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  1. If you are going back with a solid finish you could just knock down the finish and spray over it.  Fill the tiny dents with super glue.  It will save the time of making sure the pore filler is still there if you strip down to the wood. 

    Is your grandson an alternative to a professional painter because he has a track record of professional results?  Does he have a buffing wheel? 

    Pay a professional and be happy with the new finish.  Leave the Chaparral finish alone and have a guitar you do not have to worry about scratching. 

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  2. 56 minutes ago, Stike said:

    Biz Prof lives in NC, we have WaHo's a plenty here already.

    "A plenty" is a term they use at the Beacon Drive In in Spartanburg, SC for their sandwich plates.  If they have not trademarked "a plenty" they should have since they are known for it. 

    I just bring this up so we can keep our southern restaurants straight as this thread goes off on all the different food places. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, HoboMan said:

    Not interested but curious, is there an issue with just posting the guitar store's name here? Are you getting a commission on the sale?


    I would like for the regular HFC members to get first crack rather than just posting something for the lurkers.  I will respond to any PM, but people like yourself are regular participants.  You should get the first opportunity. 

    No commission for me, either. 

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  4. There is a local music store that took in a 1978 Gibson SG Custom that is as near new as you will get for a 41 year old guitar.  There are no pick swirls on the three gold pickup covers.  The walnut finish is shiny.  The store owner said there is a mark on the back.  It does not matter.  If you are looking for something virtually unplayed this is the one.  The price is $3500. 

    The store should be able to provide photos.  PM me for the store contact info. 

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  5. Luther Nallie had his brothers join him in The Sons Of The Pioneers.  A son played with the group, too. 

    Tracii Guns had his son in his band that was sort of L.A. Guns when there were two versions of L.A. Guns touring around.  Now they are combined, and Tracii's son is not part of the band.  

    The Allman Brothers have begat other bands.  Butch Trucks' nephew Derek Trucks is doing well.  Dickey Betts had his son, Duane, in Great Southern.  Now Duane Betts joined forces with Devon Allman (Gregg's son) to form The Allman Betts Band. 

    Sven Dirkschneider plays drums in U.D.O. 

    Carl Perkins had two sons playing in his band. 

    Queensrÿche has Parker Lundgren who was briefly married to Geoff Tate's daughter.  With Tate gone and the Lundgren divorce maybe the legacy ended.  Queensrÿche is still a good band. 


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