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  1. 1 hour ago, Willie G. Moseley said:

    A bit of minor corrosion inside is analogous to dings and corrosion on a guitar---it will keep it from being described as "mint".

    So, in eBay language you say the lunch box is near mint except for some corrosion and rust.

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  2. Check the antique market first.  Like crunchee says, that label is something guitar players never see. 


    Somebody was selling new slides made like Coricidin bottles.  The real ones get listed on eBay for high prices. 


    If you ain't Duane, that slide still won't make you Duane. 

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  3. 29 minutes ago, hamerhead said:

    I saw that lineup of Bad Company when they opened for Damn Yankees way back when. Some people really hated that version (he was no Paul Rodgers) but for that particular time period, it worked. Always loved the opening riff to Holy Water.


    I remember the tour back in 1990, but Bad Company was the headliner that night. 

    Brain Howe also sang on Ted Nugent's Penetrator album.  This was the single:  



  4. It has been years since playing a guitar with flatwounds.  I remember them feeling a little stiffer and sounding less bright.  For someone playing clean they might be good, but from what I remember they really would not be good for someone playing with a lot of gain. 

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  5. 59 minutes ago, Biz Prof said:

    For those of you with a sense of humor:

    Rock music played through guitar amps powered by 6v6, 6L6, or 6550 vacuum tubes is American. 

    Rock music played through guitar amps powered by EL34, EL84, or KT88 vacuum tubes is British. 

    Someone needs to market 666 tubes for people who play metal. 

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  6. 10 hours ago, stobro said:

    My understanding is Rock and Roll dropped the "and roll" when it evolved beyond teen dance music to become "important" and "serious". As soon as it asked the audience to listen to the meaning of the lyrics and the level of musicianship it became Rock. Jazz music evolved the same way decades earlier, but the name stayed the same.

    "Important" and "serious" are a bit humorous when you think about the state of mind of many of those who were creating the music. 

  7. A used USA made Peavey bass can be found cheap, and they were good.  Look for a Peavey Fury.  Lots of bang for the buck, and you will be able to get all your money back if you sell it. 

    If your daughter wants to play around the house a small amp will be fine.  If she should be in a band she will need something bigger.  If you do not want her to play bass at all, take her to look at an Ampeg SVT with the warning that she is going to have to move it herself. 

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  8. There are so many ash bodied guitars out there that they will not be rare.  It will be the idea that you have to go with a Fender Custom Shop order to get ash that will make some people start questioning if they can hear a difference, and once they pay their money they will claim they really can hear a difference. 

    I love my StingRay bass with its ash body, but I have played a lot of basses with different woods.  Some you just love without knowing what is under the opaque finish. 

  9. A lot of good stuff comes out of Scandinavia today.  

    Rock is a lot like automobiles.  Europeans got the first production automobiles going.  Americans followed.  Once the Japanese got into the redesign of the internal combustion engine and automatic transmissions they made big refinements in the automobile industry.  A lot of Europeans and Americans love Japanese cars. 

    The scholarly types have narrowed down the elements of rock and roll to show that it began in the USA. 

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  10. John 5 and The Creatures started doing tours in 2015.  Every tour is about a third country music.  John 5 is playing Jerry Reed, Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, or his own style of country licks.  When he gets to do his solo part of a Rob Zombie concert he plays country licks which are about as far from Zombie music as possible. 

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