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  1. If the black refin was a good job, leave that guitar alone.  Just play it. 

    The cost of retopping and refinishing is not going to have any financial return.  You only do that if you are never going to sell a guitar.  A lot of "keepers" get sold eventually. 

    Your Standard looks like a veteran of 1000 shows.  Keep it that way. 

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  2. I have been playing through the same '68 Vibro-Champ since 1977.  

    The sandblasted ash look has been around for a while, but it seems like it is being pushed a lot more now.  Maybe it is just Charvel, but that finish is on their Strats for their new releases.  

    I am not thrilled with most new signature models.  A Gilmour Martin?  

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  3. Paul was a young guy caught up in rock and roll.  Johnny Thunders was that guy putting on a rock and roll show for people like Paul.  Watch Steve Marriott.  Paul got some moves from him, too. 

    Instead of complaining, think about Paul taking that Johnny Thunders image to a higher level of acceptance. 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, ARM OF HAMER said:

                                                      I love the "LOOK" of those guitars ,I recently played a "Historic" that had a big neck profile and it played really nice ,price? just over 3K. I love Telecasters also to "LOOK "at ...................... but like the SG I just can't bond with them as playable instruments.

    The SG and Tele take time to get used to them.  After not playing an SG for years they got to feeling really weird.  Had my SG stayed as my main, or only, guitar it would have felt normal. 

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  5. Woody?  Gibsonesque? 

    The Cruisebass has the tone of mahogany.  They can cover the same sonic ground as a P-Bass with just a little difference.  There may be more difference in the way the bass feels while you are playing than a difference in the sound. 

    The body of the Cruisebass does not have the mass of a Thunderbird, nor the thickness down the center of the body.  They do not sound the same. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, DaveH said:

    I saw Molly Hatchet once with, I'm pretty sure, no original members. No tickets required, it was at the intersection of Main and Washington at a fall festival.

    Out of about a thousand shows within a 500 mile radius, and Steve misses one... At least it was Gator Country! 😂

    I did not miss anything.  I was running the PA system for the jazz stage on Coffee Street one block over.  Molly Hatchet was so loud they overwhelmed all the other stages within a block in all directions.  I heard the entire Molly Hatchet show.  Too bad I could not turn down the jazz band in front of me to make Molly Hatchet sound a little more clear. 

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  7. Did Metallica create death metal or not?  I never heard anyone else crank their amps the same way.  Black Sabbath and Judas Priest were the heaviest bands I listened to.  Metallica was so cranked up with gain that it was different.  The percussive thumps of the guitars sounded different.  Sliding into a chord, or not so ghostly ghost notes was another trait of Metallica that made them stand out. 

    Either a new sound was going on with record companies starting to pull in bands that sounded like Metallica once they caught on, or Metallica happened to be band with that sound that stood out the most. 

    My opinion is that Metallica created a new genre of metal.  Today I can hear the influence of Hetfield's vocal style in new music that sounds entirely different. 

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  8. Those Gibson Ripper and Grabber basses were good.  The Grabber pickup made that bass feel odd the whole time you played it, though.  It was like you might want to move it around.   Then again it sounded OK where it was.  It was a simpler way of creating the same problem with a B.C. Rich switch section. 

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