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  1. I hate the worn out radio songs, too, but when those songs are heard in the context of the albums on which they appeared they sound good. Hearing those songs in concert is still fun, but I have to agree that I never want to hear them on the radio.
  2. Emily Remler died from a heroin overdose at about the time I discovered her music. What I have noticed about drug addicts is a selfish nature aside from the drug use. By the time the drugs have taken over someone, that person has likely alienated his/her friends already. So, how can you really make good music as a band if you are unable to get along? We may see the drug influence on music as positive during the "feel good" time, but once the guys are fried the music turns to crap. In the liner notes of Motley Crue's Theater Of Pain they acknowledge the poor performance on that album can be
  3. I have also heard the story that the Flying V and Explorer were designed to reflect the tail fins on automobiles were in fashion. As for sitting down with the Vector propped up on one leg, the neck position is a bit out of place. Just stand up and play-- LOUD!
  4. I have one of the 72, and I have been able to see a couple others from the run. I played one of them, too. The korina Vectors are lightweight! I think mine is around seven pounds. I remember it was lighter than the other two that came through the store. The Vectors have a nice midrangey kind of sound. Think of a classic/arena rock sound and you will get it! I would not compare them to Les Pauls, though. I wish I could come up with a good explanation of what is different. If you are thinking of flat top Les Paul Special, then you have a better comparison sound-wise. The Vee/Vector does
  5. I disagree with the advice to route the guitar for a third pickup. Don't mess with a guitar that already has a good vibe! You can find another guitar for those times you need that middle pickup quack. Besides, a different guitar can make you play with a fresh approach. Of course, you know that.
  6. Sell it to me. I'll pay $350 for it. I don't play much anyway.
  7. 1993 Special. I wanted a guitar with P-90's, and I picked a winner.
  8. I am a first year HFC'er. I think I discovered the HFC within 6 months of its founding. I went online for the first time in April, 1997. I found the HFC by early 1998. I had already made contact with BCR Greg and Kim Keller before the HFC existed.
  9. Yup, adding a little more distortion will cover up the sound of bad distortion. That's what I would do.
  10. Lynyrd Skynyrd after the crash had most of its members, but it has been nearly 30 years since that time. Not many bands stay together with the original members that long. When we are talking about success are we talking about bands "in their day" or an overall career? We have been throwing out names of bands that have had empty years and bands that have never stopped. I do not like the Eagles, but they are for the most part intact from their heyday. Their music has remained popular. KISS has never broken up. They have had ups and downs but they still plug away. Aerosmith is still the o
  11. The Eagles are probably the most successful American rock band although not all of their music would be considered rock.
  12. If anyone attending the NAMM show has Internet access I'd like a little heads up on what's happening.
  13. lemme guess A you're a lousy singer B you're a good singer, but you're guitar playing is even better C As a young kid you ate some deep fried white spotted owl and got a neckbone lodged in your throat and severed a vocal cord, permanently rendering you as a terrible singer. I'm going with B. I've heard Bill sing. He should do more singing, but he won't.
  14. I could never afford the TC Electronic 2290 which seemed to be the obligatory delay unit for all "serious" players in the 80's. With all the rack gear, it made me wonder what the amp heads were for. I must agree with the previous statement that the Peavey 5150 or the newer 6505 series have the 80's sound built in.
  15. A sunburst back is something that I think only looks right on an arched back. On a flat back it doesn't seem right to me. However, some people like that sunburst on the back.
  16. That guitar sums up what beautiful can mean! It looks sooo right!
  17. Comic book and science fiction conventions started this way.
  18. I want a free T-shirt. ...I'll pay if I have to...
  19. Today's emo kids certainly buy their pants there. What the heck is "emo"? I keep seeing that phrase used to describe clothing on eBay. I think Vai's shirts may be big name designer shirts in the $700+ range. Sometimes you just run across cool stuff. Go to a store that sells biker boots and you will see some odd ones that look like Mad Max meets Judas Priest. It also helps if you can have someone make your clothing. Sometimes it is cheaper than you think. A lady who made clothes for Kurt Russell and Sam Elliott in Tombstone made a vest for me for $50.
  20. Unless there are too many nicks and dings that show up from a distance, keep the original finish on that one.
  21. It would depend on how much wood is in the neck joint area. Just how much of the Monaco is hollow? Does it have a center section like the Newport? I have only seen the LP style Monaco.
  22. Well, then, can we argue over the non-traditional truss rod cover? Actually I like the headstock and the truss rod cover, but we know that for some people only a Gibson headstock is good enough.
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