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  1. There is some rift between Quiet Riot and Rudy Sarzo. Sarzo never played on Metal Health, by the way.
  2. Elmer's glue works. You only need a couple of dots.
  3. I am glad that I got to see the original line-up of Foghat. Dave and Rod are gone, but Roger Earl still keeps plugging away with some form of the band. Foghat opened for... Grand Funk with the original three guys! Thought it would never happen. Now Don Brewer has a new Grand Funk, but that is on hold while he backs up Bob Seger. There was a Blackfoot reunion with Bobby Barth and three of the original members. Rick Medlocke and Jakson Spires were talking a month before Jakson died. Blackfoot goes on, but it just will not be the same. Tony Iommi is coming up with another incarnation of Black Sabbath. Some Black Sabbath albums should have been called Iommi albums, but the Sabbath name gets more attention. Iron Maiden's classic line-up +1 is together. I am happy about that. Judas Priest has only had two identifiable drummers. Halford's voice is not going to last forever, either. They were worth seeing on the last tour. Gene Simmons has said that KISS can go on without him. The last show with the original four members was in Charleston, SC back in 2000, I think. I am happy to have been there. The one band that will always last until its singer or guitar player dies is Cheap Trick.
  4. Chris, you should only use a chemical stripper on a guitar finish, not a sander! Once you get a headstock or a neck you could keep a tremolo bridge on there, but please come up with a neater routing job. If you are going to refinish that guitar you need to contact Stike (up in North Carolina) about prepping the wood, etc. At the very least you need to get a book on guitar finishing from Stewart MacDonald.
  5. Welllll... Guess what Premier has just come out with! "Pictures of Lily" kit
  6. The Sweet: Blockbuster Little Willy Fox On The Run Slade: Cum Feel The Noise Burning In The Heat Of Love Bachman Turner Overdrive: Let It Ride Blue Oyster Cult:
  7. The body thickness is different. An SG body is not much thicker than the neck heel itself. It is not just the bevels. SG's are the most inconsistent guitars in the Gibson line. Some play great and sound killer. Some play like crap and never really sing.
  8. Gunther is the funniest thing I have seen on YouTube in a long time.
  9. A band that should have been bigger: Nazareth Not exactly "live" but good: Uriah Heep Starz Alice Cooper
  10. This kid's videos pop up on the Internet, but who is he?
  11. Sensational Alex Harvey Band These guys kicked ass!
  12. A guitar used on a recording likely will not be as easy to resell as a guitar seen in several photographs with an artist. Bid only what you would pay for a similar guitar without provenance related to a rock star.
  13. When a car can get 300,000 miles on it you have no room to laugh at it!
  14. --> QUOTE(David B @ Nov 10 2006, 12:58 PM) ←My 1994 Mustang GT has 221,000 miles on it. Is that considered the old days or new days? New would be roughly within ten years in my opinion, but your Mustang would count as a newer car. My 1990 Taurus was doing great at 220,000 miles. Then it got totalled.
  15. I must agree that Hamer is at its best now. Peavey is a company that has been reinventing itself since the beginning, but it really showed in the 1990's. The only reason for me to want an old Ibanez is nostalgia, not a longing for the way they played. Everything is a collectible now, but not necessarily because of greatness. PRS and Jackson were hits right off the bat, so they should be treated as having a value. Aria Pro II Explorer copies... nope!
  16. Austin would hog all the Californians and Brooks would never give anyone a turn with a DuoTone.
  17. Guitar manufacturers look at the density and the moisture content of the wood. You may find nice looking poplar, but it may not make the best guitar in the end. Experiment at your own risk! My Music Man Steve Morse model has a poplar body. Someone told me that the poplar StingRay 5 bodies had a deeper low end than the ash bodies. Fender uses poplar on their Mexican made guitars. I like them all.
  18. I have never been to the local GC that opened a year ago. Everyone who has visited a GC says the guitars are all scratched. While I think it is important to let someone try out a guitar, it works two ways-- the customer should try to take care of the guitar if they have not bought it yet. How many GC hang-outs go to other stores and scar the merchandise? Does the problem get worse in a market once GC moves in?
  19. I'm thinking the same thing. Chris-- just go on a road trip. See some music stores. Catch a show. On the right weekend I would be willing to drive! I have bought two instruments that were shipped without cases. They arrived unharmed, but one box was not going to last much longer.
  20. There was a contest in conjunction with the launch of an online source for guitar lesson. http://www.workshoplive.com
  21. Try locating something equivalent to a Hamer, import or USA, within 100 miles. If your daughter turns into another Jennifer Batten she will be frustrated with her lack of nice guitars to try out. I worked in a store with a left handed USA Ovation in stock. The few left handed people who tried it were still disappointed that there were no other high quality left handed guitars to try out in the store. It is a big risk to stock a large number of lefty guitars over $1000.
  22. Try to find a high end left handed guitar. Very few people stock them. Playing right handed will make it easier to progress to better guitars. If your daughter happens to play well left handed, she will not be able to try out a variety of guitars. Special orders cost money and usually cannot be returned. Famous left handed people who play right handed include Steve Morse and Joe Perry.
  23. It might be different when you can surround yourself with only "yes-men" so you do not have to listen to criticisms like those posted in this thread.
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