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  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd after the crash had most of its members, but it has been nearly 30 years since that time. Not many bands stay together with the original members that long.

    When we are talking about success are we talking about bands "in their day" or an overall career? We have been throwing out names of bands that have had empty years and bands that have never stopped.

    I do not like the Eagles, but they are for the most part intact from their heyday. Their music has remained popular.

    KISS has never broken up. They have had ups and downs but they still plug away.

    Aerosmith is still the original band, and they never really broke up. The early 80's were screwed up for them, but there was still a band going. Today they are on top with fans from 30 years ago and new fans that are into the new stuff. They are the American version of the Rolling Stones.

  2. you'll note my original music is sans lyrics, theres a reason LOL.

    lemme guess :D

    A you're a lousy singer

    B you're a good singer, but you're guitar playing is even better

    C As a young kid you ate some deep fried white spotted owl and got a neckbone lodged in your throat and severed a vocal cord, permanently rendering you as a terrible singer.

    I'm going with B. :D:P:D

    I've heard Bill sing. He should do more singing, but he won't.

  3. the womens dept.

    Today's emo kids certainly buy their pants there.

    What the heck is "emo"? I keep seeing that phrase used to describe clothing on eBay.

    I think Vai's shirts may be big name designer shirts in the $700+ range.

    Sometimes you just run across cool stuff. Go to a store that sells biker boots and you will see some odd ones that look like Mad Max meets Judas Priest. It also helps if you can have someone make your clothing. Sometimes it is cheaper than you think. A lady who made clothes for Kurt Russell and Sam Elliott in Tombstone made a vest for me for $50.

  4. A friend let me take home a Byrdland one night. The friend loves jazz and Chet Atkins. I wanted to see what the Byrd could do. I tried it for its intended purpose and then I cranked the amp.

    We know that ten different people can play the same guitar and each person will get his own sound. That being said, the Byrdland is a BIG part of Ted Nugent's tone.

  5. Let me get this straight... The guy dumped the guitar because it did not have a one piece neck or body?

    I know someone who will tell you that Hamers play and sound wonderful, but he cannot own one because he has to have a one piece neck. Tone and feel mean nothing unless the construction methods used meet his approval.

    I also know someone else who owns a '79 Les Paul Custom with a sandwich body and a multi-piece maple neck that sounds and feels incredible. That guitar is not supposed to be as cool as it is, but it helps to debunk theories about guitar construction being good or bad based on how many pieces of wood are used.

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