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  1. Finally!  Someone is marketing guitars meant for someone on my playing level.  Listen to everyone trying out the Frank Stallone guitars in this video.  They sound like I do. 


    I am glad someone is making a guitar with pole pieces that are right on.  Improper pole pieces can just ruin a guitar. 


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  2. The problem with Angel was that they hit nationwide with big budget costumes and a stage show.  If they worked themselves up to that point it would have been different.  They were set up to be a second KISS automatically.  They were not KISS.  That hurt them.  The music is good for the time period. 

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  3. Something Nitebob talked about was seeing bands play rather than seeing a big production, and I totally get it.  As many shows as I see there are some bands that just stand out because they play so great, always hitting a groove from one song to the next.  There are tight bands, then there are tight grooves.  Sometimes an opening act makes an impression by just being good even if the audience does not know their songs. 

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  4. Some people are trying to buy the gear they wanted but could not afford at the time. 

    Yes, I still want a Lado guitar or bass just because Iron Maiden used them ONE year... or less. 

    A 70's B.C. Rich Bich would be nice. 

    Then there are those those guitars to revisit and remember why they were passed on.  Effect pedals from way back when are hit and miss.  A Foxx pedal that did fuzz/wah/volume was cool.  The reissue was cool, too.  I need another one.  A Pignose amp...  it depends on the day... it depends on the mood. 

  5. There are different varieties of ash with some better for guitars.  At one of the HFC events, or possibly in a video, Jol Dantzig explained that there is a lot of figured maple available, but certain species of flamed maple are better for making guitars. 

    Here is an interesting video on buying wood for guitars. 


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