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  1. There are other music related auctions at Julien's, so snooping around I found these.  Does anyone want a B.B. King guitar strap?  He may not have used them on stage, but it would be cool knowing he owned a strap that you use with your own guitar.





  2. 16 hours ago, joshoowah said:

    Fender's proven for the better part of 30 years that they aren't as good as the rest of the industry at getting good Fender tones from new amps. 

    The expectation that Fender could possibly get it right is stronger than the experience of disappointment.  However, they might have done it this time.  Since the software can be updated there is hope. 

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  3. 15 hours ago, kizanski said:

    On a side note:

    As many of you know, I am selling several guitars and have them for sale here, on Reverb and on The Rear Page.
    On TGP you must pay for the privilege of selling your guitars to the tune of $12.00 for a year. For your twelve dollars you get "Supporter" status and can then field retarded questions about guitar weight, neck dimensions, description of acoustic voice, requests for sound clips, etc.

    But now I'm suspended for a week and can not see, bump or edit my For Sale threads. I can't receive any emails or access the ones in my Rear Page Inbox (new band name), and any commerce that would have been fostered by selling guitars there (so far there has been none) is denied me by this suspension.

    So, my question to you is, after the suspension is lifted do I email all of the moderators and demand $0.23 in restitution?

    Read the agreement where you paid the $12.00.  If there is nothing said about being under suspension, push the issue.  Create a thread.  Make it legitimate.  Get others to start demanding their money, too.  Ask if any of the lawyers at TGP want to help with a class action suit. 

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  4. Some ZZ Top dates were postponed because Frank Beard had pneumonia.  Gary Rossington had more health problems that took him away from Lynyrd Skynyrd temporarily.  Mick Jones may or may not play with Foreigner some nights.  Chuck Panozzo of Styx has HIV, and the band has not abandoned him.  They just tour with two bass players, letting Chuck just come out for a song or two.  One day Tommy Lee might have a wife who hits back hard enough to make sure he never beats her again.  Joe Perry had his scary health episodes while out playing with Hollywood Vampires.  Mick Ralphs is unable to play with Bad Company or the reformed Mott The Hoople.  Chuck Negron, formerly of Three Dog Night, has an oxygen tube while performing on stage.  Tony Iommi has hopefully beaten lymphoma.  Glenn Tipton will be around for a few more years, but Parkinsons will one day beat him.  In six weeks Grace Slick turns 80.  She could run her mouth to the wrong person and get a fatal slap to the face.  We have a thread speculating on Eddie Van Halen's current state of health.  Peter Frampton is going to stop touring because of health.  Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson's which ended her singing career a few years ago.  Dan McCafferty of Nazareth can no longer tour, and he left the band years ago.  Willie Nelson could accidentally set himself on fire, and everyone around him will start inhaling instead of trying to put him out.   

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