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  1. 8 hours ago, tbonesullivan said:

    On the other hand, we really need more people making Alembic, Fodera, etc style basses that mere mortals can afford. Even the "generic" Fodera bolt on neck basses in metallic colors are around 5 grand new....

    Aria made some basses that were similar to the Alembic/Ken Smith/Fodera approach.  They just were not the same.  Spector found builders in the Czech Republic to make basses with the right design, but never the same feel as the ones Stuart Spector made himself. 

    The price of those Alembics and Foderas, like Shishkov guitars, have price tags that reflects the expenses the builder runs into in order to make such high quality.  Warwick makes wonderful basses in a wide price range, but the really nice ones are priced out of the range of most people. 

    It would be nice to get something like those instruments.  It would be nice to by a Ford F-650 for the price of a Ranger, too. 

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  2. Sanding is going to be fun because that finish is about as thin as the B string.  If the finish is raised on those spots you can take it down a little.  If the finish has sunk then you have to smooth out a lot more finish. 

    A pro refinish would be worthwhile if you are going to keep that guitar. 

    Stike is on the East Coast, and if you shipped him your guitar for a refinish or partial refinish he would be able to help you.  Someone closer to you out west might be able to do something.  There were different types of finish products for each layer/coat, so getting someone to match a Hamer factory finish (without Hameritis) is going to take someone who knows what to do. 

    If you pass that guitar along as is let the next owner worry about what to do. 

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  3. If you are going back with a solid finish you could just knock down the finish and spray over it.  Fill the tiny dents with super glue.  It will save the time of making sure the pore filler is still there if you strip down to the wood. 

    Is your grandson an alternative to a professional painter because he has a track record of professional results?  Does he have a buffing wheel? 

    Pay a professional and be happy with the new finish.  Leave the Chaparral finish alone and have a guitar you do not have to worry about scratching. 

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  4. 56 minutes ago, Stike said:

    Biz Prof lives in NC, we have WaHo's a plenty here already.

    "A plenty" is a term they use at the Beacon Drive In in Spartanburg, SC for their sandwich plates.  If they have not trademarked "a plenty" they should have since they are known for it. 

    I just bring this up so we can keep our southern restaurants straight as this thread goes off on all the different food places. 

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