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  1. Be careful about connecting performers with brands based on old videos.  Sometimes the guitars and amps were provided by a television she's production crew.  Bands came in and used what was set up for them.  Concert videos are more reliable.

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  2. If you are going to dress in period clothing you need to have the hair and facial expression to go with it.  There was an entire demeanor that went with the clothing styles of the past. 

    If you have not had a blues name through this point, just keep your name as is.  Cool names like Bleeding Gums Murphy have their place.  Hard Hearted Bill still works.  It actually makes one wonder what experiences made you hard hearted. 

    If you want to play a resonator or a modern guitar to play old music, it is OK.  Leon Redbone was playing a 50s Gibson to play his 10s, 20s, 30s music.  While I would rather see a vintage instrument to give me an idea of what someone might sound like, there are a lot of players using old instruments to make modern music. 

    Overload on the resume (name dropping) turns me off.  It might work with some people.  There are a lot of bands that get to open for touring bands at local clubs, but they never went out on tour with those bands.  Doing studio work is good, but only give the highlights.  There are too many people who drop big names, but have managed to remain unknown.  If someone played with "Joe Big Name" was it for a couple of shows as a substitute band member or a regular band member for years?  Tell me what you did to be asked by the famous guy to play with him instead of telling me to look at the other player. 


    Here is a photo that got my attention.  I never heard of Aubrey Logan, but she was booked for a show in Spindale, NC.  It looked interesting.  I looked her up.  I was hooked, and had to buy a ticket. 


    The photo was so different from all the other photos advertising other acts that it just stood out.  So, do you know a creative photographer who can take you beyond the standard entertainer photo without turning you into Billy Squier in an aerobics outfit?

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  3. I wanted to look up information on Molly Hatchet and ran across a TGP thread that was a mix of useful information and slams on the players in Molly Hatchet. 

    "Their licks were good for a beginner to learn from, but I quickly excelled to become a genuine virtuoso who can look down upon the inadequacies of Molly Hatchet's 'guitar players' if one could consider them able to play in the first place." 

    My opinion was that everything sounded right on those Molly Hatchet albums, and it certainly was and is above my skill level.  If I let braggarts on the Internet control what I can like and admire there will be no fun left in even owning a guitar. 

    The rock and roll attitude has always been belligerent, so if someone does not approve of my guitar playing I will just turn up louder. 

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  4. The venues that are getting priority would be large sheds and concert halls that do not have bars or restaurants.  LiveNation will be cashing in.  No shows at the pavilion all summer is a sure guarantee to meet that 70 - 90% loss in revenue. 

    Some small venues have gone to patio shows-- acoustic duos playing outside for people who will eat and drink outside during the months with nicer weather.  They likely have experienced the 25% drop just because of the total shutdowns in some cities. 

    I am no fan of LiveNation or municipal/county owned venues.  Local staff is paid on an as-needed basis.  If a venue is owned by government they are in no fear of losing it because a mortgage or property tax cannot be paid. 

    The small venues really need the help.  The local bars and small halls try to keep a regular staff employed all week.  Whether or not there is a show they have a bar and restaurant going.  The owners are paying mortgages or leases. 

  5. On 12/23/2020 at 5:11 PM, RobB said:

    A dark day. I never appreciated Leslie until I read a Michael Schenker interview saying he spent a good portion of his teen years woodshedding Mountain songs. On goes the lightbulb! His influence on Michael is paramount. I finally got a grip on the Schenker style by listening to Leslie West. 

    2020 can suck donkey dicks in hell. RIP, Leslie.


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