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  1. If a guitar manufacturing employee accidentally puts a ding in a guitar on the assembly line the guitar can now be sold as "lightly reliced" for a higher price. 

    I have seen some light relics that look authentic.  The best was an RS Guitarworks guitar that looked like it only had shrunken lacquer or maybe a fast temperature change.  There was no blatant wear.  That one really impressed me. 

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  2. I have had hundreds of cassettes to get rid of.  Like you, I found out they cannot be recycled.  I put a bunch on eBay and waited until someone took them.  Weigh them first so you can estimate postage, and ship them as media mail to get the cheapest postage.  Someone will take them eventually. 

    With VHS tapes it is possible to donate to a local charity that will put them out for anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar each.  There are still VCRs in some houses.  I have one that has not been turned on in a few years.  So, try your local Goodwill or Habitat For Humanity store. 

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  3. 6 hours ago, ZR said:


    Did you have tix? I'm sure you did , right? When did they let people know? If you went how was BOC?

    At 4:50 PM on Saturday the Variety Playhouse sent out an e-mail about UFO cancelling.  I was checking e-mail around that time, so I got the message within a few minutes.  Then I forwarded it and called two friends, one who lives nearby and another in Asheville.  The local friend made a decision on Sunday around noon that he would not go.  The friend in Asheville decided she did not want to do four hours of traveling each way if UFO was not playing.  Refunds were hinted at online. 

    To make up for UFO's cancellation Blue Öyster Cult would play two sets. 

    Before leaving I sent a message through Eventbrite that I wanted a refund on one of my two tickets being held at will call.  The friend in Asheville told me to try that.  I hopped in the car and drove down.  There were signs on the doors saying that unscanned tickets would be refunded.  It was made clear UFO would not be playing before the doors opened.  When the will call office finally opened I asked for only one of the two tickets because I wanted a refund.  What I did not know was that someone already refunded it about the same time I arrived.  I was at the front of the line to get in-- lucky me.  When I got past the metal detectors I was first to get in and my ticket would not scan.  I quickly went through how I had two tickets at will call, asked for a refund, took only one, etc.  The guy at the door checked with the lady in the ticket booth and told me to just go in. 

    I was not the first to hit the pit, but I was the one who got that sacred front row center spot at the stage.  The pit did not fill up that fast, but because the show had sold out it was packed by the time Blue Öyster Cult started. 

    BÖC had played a show in Newberry, SC in October.  Eric Bloom "sang" backing vocals, but no lead vocals except as doubled vocals with Buck Dharma.  Richie Castellano sang Tattoo Vampire for him.  It was almost an all Buck Dharma night.  It really makes a difference not hearing Eric Bloom singing at a BÖC show.  The Atlanta show was definitely better. 

    BÖC hit the stage around 8:25 PM.  Eric sang.  He talked to the audience.  Buck sang.  Richie sang.  The audience sang.  The second set was longer than the first.  Something I noticed was Buck Dharma's pinky finger on his left hand is bent inward, almost like it was broken at some time.  Another thing I never paid much attention to is that Eric Bloom uses an Ebow on Don't Fear The Reaper to keep that note sustaining after Buck's guitar solo.  The encore was over around 11:17 PM.  I had to cut out and get home.  The merchandise booth had shut down already. 

    Here is the Atlanta setlist. 

    I had a great time.  There are a lot of other songs BÖC has played in the last six months that I wish I could have heard, but I was happy with everything.  BÖC was one of those bands I listened to a lot in high school and beyond. 

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  4. That Vinnie Vincent Invasion album is good.  Vinnie could write and play.  His problem was how he destroyed all the good things that came his way.  He worked himself out of KISS.  He had a great band that he could not get along with.  Since then he has been living off his past.  Too bad.  Again, that album is worth a listen. 

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  5. I remember buying the first Keel album and thinking they were OK but not as good as other bands.  I remember a lot of bands putting out albums that were produced according to a formula, too.  An anthem for everyone to sing in concert...  A slow song for a radio ballad... When you bought an album you knew all that was going to be there, and I hated it.  The bands were all dressing alike, too.  You could tell who got their stage clothes in L.A. and who got theirs in NYC.  Queensrÿche did not have either look, nor did they sound like everyone else, and that was a good thing. 

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  6. Halford looks like a good guy for making a mention of working with KK again.  It could be a calculated statement to mitigate criticism before another tour with two replacement guitar players.  I think the real problem is a clash between KK and Glenn, so with Glenn likely not present at most shows it will be easier for KK to play a show with Judas Priest every now and then. 

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  7. Reading through the thread at the other message board someone has already pointed out what I heard. 

    When my home studio was together we mic'ed cabinets, so cab simulators were something I never tried out.  Having so many choices of simulators versus two cabs and a variety of mics could make a day in the studio interesting.  It is good that someone got all those short sound clips together to cut out a lot of wasted time going back and forth.

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