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  1. That article apparently was written ten years ago and "reprinted" this week. 

    I saw Riot supporting Narita and Fire Down Under, and thought they were great all through high school.  It turns out the last time I saw them was 11 days before Guy Speranza quit. 

    Watching a video of a complete Riot club show from 1981 there was something different from the way I remembered them.  The albums were great, so seeing the band play music from those albums in concert was exciting.  The video-- not so much.  In the article Sandy Slavin comes across as not wanting the band to be about a show as much as the music, and that worked against them.  Seeing a video of Twisted Sister from a couple of years later, but before the big success, they played with a consciousness that people were "watching" as well as listening.  Guy Speranza was a polite frontman with a great singing voice.  He stopped there.  The rest of Riot played well while not really looking at the audience enough. 

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  2. Do not forget that Manson was married to Rose McGowan, an endless victim in Hollywood.  You might have to wonder if all of these women have the same personality traits, and if they do they likely were attracted to him for the same reasons.  Manson also has a fault of picking women with poor judgment.  What did they expect from a guy who created the image of Marilyn Manson? 

    One by one Manson's band members left him to back Rob Zombie. 

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  3. If your guitar is that much of a worry you just need to sell it and not have it nagging at you.  I will buy it off you right now, as a friend looking out for a friend. 

    Considering the current condition I am willing to go as high as $350. 

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  4. Thumbprint inlays...  hmmm... 

    That knot could be covered with a G brand or a kjq equivalent.  Problem solved. 

    Then there is an inlay of a dolphin... 

    A medallion embedded into the wood... 

    A monkey grip style handle... 

    A Mercedes hood ornament... 

    Solid finish... 


    Just leave it as is and let someone play the guitar to find out if the knot really matters. 

  5. Get it fixed.  Over time it will get more annoying.  I have seen a decades old guitar have binding shrink enough to get a fingertip between the binding and the wood.  Your daughter's Martin may not get that bad, but that shrinkage is bad enough. 

    Martin may have an approved repair center nearby.  A local repairman may be able to do something for you cheaper than shipping the guitar off. 

    Get it fixed. 

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