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  1. Music Man is definitely impressive, and my two are keepers. 

    The Ball family is not going to let their quality go down.  Sterling Ball really understands what a company reputation means.  Sterling once told of a bad batch of cable that was used to make instrument cables that ended up failing and hurting the reputation of Ernie Ball cables for years.  Sterling and Ernie Ball were never going to let that happen again.  He keeps his guitar production lower than it needs to be just so he can be sure the quality remains high. 

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  2. Roth will be OK with being an opening act.  He does not have to worry about the cost of putting on the big show, and he will be playing to big audiences.  The KISS audience became the Van Halen audience 40 years ago.  He will be playing to his fans, so he will be able to screw up lyrics and be forgiven.  All he has to do is show up, and people will tell him he is great.  Roth will have a good time. 

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  3. On 11/18/2019 at 7:05 AM, joshoowah said:

    I've never even seen a Tally in person, and it's a grail guitar to me, too... especially one that beautiful... sometimes, it hurts being broke!


    I have only been able to try one Talladega, and it was different than expected.  The V shaped neck was what I thought it would be, but the neck/body angle and how the guitar balanced was different than the TLE that I got to try out.  Just because the Tally and TLE are shaped like Teles, they are nothing like each other or a Tele. 

  4. If you can sell all of your Hamers at once for a price you can live with, it will not be as bad as you think.  I sold a lifetime collection piecemeal, then the rest all at once.  It felt worse watching it go a piece at a time than it did to sell everything that was left. 

    There is a bit of you in every Hamer made while you were in the shop.  This place will give you plenty of opportunities to stay connected. 

    Go for that house. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, smith said:

    Bass boat metal flake in hot pink sounds is very temping, though.

    My Blitz is done in red metal flake on the body and face of the headstock.  The back of the neck is a clear red over mahogany.  On that size and shape of a body the metal flake stands out. 

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