM 800, and Silver Jubilee into small combos and quarter stacks.  They have printed circuit boards instead of point to point wiring, but Randall Smith at Boogie defended PCB construction years ago. 

    I still want to shake walls once in a while to prove it can be done, but if the sound of these amps is in the ball park of what they are emulating the smaller size and lower volume would be nice.

    I want a Marshall amp instead of a Marshall-ish amp. 

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