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  1. Bobby Ingram was in the Danny Joe Brown Band before joining Molly Hatchet. He joined at a time when there were a majority of original members in the band. He is now the leader of the group, and has at least 20 years of Molly Hatchet history under his belt. As for ZZ Top, generally we consider the band that appears on a first album to be the original band. That was the band that made the first impression. As far as I am concerned, ZZ Top has not changed.
  2. I thought he was wearing a camo hat, but it just has a big "FU" on it.
  3. It does matter. Try to find top quality at Lowe's or Home Depot. Earlier this year I read a report about Wal-Mart finding itself associated with low quality. Imagine that. Big chain stores are looking at a bottom line. Customer satisfaction is related to "how satisfied is the customer who bought crap and should not expect anything but crap." Wal-Mart tells its suppliers what price range a product must have. It is up to suppliers to meet Wal-Mart's prices, not for Wal-Mart to market the manufacturers' products at the price they need to stay in business. That has helped to move some manufacturing to China. Mossberg makes shotguns, and you can buy one at Wal-Mart or your local sporting goods specialty store. The "same" Mossberg shotgun has a serial number (or model number?) with a "W" added to it for sale at Wal-Mart. You save $20 - $30. There are plastic parts in the Wal-Mart model, and metal parts in the gun shop model. One lasts longer than the other. It costs more than $20 - $30 to convert the plastic parts to metal parts. Think about buying guitars in the future with big chain stores in control of what can and will be sold. If you want a good guitar, will it be good within the context of what the store sells, or good like we expect them to be now? Wherever costs are cut now to make cheap guitars, they will be cut to make expensive guitars. High end guitars do not sell very fast. They will become special order only, so you can forget trying one out. In the end, you are going to have to travel farther to find a small independent music store. They will not be as common in smaller towns. To quote what I read on another site, "Have you ever seen a Wal-Mart bicycle mechanic?" That question came from someone who sold bicycles for serious cyclists. To paraphrase, "Have you ever seen a Costco guitar tech?" Just how good were Sears' Silvertones anyway? Why did they not get into higher quality instruments?
  4. Gibson effectively cut out a lot of long time dealers when they raised the buy-in to a ridiculous level. They put demands on dealers to become "Gibson showrooms." There has been no secret that Gibson's current leadership prefers big chain stores and catalog/Internet stores to the smaller shops. In most businesses it is considered better to have 300 small customers than 3 big ones. If you lose one of 300 it is better than losing one of three. Henry may learn this the hard way. On the other hand, small stores would return guitars to Gibson for defective workmanship issues. Going with a large chain, especially one that traditionally has nothing to do with musical instruments, might lessen the number of dealer complaints. The stock is unpacked and shelved. No one will take the time to inspect anything.
  5. Flamed pearl? Is that abalone I smell fryin'?
  6. There is no flame maple veneer on the headstock! What happened? Was that option too expensive?
  7. One of the earliest guitar makers I know of to help in Katrina relief was Jim Soloway. http://www.solowayguitars.com
  8. Call your Kaman rep and ask what sells through the best. Order a variety of colors and pickup combinations. Echotones are cool.
  9. The weekend an eBay auction for an Epiphone Emperor ended with the high bid being more than I would like to have paid. The guitar needs to be totally rebound, and the Emperors had 13 ply binding on the bodies. I have seen some multi-ply bindings separate. Doing multiple bindings one ply at a time may not only be a way to have a more professional look, it may pay off in the future by not falling apart.
  10. I got a hat from blackfbIV, and I got some Triumph CDs from wyldbil. BCRGreg gave a couple of comic books and a lot of free advice.
  11. Uh-oh, I was thinking it was someone else.
  12. OK, Pam, who is it? As soon as you tell us I'm going to have one of those "I should have known" moments. I have seen that guy's smile before.
  13. The guy looks familiar. Crap! Now I've got to spend the rest of the day trying to figure out who he is.
  14. I never would have thought about Cadillac Green on a Monaco. That is a perfect looking guitar!
  15. I hate the worn out radio songs, too, but when those songs are heard in the context of the albums on which they appeared they sound good. Hearing those songs in concert is still fun, but I have to agree that I never want to hear them on the radio.
  16. Emily Remler died from a heroin overdose at about the time I discovered her music. What I have noticed about drug addicts is a selfish nature aside from the drug use. By the time the drugs have taken over someone, that person has likely alienated his/her friends already. So, how can you really make good music as a band if you are unable to get along? We may see the drug influence on music as positive during the "feel good" time, but once the guys are fried the music turns to crap. In the liner notes of Motley Crue's Theater Of Pain they acknowledge the poor performance on that album can be attributed to being messed up.
  17. I have also heard the story that the Flying V and Explorer were designed to reflect the tail fins on automobiles were in fashion. As for sitting down with the Vector propped up on one leg, the neck position is a bit out of place. Just stand up and play-- LOUD!
  18. I have one of the 72, and I have been able to see a couple others from the run. I played one of them, too. The korina Vectors are lightweight! I think mine is around seven pounds. I remember it was lighter than the other two that came through the store. The Vectors have a nice midrangey kind of sound. Think of a classic/arena rock sound and you will get it! I would not compare them to Les Pauls, though. I wish I could come up with a good explanation of what is different. If you are thinking of flat top Les Paul Special, then you have a better comparison sound-wise. The Vee/Vector does not hang the same, and even though the necks may be carved similar they are not going to feel the same because of the way they hang. My Vector is a nice resonant guitar. I've played rock and roll with mine-- or at least I have tried to play rock and roll... I always end up as bass player. The last thing to remember is that Vectors are best played standing up. Even though there is a rubber skid strip on the bottom, Vectors are not that practical for sitting down.
  19. I disagree with the advice to route the guitar for a third pickup. Don't mess with a guitar that already has a good vibe! You can find another guitar for those times you need that middle pickup quack. Besides, a different guitar can make you play with a fresh approach. Of course, you know that.
  20. Sell it to me. I'll pay $350 for it. I don't play much anyway.
  21. 1993 Special. I wanted a guitar with P-90's, and I picked a winner.
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