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  1. I remember a report years ago that said one should not listen to music at night in bed because of the ups and downs of the dynamics that would keep someone awake.  That was around the time CDs came on the scene, so the report would not have taken into consideration that CDs are mastered to have the levels maxed out and compressed to eliminate any real dynamics. 

  2. Summer vacation of 1979 was when my friends and I found out about Def Leppard.  When school started in the fall we were all telling each other about this new band that had to be checked out.  That first Def Leppard album was perfect for the time when it came out, and it is still my favorite Def Leppard album. 

    Seeing Cheap Trick in magazines was my exposure to Hamer.  Molly Hatchet was playing them in 1979 when they were the hot new band.  There was always a Hamer at a Molly Hatchet show right up to the end of the original band in the mid 80s. 

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  3. I logged in and looked for contact info.  PayPal does not have anything other than a chat link. 

    Willie, send me information that can be passed to PayPal through a chat link.  If you want to type your own message I can put it in for you.  A robot is probably reading it initially, but maybe it can be escalated to a human. 

  4. On 4/7/2020 at 9:49 AM, Victor (Fret Friend) said:

    LOL English! We just don't get why you guys measure stuff in imperial measurements. Every time we watch a USA tech video we instantly reach for our converters so we know what the heck you are talking about :D

    Hey!  WE are keeping YOUR engineering heritage alive.  You know, the sun never set on English measurements and all that rot.  Pip pip.  Cheerio.

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