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  1. Why?  Well... 

    I really need to practice any musical instrument right now. 

    Yesterday I went to the local Guitarget to see what kind of used gear might be there, and there was a kid trying out a Les Paul with his family watching him.  You know how you can tell when someone has learned only from tablature?  Everything is played as notes in order, but there is no spacing between notes nor is there any emphasis on notes.  The kid was trying to play Purple Haze, but if not for certain passages no one would have known it.  One could have run a thumbnail slowly across a comb and gotten the same result.  Dah dah dah dah dah dah...  It was horrible.  The kid was likely hitting all the correct notes, but had no clue why he was playing them.  He surely never tried playing along with the CD or video.  The kid may be a nice kid with a nice family, but someone with some patience and the ability to teach needs to let the kid know that he has failed at playing Purple Haze. 


    if he were to be one of those kids with an attitude then it would be fun to out-Hendrix everyone in the store with a banjo.  Banjos can be LOUD.  Some people cringe when they hear banjos.  Hendrix.  On a banjo.  In.  Your.  Face. 

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  2. 10 hours ago, gtrdaddy said:

    I also know some folks, money or not can be huge flakes...


    10 hours ago, kizanski said:

    You mean like Hamer owners?


    10 hours ago, gtrdaddy said:

    Why of course.


    Name names. 

    We have not had a good blow up on the message board in a while.  No one has been banned in a long time.  There has not been anything to tell the people who come back after a months or year long absence.

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  3. Geddy and Alex will still do something together.  Rush could record new music if Neil has kept up with his playing since "retirement."  He was always looking for new ways to play.  Imagine Neil Peart going to someone for drum lessons, but he did.  It would be logical for him to explore new music that he feels comfortable playing.  The three members of Rush are still friends and talk to each other or see each other.  One has to wonder if they ever jam when they go to Neil's house. 

  4. There is information on headstocks here. 


    The photo and words there are copied here. 


    Examples of Headstocks form several Hamer Explorer-style instruments (from top to bottom) :-
    1977 Standard with Grover machineheads and very small logo
    1984 Standard with Schaller "mini" machines and small logo towards the end of the headstock
    1995 Standard reissue with mid-headstock logo
    1987 Blitz fitted with Floyd-Rose locking nut.

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  5. Cheap Trick is not past their prime.  They never did acrobatics on stage, so the show is all personality driven.  Rick will be Rick.  Tom will be Tom.  Robin can still sing!  They will be more lively than ZZ Top. 

    ZZ Top will play all hits with a couple of exceptions.  Billy will talk to the audience.  Everything will be good. 

    I saw that pair in October, and to me Cheap Trick was the better of the two just from the way they presented themselves. 

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  6. Music Man is definitely impressive, and my two are keepers. 

    The Ball family is not going to let their quality go down.  Sterling Ball really understands what a company reputation means.  Sterling once told of a bad batch of cable that was used to make instrument cables that ended up failing and hurting the reputation of Ernie Ball cables for years.  Sterling and Ernie Ball were never going to let that happen again.  He keeps his guitar production lower than it needs to be just so he can be sure the quality remains high. 

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