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  1. Can I just smell your guitar?
  2. I have owned two flat faced Hamers with non-recessed Floyds and a Robin with an arched top and recessed Floyd. The scale lengths were different between the Hamers and the Robin, too, so I cannot make a direct comparison. The Hamers with the non-recessed Floyds have been the only guitars where the Floyd felt right to me, but it may be because I prefer the overall feel of the shorter scale. The Floyd does seem a bit odd sticking out from the body, but it works. If there were a TOM bridge the strings would be just as high off the body.
  3. The picture of the back shows that the neck is likely mahogany. Add me to the list of people who would like to own that guitar.
  4. Your bass player is looking at your drummer. It must be a habit.
  5. If you get a chance to try out a variety of Standards, go with the one that you like to play the most. You do not see the maple top while you are playing. If the korina hits you, then buy it. If the mahogany body with the maple veneer makes you happy, then get it.
  6. The closest thing to a metal guitar that Hamer will make now is a Standard or a Vector with a Floyd. That definitely counts. Hamer USA is such a low production company that they do not really have to look for a new market. The Scarab and Californian have been reissued in the import lines, so someone is aware that there are people looking for metal guitars.
  7. I recognize the sound holes, but I cannot think of the name of the guitar maker. Who is it?
  8. On the subject of band instruments and mom and pop music stores... One of the bigger music stores in my area does not look like much on the guitar side, but the band instruments have made a lot of money over the years. The same "mom and pop" store bragged about snagging a major part of another "mom and pop" store's business out from under them. This was worth a six figure amount. The same bragging store scoffed at the idea of one of the other music stores in the area acting as a drop off location. When that store went to Music & Arts the big "mom and pop" store's owner called to tell them how wrong they were. He had dropped the ball by not doing business with them when they asked for a business relationship. It is possible that some band directors have "incentive$" to send business to certain stores that handle band instruments. The "mom and pop" stores doing band instruments grew into the equivalent of the big box stores a long time ago. The money stays local, but the ruthlessness or unethical issues has been in place for a long time.
  9. Since you live in Europe, the brands we in the USA suggest are irrelevant. You should look at what Europeans want, not Americans. Service is the key to a small shop. Can you do guitar repair? Can you learn guitar repair? There are repairmen who pick up instruments and take them home to their own shop, but that is money that you should make for yourself. Your service is in the hands of others as well. You really need to do the work in house. If you start a business you will have to be good in the beginning, and great within a short time.
  10. I hate the people who string an acoustic backwards. The bracing under the top is wrong, and the bridge is slanted wrong. The guitar will never sound right or play in tune. It shows up big time!
  11. What kind of guitar are you trying to flip around?
  12. In the 80's I thought the crackle finishes were going to always be dated. They were a brief trend that would stick out forever. Now I rarely see them, and I want one! There were some that looked better than others. Black finishes usually turn me off because they do not show up well in low light. Look at photographs of black guitars against dark backgrounds and you will see what I mean. It's just like guys on stage in black outfits with not enough lights-- you see heads floating around and that's it. If you cannot afford adequate lighting, you should not have black gear or wear black clothes! Fender's Photoflame and Ibanez' Gravure "finishes" were also lame. They looked like beautiful flame maple with absolutely no dance in the flame. You could see the same grain on every guitar. The cheap double stain real wood veneers had infinitely more character.
  13. I, too, must agree that the current asking price is more than what the guitar will likely bring. Cut the price in half again, and you might get a few bites because of the condition. Not having the case means you have to take a little more of a loss. You could get a new case for one of the import models. We watch eBay all the time. Even if we cannot bid we still watch eBay auctions. No one here is trying to steer you wrong. My experience has been that and auction with a low starting price will climb higher than an auction with a high starting price. Ted Nugent had a zebra striped Paul Reed Smith for a while. That may have been a signature model, or at least a special finish for Ted Nugent. He has owned a Hamer with a custom paint job, too. The people at Guitar Center were wrong about any connection between Ted Nugent and Hamer. He owned a Hamer, he mentions Hamer in his instructional video, but he never had a Hamer signature model.
  14. And a really cool Bigfoot, too. Bill hooked me up with some out of print Triumph CDs a while back for which I am still thankful.
  15. Mr. Plague, if that is your real name, you cannot stay the center of attention forever. When you came to us asking for advice we gave it to you. We were honest. I was one of the first to congratulate you on picking up your Special at a great price. Many others would have been willing to help you for years to come. The experience of others and professional advice was yours if you had asked. You knew very well that you were inflating the prices of your gear beyond its value. You wanted to fleece someone through this message board without repercussions. That was insulting. Now you want to call everyone pansies and crap whores. If we could face you, we would say shit to your face. Then it would be over. We would find something to amuse ourselves, and you would no longer be relevant. This message board is as close as we will ever get, but every now and then members of this message board do meet in person. Feel free to meet with some of us if you get the chance. You will be treated with respect until you disrespect others.
  16. Luke, reading your initial post I got the impression that I should not do business with you, but it did occur to me that you might have been sarcastic. You have clarified your position. The problem with board posts and e-mails is that no one can see your facial expressions or hear the inflection of your voice. It is always a good idea to add a disclaimer to some posts. And now an aside story... I know someone who bought a B.C. Rich Gunslinger with a broken truss rod. So, what did he do? He sold it to someone else for a "no problems" price and never mentioned the truss rod problem. That is why those of us who are considered "friends" do not trust him on guitar deals.
  17. Yup. If the refret is done correctly it should not hurt the guitar's value. Think about this: if the guitar needs a refret how much is it worth? Divots in frets will get worse over time. Buzzing noises at certain frets are irritating. After a while, the guitar becomes kind of useless and worth a little less.
  18. I think that Turner guitar goes into the level of uniqueness that it may be a white elephant. It will be hard to sell in a hurry, and may become perpetual trade fodder. We have seen Hamer's quality ignored for years, and now they are starting to get recognized by more players and collectors. There are also a lot of Hamer guitars out there. Rick Turner apparently did not make as many guitars as Hamer, and therefore fewer people know anything about his guitars. If you are going to play it like a working musician, that is an entirely different situation. The cost becomes more of a usage fee. I'm sort of with Luke on this one. I would not want to have a lot of money invested in a Rick Turner guitar if I was not actively searching for one.
  19. Dave, I think you have a three piece neck. Hamer matches their wood carefully, but I think I see where it was pieced together around the heel.
  20. My guess is that the dark spot is the end of the filler strip that goes over the truss rod before the fretboard is put on.
  21. Please post a pictures. This is definitely a rarity.
  22. Recently I saw a video of the Osmonds doing a song called "Crazy Horses."
  23. Photos were posted from NAMM with a little bit of discussion about those Grand Ole Opry guitars. The Grand Ole Opry just celebrated 80 years of broadcasts. This weekend there was some weird thing going on with Elvis Costello joining Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch.
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